Naked Ravioli



How was your Saturday? Since I was able to do all my household chores yesterday afternoon (hello 57 loads of laundry!) I got to, gasp, relax this morning!

I always feel like I should be running around, doing a million things on the weekends, but today I forced myself to sleep in a bit, then lounge around sipping coffee, eating chocolate peanut butter babies and catching up on some shows I missed this week, like Jersey Shore and Gossip Girl.

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. ;)

I finally picked myself up around 11 – I had a date to get ready for! My Mom and I caught a matinee showing of The King’s Speech.


The movie was…ok. Incredible acting, but I don’t know. It was kind of slow for me. I LOVE reading super long and boring novels (a la Ken Follett,) but I like my movies to include explosions, laughter and/or suspense. Hey, at least I got to spend some time with Mom – plus there was popcorn! :D

I do hope the movie is nominated for some type of costume award at the Oscars tomorrow because the clothing WAS amazing!

In other news, you have GOT to try the recipe I made for dinner tonight. Gnudi!


Gnudi, the Italian word for “nude”, is basically cheese ravioli filling without the pasta wrapper. Naked ravioli! :D


I followed Giada DeLaurentiis’ recipe and it couldn’t be easier. All you do is mix together parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, eggs, spinach, flour, salt & pepper.


Form the filling into dumplings,


then coat them generously in flour.


Next you boil the dumplings like they were actual ravioli. Don’t be scared, they won’t fall apart!


4 minutes in some gently boiling water,


then scooped out and plopped in hot marinara sauce for a few minutes to firm up a bit more.




Like tender pucks of cheesy love!!


Gnudi is similar to gnocchi texture-wise.


Tender, but firm, and super fluffy.


Paired with some fresh marinara sauce – this could totally pass for a restaurant dish!


I made half of Giada’s recipe which yielded 10 dumplings (each was about 2 Tablespoons worth of filling) but next time I’ll definitely make the whole batch and freeze half to pull out during the week for a quick & easy meal.


Well I think tonight we’re going to take it easy and watch some movies. :) Might as well continue the theme of the day!

Have a great night!

ps help a fellow blogger out and vote for Mara’s POM Wonderful Cupcakes! Winner get’s a POM prize pack and $300! :D


What’s your favorite movie genre What’s the last one you saw?

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  1. oh WOW… these look great, I definitely need to try this! *starred in reader* :D

    Have a great evening and Sunday!!

  2. Rachel 02.26.2011

    The last movie I saw was “Black Swan.” That one stuck with me for a couple days. I much prefer action/adventure movies, and I kind of like westerns.

  3. I LOVE this idea. Your recipes are the best!

  4. Mmm, what an interesting dinner! Looks amazing!

  5. Kath 02.26.2011

    I don’t think I’ve heard of Gnudi – it looks fantastic! :)

  6. That recipe looks delicious but simple!

  7. Amber 02.26.2011

    OMG, I haaaave to try this. I love cheese so this is right up my alley!
    I’ve been wanting to see The King’s Speech… Maybe I should wait for dvd?

  8. Susie 02.26.2011

    I kinda like all genres. My favorite is probably something that is based on true events.

    The last movie I saw was “Waiting for Superman”! It is EXCELLENT. A must watch if you are a teacher/parent or even remotely interested in what is going on with the teachers in Wisconsin. Very eye opening!

  9. What an awesome recipe! I’m on a big Italian kick right now dinner-wise, so I’ll have to try these.

    I voted for Mara – my cupcakes are in the POM contest, too! They likely won’t win, but the recipe is worth trying!

  10. kelly 02.26.2011

    I actually LOVED the King’s Speech. It drew me in quickly. Your dinner looks yummy!

  11. Melissa 02.26.2011

    So nice that you got to enjoy a lazy Saturday! I need one of those!

    I felt the same about The King’s Speech. I really wanted to like it, but it just didn’t do it for me.

    At least you got in some good mom time & a good dinner afterwards! Have a good one!

