Friday Favorites


This week we said goodbye to August, with its flip-flops, tank-tops and lazy summer days, and hello to the cool mornings and fun, festive activities September brings. Here are my Friday Favorites for this week!

Favorite cozy bowl: Skinny Baked Potato Soup


Favorite September activity: Apple Picking at Berry Patch Farms


Favorite bite: Oven-Baked Apple Donuts


Favorite picture


Favorite Fall outfit (obsessed, obsessed, obsessed!!!)


Favorite shades


Favorite blast from the past: Fashion Plates


Favorite dainty charm: Fortune Cookie Necklace


Favorite man candy (is it November yet????????????????????)


Favorite cazsh look


Favorite drink: Pumpkin Spice Latte (coming September 6!)


Favorite song: You and I – Lady Gaga (which Ben had to politely ask me to stop playing this week!)

(All-time) Favorite flavor combo: White Chocolate-Covered Peanut & Candy Corn Popcorn


Favorite tailgating nosh: Jalapeno Popper Dip


Favorite team: The Iowa Hawkeyes!!!


Have a FUN and SAFE long, Labor Day weekend!


What are some of your favorites from this week?

What college team are you cheering for?

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  1. Micah 09.02.2011

    This weather sure feels like fall, doesn’t it? I’m so ready for college football. We’ll be on opposite sides though — I’m a Cyclone season ticket holder :)

  2. Amy 09.02.2011

    Fashion plates!! I had totally forgotten about those! I loved those when I was a kid. I am totally making your skinny baked potato soup this weekend. Yum. :)

  3. Lindsay 09.02.2011

    1. Those recipes for Skinny Baked Potato Soup & the Jalapeno Popper Dip look amazing!! Perfect for fall :) Can’t wait to make them!
    2. LOVE that outfit! So cute.

  4. Linda 09.02.2011

    Hawkeye fans, are you ready for the BOOM? I am ready for some football. We will be at all Iowa games this Fall – home and away. Hope to see you tailgating at Kinnick!

  5. HAWKEYES!!! Can. Not. Wait.
    PS. Also totally in love with that fall outfit – that marigold top – to die!!

  6. GO DUCKS!!! I can’t wait for Saturday, it’s the most wonderful time of the year :) Fall & football go together perfectly!

  7. Alyse 09.02.2011

    I can’t believe your hair used to be that long! I forgot it was.
    I think that was the famous apple slurping video post, haha.

    That dip looks amazing as does the tater soup.

  8. robin 09.02.2011

    talk about inspiring post…wow love ALL you choices here Kristin!…I wonder if ebay or etsy would have those fashion plates much fun!

  9. kathleen 09.02.2011

    i was a little apprehensive to read this post because your friday favorites from two weeks ago put a SERIOUS dent in my wallet! the jewelry from etsy was just TO DIE. {i now own the gold bracelet, alphabet charm necklace, and am coveting the alice and olivia dress}. thanks for sharing your fab style and loves, kristin!

  10. Sara 09.02.2011

    Oh, I love that outfit! It’s totally “fall.” Maybe I’ll finally give in to the skinny jean trend this fall and try it out.

  11. Panera John 09.02.2011

    I will forever be cheering on the Cyclone sidelines, but we can agree to disagree there. :) Just so we’re clear, the ‘real’ pumpkin spice latte will be returning to Panera Bread on Sept. 14th. (along with our new oven roasted turkey harvest salad and new oven roasted turkey artichoke panini) ;-) I’m not sure both lattes are delicious though – how can you go wrong with pumpkin. That’s why I’m excited to try your pumpkin pancakes this weekend… I think they will be my culinary endeavor this weekend!

    • Panera John 09.02.2011

      Typo… I’m SURE both lattes are delicious though – how can you go wrong with pumpkin? :)

      • Teresa 09.02.2011

        Love the Panera pumpkin spice lattes! Can’t wait to see them on menu again.

  12. Angie 09.02.2011

    I <3 your man candy. And the fashion plates!

  13. TONYA 09.02.2011

    Fashion plates!!!! Love love love, I bet my old ones are still in my parents basement. My favorite thing this week is tomatoes from our garden (I’ve put them in every meal)!

    Go Huskers!!!!

  14. Lesley 09.02.2011

    That man is walking sex. Sorry if that was TMI, but I had to go there. Um, anyway love that song too, and I WANT that fortune cookie necklace. Too bad I’ve declared September a no spending month. :( I have some shopping issues, lol.

  15. Alyssa 09.02.2011

    Go Hawks! I am so ready for football but sad that for the first time in 3 years I won’t be attending all the tailgating and football game festivities in Iowa City. I’m planning on going back for at least one game however.
    I’m looking forward to turning off my AC and opening up the windows without feeling sweat drip down my back. :)

  16. Amy 09.02.2011

    Fashion Plates, OMG, that was one of my favorite toys when I was a kid!!! Gah! Brings back memories!

    And GO HAWKS!!!

  17. Emily 09.02.2011

    Ben doesn’t like GaGa?? I find this so shocking…..

    • Iowa Girl Eats 09.02.2011

      It’s really weird – in general he really likes her, while I don’t care for her that much. Our opinions are totally flip-flopped in regards to this song though. I love it, he hates it!

  18. Sarah 09.02.2011

    I love that outfit, I am in love with the dark mustard yellows for fall! And R Patz?! Swoon, mega, mega Swoon.

