Week 21-40

Every Friday I share my favorite finds from around the web, including food, fashion, funnies, travel, art, DIY and more!

Week 21: My #1 fave Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, easy treats, and cute puppies.

Week 22: The Best Super Bowl Recipes!

Week 23: Valentine’s Day treats, DIY hairstyles, and bikini busting bars.

Week 24: Luscious Beer Cocktails, easy kitchen tips, and heart bursting pooch pics.

Week 25: Monster cupcakes, takeout fakeout recipes, and crazy kitchen.

Week 26: Mad march ab challenge, sweet cocktail, and decadent desserts.

Week 27: Refreshing cocktails, inspiring prints, and yummy cookie dough bites.

Week 28: Must-have mason-jar accessory, Churro Tots, and helpful DIY tips.

Week 29: Copy cat Starbuck’s recipes, instant margaritas, and must-know travel tip.

Week 30: Luscious cakes, incredible views, and cookies on top of cookies.

Week 31: Awesome taco tips, easy weeknight suppers, and over the top cakes.

Week 32: The best of Friday Favorites as chosen by your clicks!

Week 33: Sweet summer recipes, inspirational quotes, and mouthwatering appetizers.

Week 34: The ultimate summer drink, double cookie cookie dough, and 30 things to know before 30.

Week 35: Luscious cupcakes, a HIGH-larious news blooper, and must-try summery suppers.

Week 36: Refreshing mock & cocktails, tasty chicken recipes, road trip ideas.

Week 37The salad of summer 2012, juicy drinks, and a blogger’s dream kitchen.

Week 38: Death by dessert, easy workout, and favorite fashion finds.

Week 39: Fudgy Twix Tart, a twist on the classic fruit salad, and the must-have wedding app.

Week 40: Summer party staples, easy light bites, and must-know DIY ideas.


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