  12. BrightBakes 02.26.2011

    What a cool idea. One of those “how-come-no-one’s-ever-thought-of-this” moments :) Definitely will give this a whirl…
    cathy b.

  13. I’ve wanted to make these for SUCH a long time! Can’t go wrong with cheese…yum! Enjoy your night!

  14. Taylor 02.26.2011

    Haven’t seen the King’s Speech, but these Gnudi look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  15. VeggieGirl 02.26.2011

    Favorite movie genre = horror/suspense.

    Last movie I saw = The Eagle (Channing Tatum = yes please!)

  16. Those look amazing! I would have never thought to do that! Must make these soon…except I totally just gave up cheese…CRAP! :)

  17. Tracey 02.26.2011

    I’ve never made gnudi – those look awesome, and LOVE Giada’s recipes!

    As for movies, I like drama/action – think the Bourne movies. Last movie I saw was Inception.

  18. erica 02.26.2011

    i’ll admit…i’m all about the romantic comedy. i want light, fluffy, cheesiness. OR things like lord of the rings and harry potter, that transport you to a different world. when i watch movies i just want to relax and have a good time. i’m rarely in the mood for the “serious” stuff.

  19. I am DYING to see that movie! Unforch, I am a cheapo and do not buy movie tickets, so I am waiting until it comes out on DVD:)

    Slash that looks like THE most delicious ravioli ever! It looks way more delicious than the pasta-covered ravioli, which I actually don’t like that much:) You are a saint!

  20. your dinner looks great :)

  21. this is the craziest thing i’ve ever seen! such a fun food idea! i must try :)

  22. girliefriend 02.26.2011

    I loved The King’s Speech. I actually felt it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, and I see a lot of movies. I love how it portrayed the development of the friendship between Bertie and Lowell. You don’t often see movies that show true friendships between men. My favorite type of movie is one that delves into the human relationship. I’ll watch Hollywood fluff, but I prefer something with more substance.

    Ravioli is one of my favorite foods, but I’ve stopped eating much pasta, so this recipe looks especially interesting to me. Thanks IGE.

  23. girliefriend 02.26.2011

    *Lionel, not Lowell :/

  24. I was imagining no sauce but no pasta… That’s different! Looks really good. I love ricotta ravioli filling.

  25. What a unique idea! :) I’m doing more meatless free meals and have lots of spinach and ricotta to use up! This is perfect for that! :)

    We saw Just Go With It today and really enjoyed it! :)
    I typically like movies of the comedy variety. I love feel good movies.

  26. Sarah 02.26.2011

    Gosh, all your dinners always look so good, but I am DEFINITELY making this asap. Wow. I liked The King’s Speech, but understand what you’re referring to about the slow pace. I just saw No Strings Attached tonight. Funny!

  27. Kristin from MN 02.27.2011

    Just Go With It! I saw it last week with my coworkers and we laughed are butts off! I highly recommend it!

  28. christina 02.27.2011

    oh my goodness….those naked ravioli look amazing!! i’m definitely getting the ingredients to try those!!

  29. Kristen 02.27.2011

    Love how super easy this appears…and if people are following a low-carb diet…it’d be a good recipe to try. (Not I though, I need some bread in my life)

  30. Stacey 02.27.2011

    Yeah, I wasn’t too sure about The King’s Speech either. Everything about it was great but the storyline was kind of slow, so it didn’t really capture my interest.

  31. Mimi 02.27.2011

    I’m surprised you just thought The King’s Speech was “eh.” I loved it! Although it wasn’t just too fast-paced, I thought there was a good amount of humor. I’m excited to hear how it fares at the Oscars tonight!

    P.S. Those naked ravioli look great!

  32. That pasta looks AMAZING.

    My favorite genre of movie is definitely comedy. The last movie I saw was Freakanomics and it was SO good. I highly recommend it. Definitely gets you thinking…

  33. I loved the King’s Speech, but I guess it’s not for everyone. I just saw Just Go With It this morning and liked it a lot! Not the most amazing movie ever, but definitely funny!

