Do you remember when I up and spent a couple days in New York City (recap day 1, day 2, day 3) shooting a print ad for an allergy medication company a few months ago?


Well, Fitness Magazine and Claritin Allergy Medication had a “call for entries” to people who have allergies and take Claritin D, to be in a print ad campaign for their product. I have wretched allergies and also take CD, so I said – what the heck, why not? I sent in my picture, got picked to be in the ad, and it’s out!


You’ll find me on page 107 in all of my allergy suffering glory. ;) HA! It’s just too crazy! I don’t think the picture even looks that much like me – but it’s still pretty flipping cool, nonetheless! See, having allergies does have it’s perks! ;)