Roses are red, violets are blue,
I’ve got something to share with you!

We’ve got two boys, they are our whole world,
which it’s about to expand by one little girl.

A party of 5 is what we’ll soon be,
and this little family is filled with glee!

Guys, there’s a very clear reason I haven’t written a poem since the 6th grade. Thank you for help with…whatever that was…but yes, we are having another baby. I still almost can’t believe it!

As I mentioned in my post announcing our pregnancy with Cameron, I am very sensitive to the feelings of the women and men who are praying to God and pleading with the universe to bless them with a precious little one. Please know that I see your desires and struggles and wish nothing more then to be by your side with a supportive squeeze and listening ear. You got this.

But yes, a baby girl. Sugar, spice and everything nice! I am full of feels. ALL the feels, hahaha! Shock, excitment, nervousness – did I mention shock? I’ll admit I’ve raised a proverbial eyebrow in the past when people claim to know the gender of their baby before an anatomy scan, or having the baby of course, but the eyebrow is forever lowered because I knew from day one this child was a girl. My pregnancy with both boys was identical but since the day I got a positive test, everything’s been different. Crazy nausea, headaches 24/7, insanely vivid dreams. If that wasn’t enough, the moment she popped up on the screen during our first ultrasound at 11 weeks (I’m 17 weeks right now – due in late July) all I could see in my mind was a giant red heart. A girl…I just knew it.

Fast forward several weeks later and I got a call from our doctor’s office with the results of some blood tests that would also tell us gender. “Um, how accurate are these tests?” I asked the nurse on the phone. “Hmmm, let me check,” she said while rifling through some papers. “Oh, here it is. 99.9% accurate.” 

Ok then!!

Hey listen, I have two brothers, two little boys, and am the least girly girl on the planet to boot, so to be honest with you I had a minor panic attack when the news I’d felt in my bones since the beginning was confirmed on paper. Barbies, bows and nail polish are foreign territory, but I can handle it. (**Edited to add: of course being a girl doesn’t automatically mean these things – I was a tomboy!) Where my thoughts immediately went was mean girls. Peer pressure. Body image. BOYS!!!! Which is weird since I had a mostly normal and happy teenage existence. I just very quickly realized how big of a part I’ll play in raising a strong and independent, kind and responsible woman. No pressure! Luckily my sister-in-law wisely advised me to focus on the here and now – aka picking out an adorable, ruffly onesie for her to come home in.

Everyone asks how Ben is feeling about having a third, and a girl. Umm, Ben is probably the most excited! We both grew up with two siblings and have always felt like a full house was a fun house. Lincoln is so so pumped, and Cameron has no idea, poor thing. We’ll get him a doll in the next month or two so he can start practicing. He and little sis will be 21 months apart.

Ok, parents of 3+ and/or 2 under 2, talk to me about:

  • Double strollers. Lightweight, jogging – let me have it.
  • SUV car seat configurations (what we currently have.) I’m all for becoming a mad mom in a minivan but Ben is insisting we hold onto what’s left of our cool card for as long as possible.
  • Literally everything else. Give me all your good stories and advice. I feel WAY less nervous about having this baby then I did Cameron for about 100 different reasons, but being a mother to three precious children under five is still somewhat terrifying.

Thank you for allowing me share our wonderful news with you – oh my gosh, it feels so good to not hold it in anymore! I think this may help connect the dots as to why I’ve felt a bit preoccupied lately too. I’m finally past the “I’m so tired all I want to do is stare at the wall” phase, but being pregnant with two little boys and a business is no joke. So that said, thank you also for your understanding if things get a little willy nilly here for awhile. I am grateful to have the best, most loyal and supportive readers in the world. <3