Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail in a glass with crushed ice

I didn’t think belonging to a book club could make me any happier, then mine went ahead and started serving themed cocktails at each meeting.

Sink me in the river at dawn — I am deceased!

It was my turn to host last month and I knew exactly what I wanted to make: Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail. This gorgeous and easy prosecco cocktail recipe is fizzy and refreshing with a few unexpected flavors. Plus its made in 5 minutes with everyday ingredients — no fancy liquors required. It was a HIT and before I knew it I was poking my head in the door to ask Ben to make us another batch!

prosecco punch in a glass

Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail Ingredients

  • Prosecco: Prosecco is Italian sparkling wine like champagne, though champagne is made in the Champagne wine region of France. I love Chloe brand which can be found at the regular grocery store, Super Target, etc. It’s got the perfect amount of sweetness. I love it by the glass, too!
  • Pomegranate Juice: pomegranate juice is equal parts sweet and tart, plus it gives this drink it’s gorgeous ruby hue.
  • Cranberry Juice Cocktail: cranberry juice is great for balancing out the sweetness in this recipe. I don’t love a super sweet cocktail, so I welcome the tartness cranberry juice adds.
  • Peach Vodka: Peach vodka brings the giggles – woo! You can also really taste the peach flavor through the other ingredients, which I love.
  • Ginger Beer: ginger beer lends an unexpected spice that cuts through all the other ingredients. It’s the flavor that will make everyone say, hmmm – what is that?!

overhead Photo of Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail

Special Event + Holiday Prosecco Cocktail

Not only is this drink perfect for book club but it’d be hit for girl’s night, Christmas or New Years, 4th of July (add fresh blueberries for garnish!) or Mother’s Day.

How happy would Mom be if you served her this sparkly sipper with all the fixins this weekend!? If she likes wine or sparkling drinks, I really think she’d love it.

Make it Ahead of Time

This recipe makes a pitcher of drinks, serves 4-6, and can be prepped a day ahead of time. Mix the juices and vodka together the night before then stream in the prosecco and ginger beer right before serving. Stir, pour, sip!

Let’d do this.

refreshing glasses of prosecco cocktail

Serve with Caprese Skewers

How to Make This Prosecco Cocktail

There’s just one step to making Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail: add equal parts pomegranate juice, cranberry juice cocktail, and peach vodka to a pitcher then stir to combine. If you’re ready to drink right away, stream in prosecco and ginger beer then gently stir.

If you’d like to prepare the drink a day ahead of time, combine the juices and vodka in a pitcher then refrigerate. Just before go time, add the prosecco and ginger beer and then serve. EASY!

Like I said, I prefer Chloe brand prosecco which can be found in the regular grocery store, Super Target, etc.

a bottle of Chloe Prosecco

Pour into glasses with ice then get festive with the garnishes. Sliced fresh peaches, pomegranate arils, and fresh mint not only look GORGEOUS but add pops of fresh flavor and the most delicious scent to each sip too. However you serve it, I hope you LOVE this easy Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail recipe – enjoy!

Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail in the sunshine

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Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail


Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail is fizzy and refreshing with zippy, unexpected flavors. Perfect for any special occasion!


serves 6

  • 1 cup pomegranate juice
  • 1 cup cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1 cup peach vodka (I like Absolut)
  • 1 bottle Prosecco (I like Chloe)
  • 6-7oz bottle ginger beer (I like Fever Tree)
  • Garnishes: pomegranate arils, peach slices, fresh mint


  1. Add all ingredients except garnishes into a pitcher then stir gently to combine. Pour into glasses with crushed ice then serve with garnishes.
  2. Make ahead: add juices and vodka to pitcher then refrigerate. Just before serving, add Prosecco and ginger beer, and then serve.


Adapted from Brooklyn Crafted

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats, http://iowagirleats.com.

Photo collage of Pomegranate Peach Prosecco Cocktail