LOADED  Deviled Eggs

Loaded Deviled Eggs are bursting with big, savory flavors and creamy, crunchy textures. This easy appetizer is a hit at BBQs and parties!

Step 1

Hard boil eggs then place in an ice bath to cool.

Step 2

Slice the eggs in half then pop the yolks into a bowl.

Step 3

Mix the yolks with smoked paprika, mayo, vinegar, mustard, pickled jalapenos, and steak seasoning.

Step 4

Scoop the yolk mixture into a Ziplock bag then pipe into egg white halves.

Step 5

Top with smoked paprika, chives, crumbled bacon, and pickled jalapenos then...


Step 6

Loaded Deviled Eggs

Watch these FLY off the platter at your next BBQ or get together!