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Gluten Free Meal Plans

Save time. Save money. Reduce mental load.

Make dinnertime easy with stress free, gluten free meal plans.

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Take the guess work out of planning safe yet delicious gluten free meals for your family with my 10 Week Fall Meal Plan. What’s included:

  • Weekly menus with 6 gluten free dinner recipes
  • Side dish ideas
  • Ingredient swaps
  • Printable shopping lists
  • Prep check list
  • LIFETIME access

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Do you often find yourself asking “what should I make for dinner?!” at 5pm? Ordering take out more than you’d like? Or cooking the same things over and over (and over) again?


With three young children, multiple food allergies, and Celiac Disease in my family, deciding what to make for dinner each night was the most stressful part of my day — and that was before I started cooking.

That’s why I started meal planning which truly changed dinnertime (and saved my sanity).

I saved TIME by not having to make multiple trips to the grocery store each week.

I saved MONEY by reducing the amount of takeout we ordered.

I reduced MENTAL LOAD by not having to decide what to make for dinner every. single. night.

In short, meal planning brought joy back into the process of cooking for my family. Something I used to dread transformed into something I enjoyed and felt proud of. Let’s empower you, too!

What’s Included

  • 10 Weekly Menus: Each week you’ll receive 6 reader and family-favorite recipes. Save that hard-earned 7th day for leftovers or take out.
  • Ingredient Substitutions: Folks who need to eat gluten free often have other food allergies or intolerances to consider so each recipe will come with suggested ingredient substitutions when possible.
  • Side Dish Ideas: Round out each meal with suggested side dishes.
  • Prep Checklist: A handy prep checklist guides you through prepping portions of each recipe ahead of time.
  • Shopping List: Check off the ingredients you’ve already got on hand, then identify the ones you need.

Delivered in an easy-to-print PDF format, or available online.

How it Works

  • Register: Click here to register for the 10 Week Fall Meal Plan by September 7 at 9pm CT.
  • Receive: Every Friday from September 8 — November 10 you’ll receive your meal plan to shop for, prep, and cook the following week.
  • Reap the rewards! Get your dinnertime sanity back by knowing exactly what you’re going to be cooking all week long.

How Much Does it Cost?

Something I don’t want is for meal planning — aka saving time, money, and reducing mental load — to be cost prohibitive. That’s why I’ve priced this 10 week fall meal plan at $39.99.

That’s less than $4 a week. Or, to put it another way, $0.66 per dinner recipe.


When will I receive my Gluten Free Meal Plans?

  • Every Friday for 10 weeks you will be emailed a weekly meal plan that you can print or access online on Prep, cook, and enjoy the meal plan the following week.

What if I also need to eat dairy (or egg, or soy, etc) free?

  • We have egg and dairy allergies in my family, in addition to my Celiac Disease, so I understand the challenge of having several speciality food needs. That said, each recipe will come with ingredient and brand recommendations when possible for potential food allergens in the recipe.

Are ALL the recipes are gluten free?

  • YES! All the recipes in the 10 Week Gluten Free Meal Plan are 100% gluten free.

What kinds of recipes will I receive? 

  • Here at Iowa Girl Eats we specialize in easy gluten free recipes made with everyday ingredients — no speciality store required. Many of our recipes are made in one pan in 30 minutes or less, are family-friendly, and appeal to those who love comfort food on the lighter side. Each weekly meal plan will contain a mix of recipes using animal protein (beef, chicken, or pork for example) and some meatless meals too.

Can you share a sample weekly menu? 

Sure! Here is a sample weekly meal plan:

  • M: Cheeseburger Quesadillas
  • T: One Pot Chicken and Rice
  • W: Pasta Fresca
  • Th: Thai Crunch Salad
  • F: Pizza Breadsticks
  • S: Beef Stew with Mashed Potatoes

Plus side dish recommendations, and ingredients swaps if needed.

Are these new or existing recipes? 

  • Each weekly meal plan includes existing reader and family-favorite recipes. You’ll be getting the best of the best.

How many servings does each meal provide?

  • Each recipe, on average, serves 4-6 people and can be easily scaled up or down.

Do I have to make all the meals in order?

  • Absolutely not! You’re welcome to follow the meal plan as I lay it out, or mix it up to best suit your family’s needs. The meal plan is completely flexible.

Do I need any special equipment?

Do the meal plans require speciality ingredients?

  • The recipes included in the meal plans may require gluten free flour, but the brands called for are readily available in most grocery stores.

How is this different than meal kits?

  • Meal kits come with recipes pre-prepped and ready to cook which is nice but can be very expensive. The 10 Week Fall Meal Plan costs $39.99, which is less than $4 a week!

Can I print out the meal plan?

  • Yes! Each weekly meal plan — including the recipes, prep list, and shopping list — will be delivered as a printable PDF. You can also access the materials online here at

Are the meals kid-friendly?

  • I have three small children — currently 5, 6, and 10 — and my recipes usually go through some or all of them for their stamp of approval before posting to the site. That said, I would consider the recipes in the fall meal plan to be kid-friendly though taste is subjective and children’s tastes in particular are often evolving so it’s impossible to say that they are ALL kid-friendly.

Can I buy the 10 Week Gluten Free Meal Plan for someone else?

  • Absolutely! Please enter the recipient’s email address at checkout. Please note that the recipient will be sent a receipt with the purchase price on it. If you need to make special arrangements to avoid having the recipient view the cost, please email me at for assistance.

Registration has closed — sign up for the waitlist!