Photo collage of fun things to buy.

Ever take a peek at what the the person behind you in line at the grocery store is unloading onto the checkout belt? Me neither. Ok fine, I do admit to giggling when I spied the 20-something-male behind me in line at HyVee last week buying beer and Uncrustables. Just living his best, crust-free life!

Anyway, my selection wasn’t nearly as exciting (gluten free bread is only sold with crusts, rude) but I thought it’d be fun to share the last ten FUN things I’ve bought over the past few months! Forget diapers and wipes, we’re talking yummy snacks, beauty finds, fun fall boots, and a super cute book too. Costco members: do NOT miss #4!

#1 Sole Society Slip on Bootie

I’m officially over mid-calf boots in favor of booties, and these Sole Society Natasha Slip on Booties are SO adorable! The flat heel makes them great everyday boots, plus I love that they’re pull on vs having a zipper, and that they’re wide enough to wear with skinny jeans but aren’t flappy. Know what I mean? ;) I got the honey color and cannot wait to start wearing them on the regular. FYI, I feel like they run just a tiny bit big.


#2 Slidebox Photo Manager

If you’re anything like me, you take 10+ pictures of any cute situation you find your kids in and thus are DROWNING IN PHOTOS. Lindsay shared her iPhone photo clean up project on Instagram the other day and passed along a recommendation for the Slidebox Photo Manager app from a follower of hers. This app is a lifesaver! It has a simple swipe up feature to trash a photo which makes the process of deleting duplicate pictures go very very quickly. I started out with the free version but upgraded to the premium version for $4.99 so I don’t have to see any ads (they pop up after swiping through 15 photos or so.) Money WELL spent. I have been cleaning up photos instead of surfing social media at night and am making a huge dent in my massive photo library. Feels so good!


#3 Lindsay Letters Rainbow Daydream Canvas

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’ve been following Eva Love’s recovery story extremely closely and in addition to donating to her family to help with medical bills, I thought I’d support them by purchasing a canvas from her Mom, Lindsay of Lindsay Letters! I chose this “Rainbow Daydream Canvas“, which is what Lindsay imagines her daughter’s dreams look like. It’s every bit as adorable, fun and whimsical as it looks. I hung it in Gwen’s room and she LOVES it – points to it every time we walk in the room!


#4 Kirkland Organic Dried Mangoes

New snack obsession alert! I think Ben first found these Kirkland Organic Dried Mangoes at Costco, but either way we have blown through three bags in like a month. They are soft, unsulphured, and the perfect thing to eat when you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to get too crazy. The value is incredible, too! An enormous, 2.5lb bag of organic dried mango for under $20? Insane.


#5 Primally Pure Clarifying Serum

File Primally Pure’s Clarifying Serum under “splurge” – but ohhh it’s such a treat. Primally Pure is a wonderful company whose beauty and personal health products – including deodorant, everything spray, and beauty cream (their lip balm is AWESOME too) – have become staples in my daily routine over the past couple of years. Earlier this summer I ordered their clarifying serum, which is said to minimize inflammation and breakouts, plus even skin tone, and swore I saw results overnight. Thinking I was crazy, I went to their website to read the comments on the product page and others were saying the same exact thing!! I truly feel like this serum stops breakouts in their path and has helped even out my skin tone. I hope they never, ever stop making it. PSST: You can get 10% off your oder with code: IOWAGIRLEATS


#6 Dove Micellar Water Body Wash

From splurge to save: Dove Micellar Water Body Wash. I initially bought this body wash because I was…out of body wash…but also because the “anti stress” claim jumped out at me and I’m a sucker for good marketing. Anyway, this body wash is killing it not only because it smells exactly like the soap bars my grandparents used to keep in their shower (which I know sounds suuuper weird, but it’s a happy memory for me and I’ve been missing my Grandma a lot,) but also because it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean yet hydrated. I would describe the scent as very CLEAN. Not even “fresh” – but clean. New shower staple for sure!


#7 Be Kind Book

A friend of mine who is a teacher recently shared this Be Kind book on social media and I instantly ordered it. Every single day before Lincoln hops on the bus I tell him, “Be kind. Have fun.” Wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place if we could all be kind? And stay in our own dang lane? Anyway, the story contains great examples of how to extend and show kindness to others, and the impact one small act of kindness can have. The last page gave me goosebumps!  This book would be a great addition to a classroom library.


#8 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

As you know, Lincoln is obsessed with all things Harry Potter (Hogwarts is finished and is THE COOLEST THING EVER!) and so I purchased this LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar as a fun surprise for the holiday season. I have some buyer’s remorse because I don’t want Christmas to be about stuff! stuff! and more stuff! but I just couldn’t resist. He’s going to flip.


#9 The Daily Page Planner

If you are a Type A list lover, or just trying to get your daily life, health and wellness together, The Daily Page Planner from Dani @ Thyme is Honey, is going to help you get there. I have been a huge fan of Dani’s for years and years. She is an inspiring person in so many ways (follow her on Instagram to see what I mean,) from the Midwest (whoop!), and creator of the ultra popular Daily Page products which have earned her a spot in the top 1% of all Etsy shops! Dani recently released her Daily Page Planner which I immediately ordered because I pretty much do whatever she tells me to. Ha! In addition to the minimalist design of the planner, I love that every purchase plants a tree, and the entire thing, including the cover, is recyclable. Can’t wait to start using it!

Psst: Dani just got in touch and is giving IGE readers 10% off any order from her shop, including the planner! Use code: IOWAGIRLEATS at check out. :)


#10 NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

I feel like I’ve been looking for the perfect foundation since I was 16 years old. Every foundation I’ve ever tried has either made my face itch (mineral makeup is the worst offender) or was so thick I felt like I was wearing a mask. Enter NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. This foundation is water-based, buildable, and best of all – I CANNOT FEEL IT ON MY FACE! Huge, huuuuge fan. For what it’s worth, this summer I also tried Beautycounter’s Tint Skin foundation and really liked it (hated their dew skin,) but this NARS foundation edges it out a bit because it’s a tad thinner.

What’s the last fun thing YOU bought?