It was such a springy weekend – I just didn’t want to come inside! Both Saturday and Sunday had their points of dreariness and rain at one point or another, but that didn’t stop Ben and me from getting out and about.

Saturday I had my very first baby shower which had a bow tie theme – whee!


My Mom’s dear friend Luann (of Luann’s Kale Salad!) and her daughter Heidi threw the shower and had the theme picked out before Ben and I even went to Charleston and snagged some baby gentleman gear. It was a perfect fit.


These two know how to throw a party and thought of absolutely everything. I think party planning is a real skill, and they totally nailed it.


From onesies with detachable bow ties hanging from a line for me to take home (Note to self: get a mustache on a stick for hilarious photo opps!) to bow tied napkin and utensil packages,


my favorite Scratch Cupcakes (Wedding Cake and Blackout!) with bow tie printables,


and a bow tie-themed menu – there were just so many thoughtful touches that my guests and I absolutely loved. (How adorable is that quote, btw? Snif!)


We laughed and chatted while devouring fresh, yummy foods and cupcakes, naturally, and opening gifts. I’m sort of loving baby showers compared to bridal showers where all the attention is on the baby stuff, and not necessarily me. ; )


Thank you Luann and Heidi for such a wonderful afternoon. I cannot thank you enough!