Traveling is my #2 “thing” in life (behind cooking/eating, natch. ;) ) It’s what keeps me going.


The thought of my next big adventure – what I want to see, learn and experience next – is sometimes all I can think about!


No less than five times a week I’ll turn to Ben and say,

“Babe, can we go to ______ someday?”

(The “blank” being the latest locale I’ve got my heart set on seeing.)

“Uh-huh!” he’s learned to reply, less I give him the “Noooo, whyyy????” if he says otherwise. ;)

Well the list is getting long, my friends. So long that I thought I’d better document it before I forget one single place that I’ve thought, at one time or another, was important to see.

Then I thought maybe I’d share it with you. Maybe we have similar travel interests and goals. Maybe you’ve been to some of the places on my list and can fill me in on what to expect. The list is not by any means inclusive or closed, but it’s what I’ve got right now. And so…

My Life’s Wanderlist

(in alphabetical order because I’m crazy like that.)

Bali, Indonesia

I’ve got the eat taken care of – now all I need is the pray and love (in Indonesia!) to experience.


Bangkok & Phuket Thailand

I can’t imagine a world more vastly different than my own, but I love being challenged and immersed in the unfamiliar.


And my friend went to Phuket for her honeymoon and saw baby elephants on the beach. Ummm, yes please.

Phuket(source 1, source 2)

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Once of my Dad’s most favorite places in the US.


Castle Tour of Europe

I will never forget the castles I toured when I went to Germany in my teens. The sheer size of these hand-made masterpieces is incredible!


Charleston, South Carolina

My Dad lent me Charles Kuralt’s America book when Ben and I went to New Orleans a few years ago, in which Charles describes some of the most memorable places he’s been to around the country. In addition to NOLA, Charleston and it’s blooming azaleas in the spring was included. Boy I’d sure love to see those someday!


Zip-lining in Costa Rica

I zip lined once in Puerta Vallarta, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t harnessed or strapped in correctly…eeks. I’d like to do it right in the canopy of Costa Rica.



Less touristy than it’s European coastal-city counterparts. Mmmm. :)


Dubai, UAE

I just really need to see this for myself. Plus I feel like it might rain gold coins there, or something.



I’ve had a life-long fascination with Egypt and its pyramids, tombs, mummies and ancient structures. I would be crushed if I never got to see it in person.


Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

I learned of Lake Louise’s existence from one of the first food blogs I ever started reading and have been obsessed with getting there ever since.


Machu Picchu, Peru

Brilliant, ancient civilizations freak. me. out. but I still want to see this craziness.



‘Nuff said.



The colors! The sights! The sounds!


New England in the Fall

It has been a dream of mine for the last 5 years to take an autumn foliage tour down the east coast.


New Zealand

Ok, really lame, but I saw a few episode’s of America’s Next Top Model taped in NZ and it was breathtaking. I really want to sail there!

MV Milford Wanderer & Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, South Island, New Zealand(source)

Niagara Falls

Every North American needs to see this at some point in their life, no?


Northern Lights in Alaska

I think a cruise to Alaska would be incredible too.


Paris, France

I have recently become obsessed with spending inordinate amounts of time sitting at a Parisian cafe sipping cappuccinos. I think I could stay here a month.


Petra, Jordan

If it came down to seeing either Petra or Egypt, I’d pick Petra – which is really saying something. A city carved out of the rock? It blows my mind!

Petra (source)

Provence, France

I want to spin in fields of lavender then ride a cruiser bike to a crumbling farm house and sip red wine.


Kiss the Blarney Stone, Cork, Ireland

Just…need to.


Safari in Kenya, Africa

I think this would be the coolest thing in the entire world. Knowing that I could actually be eaten by a lion is both terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Mostly terrifying though. But I still want to do it.


Sahara Dessert

I know – crazy. I just feel like I want to go for like 5 minutes.


Santorini, Greece

I sort of feel like I’m cheating on Praiano by wanting to go to Santorini, but I’ve always wanted to go, and cough I was really jealous that Lena from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants got to spend an entire summer there cough.


Savannah, Georgia

I want to hunt down Paula Deen and make her feed me macaroni and cheese.



I blame House Hunters International for my recent obsession with Seychelles. I feel like they’ve taped 10 episodes on this tiny island off the eastern coast of Africa in the last year. Stunning natural beauty!


Taj Mahal, Agra, India

The sheer size and meaning of this monument is something that has always intrigued me.


La Tomatina Festival, Bunol, Spain

My inner type A is petrified of the mess, but my inner wild child is winning out. :)

Spain Tomatina Food Fight(source)

Tuscany, Italy

I want to explore every inch of Italy – including the picturesque wine country that reminds me of A Walk in the Clouds. I know – wrong country, but same cozy, romantic feeling!


Venice, Italy

I am literally waiting on pins and needles for the moment I arrive in Venice. I hope to the high Heavens that it hasn’t sunk by the time I get there!



Just feeling like I really need to see this place.


Yosemite National Park, California

North America has some of the most breathtaking scenery and landscape in the world. I’d love to check out what Yosemite has to offer!



Clear water. Dolphins. Hammocks. Sign me up.


Zion National Park, Utah

The beauty of this place absolutely blows my mind – and it’s just a few states away!


Now all I have to do is convince Ben that taking a year off to travel the world is a good idea…

Raise your hand if you’re with me! ;)


Where do we overlap on My Life’s Wanderlist? What’s on yours?