  34. Erin 02.27.2011

    Thanks for sharing the gnudi recipe! I have one of Giada’s cook books but this yummy entree is not in it. Can’t wait to make it!

    And I felt the same about The King’s Speech. Fortunately my husband and I get screeners for any awards-nominated films out here in Los Angeles so we were able to watch the flick in the comfort of our own home (as well as 127 Hours, etc., and I think you’d really like the former). I didn’t find it boring, but I expected to like Colin Firth’s character more and I just didn’t. But yes, the acting was amazing.

  35. jad18 02.27.2011

    I like comedies. We saw Cedar Rapids last night and it was pretty good. I really liked The King’s Speech (esp b/c I am a history geek). I felt the way you felt about it towards The Social Network. I thought it was well done, but cannot say that I really enjoyed it that much.

  36. Sally 02.27.2011

    OMG. I can’t believe how wonderful these perfect little pillows of goodness are! My hubby is away so it was the perfect time to prepare these. YUMMMMMMMMM! Had to write this comment after my first 2 bites. I am afraid there will be none left for lunch tomorrow!!

  37. Rebel mel 02.27.2011

    What a neat idea! Next time I make stuffed shells and have extra ricotta, I’m going to make this for lunch! :)

  38. Myndie 02.28.2011

    Sadface. Mine totally fell apart tonight….oh well…I improvised using a muffin tin pan for the rest of them.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.01.2011

      Oh no! Was the water boiling really hard? I noticed on her recipe to make sure it was at a gentle boil, or else they would fall apart!

      • Myndie 03.01.2011

        It was a gentle boil. Using the muffin tin pan worked out well too. Perhaps I made them too big?? I didn’t measure them out. Oh well. Thanks for the recipe though.

  39. Gail 03.01.2011

    Mine completely fell apart too. Guess I just don’t have the skills!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.01.2011

      Rats! One commenter on the recipe said to really douse them in flour, which is what I did. Maybe next time?!

  40. Jessica 03.01.2011

    I never post on blogs but have been following yours for a while. I love to cook and have been on weight watchers new plan for the past 6 months (and have lost 20lbs so far!!- can’t believe I can say that!) I always loved your 80% 20% healthy lifestyle motto and it keeps me coming back to read your blog.

    I made this recipe tonight and it was absolutely awesome. I adopted it just a little by adding in artichoke hearts to the sauce to bulk it up and make it more filling. I also used fat free ricotta instead of full fat. It took me no time to make as well.

    I love your blog and love reading about your weekly cooking and adventures. This is one of the best things I have stumbled upon on the internet. Thank you so much.

  41. Sarah 03.04.2011

    Can’t wait to make this tonight! Looks ah-maaazing.

    I’m going to make the entire batch and freeze those we wouldn’t use. Would you just plop them in gentle boiling water for 4 minutes again to cook them — or how will you after you’ve frozen them?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.04.2011

      Yep I think so! I’m going to make another batch this weekend and freeze them after rolling them in the flour. Plan on cooking them the same way frozen, as fresh!

      • Sarah 03.04.2011

        Oh, I’m dumb! I’m sitting here thinking I’d boil them first and then freeze them. Wow, where’s my brain? Happy Friday!

  42. Mimi 03.27.2011

    I tried this last night and mine totally didn’t hold together! Fortunately, I went with plan B and pan fried the patties — SUPER DELICIOUS THAT WAY!

    I was kind of confused by the recipe — Do you actually add flour to the ravioli or just coat them?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.27.2011

      Giada’s recipe calls for coating the gnudi in flour, which is what I did! Glad they worked out in the end!!

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  44. These are absolutely beautiful. I want to try them – with the flour ;)

  45. […] failing miserably at my second attempt at making Gnudi, after a successful first attempt, I was on a mission to end on a high note. Come hell or high water, I was GOING to master those […]

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