  19. Eleni 09.02.2011

    I went to Berry Patch two weeks ago and they had tons and tons of amazing blueberries!

    I’m a senior at ISU and was in their marching band, but I spent the first 18 years of my life in Iowa City. I bleed cardinal and gold AND black and gold. I do root for the Cyclones for the ISU/UI game though, because it’s fun to have the family rivalry.

    Robert Pattinson was so hot in the 4th Harry Potter movie. Have you seen it?

  20. Rose 09.02.2011

    Thanks for including my picture! Loveeee the fall outfit!

  21. Mer @mersworld 09.02.2011

    Go Hawkeyes! I’ll be cheering for them from Boston this Fall!

    Thanks for sharing your favorites! I’m definitely going to have check out some of the recipes! The baked potato soup seems perfect for a fall weekend supper!

  22. Brittany 09.02.2011

    Robert Pattinson yumm ;) I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn!!!
    I love You and I by GaGa. On repeat!

  23. Carissa 09.02.2011

    Go Hawkeyes!!! Very excited to see them play tomorrow!

  24. Love that fall outfit!

    I am happy for the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte too!

  25. Robert Pattinson, Yum :)
    Oh, the baked potato soup and apple donuts too!

  26. AJ 09.02.2011

    OMG. I had forgotten about Fashion Plates! Loved that when I was growing up.

    One of my favorites this week: Just bought body lotion in the scent “Twilight” at Bath & Body Works. I very rarely go in that store, but last night I had a blast picking out some new, inexpensive, fun scents. I also got body mist in the “stress relief scent” – so fresh and clean.

    Go Hawks! I got tickets for the U of I v. Michigan game. So excited.

    • AJ 09.02.2011

      oh oops, the scent is “Twilight Woods”

  27. I love that your fall outfit includes a long champ bag! I think I finally need to retire mine and get one in a new fall color. My Favs this week include hay rides, hot apple cider and cocoa nibs.

  28. Anita 09.02.2011

    I go to USC– so I have to cheer for the Trojans, obviously! Can’t wait for the game tomorrow.

    Also I just have to say, that outfit is adorable!!! It’s enough to make me want to go shopping right this minute!

  29. Lauren 09.02.2011

    PS- A little secret, S-Bux does have the Pumpkin Spice but you have to ask for it. :) Just found this out today. :)

  30. kEndra 09.02.2011

    Go Hawks!! Can’t wait to make a trip to Kinnick this fall! :)

  31. Melissa 09.02.2011

    I am loving your list! And that outfit? ObsessedX3 sounds about right . . .

    Cheering for my Wolverines this weekend! Here’s hoping a new coach makes our football season a lot more fun to watch this year! Have a great weekend!

  32. McKenzie 09.02.2011

    Wow! Talk about taking me back AND making me hungry! I want to try the soup, the apple bites and that popcorn. And I had totally forgotten about the greatness that was fashion plates! Love the post!

  33. those apple donuts look AMazing!

  34. omg fashion plates! they used to be my favorite thing ever! i wonder if my mom has them stored up in the attic somewhere that she can send them to me. totally forgot about those!

  35. I will be trying the soup and the donuts for sure!

    I LOVED Fashion plates…it’s what made me want to be a fashion designer…however that dream faded into oblivion when I realized I couldn’t really draw.

    And THE HAWKEYES! We are so ready for the season to start. The RV is packed and ready all I need is a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and I’m good to go! Are ya with me?

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  36. Trisha 09.02.2011

    This might be my favorite Friday Favorite of yours to date! I have sooo many comments I want to make, but I’ll spare you. :) I think the only thing I disagree with you on here is your college football team. Wisconsin Badgers all the way! Goooo Bucky!! But I suppose you can’t help but root for your home team. The Wisco vs. Iowa game used to be such a great rivalry, I hate how they changed up the divisions! Happy Long Weekend!! :)

  37. Deanna 09.02.2011

    Love everything you listed…especially the outfit (where is that from?), EXCEPT the Hawkeyes. I grew up in eastern Iowa as a tortured Cyclone fan AND went to school there, so usually any Hawkeye is my mortal enemy but I like your blog so much I’ll make an exception! :-)

  38. jad18 09.02.2011

    Great post! I love all things fall and was excited yesterday for it to be September. Pluse we got our Hawkeye tickets in the mail last night from our friend who orders them for our group. We were like kids at Christmas when we opened them up. I am a bit bummed that the weather looks iffy tomorrow. Random fact, but my boyfriend and I saw James Vandenberg at Scheels at Coral Ridge a couple weeks ago. He is a cutie!

  39. Angela @ Momethis 09.02.2011

    Aaaaaahhhhhh November!!! OMG OMG OMG! Yeah…Im Robsessed. ;P
    And Fashion Plates…HA! You make me smile.

  40. I love the fall outfit! I can’t wait for September 6:)

    I will be cheering on the Crimson Tide tomorrow! Roll Tide! I am born and raised in Tusaloosa so there is no other way to be for me!

  41. Teresa 09.02.2011

    Love your fall favorites — except for the Hawkeyes. I’m a second-generation ISU alum. Go Clones!

  42. OMG I want those brown boots for fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That outfit is adorbs!

  43. Linda Kidd 09.02.2011

    I think I will start cheering for the Hawkeyes since Ohio State skrewed Coach Tressel. Go Hawks!

  44. I totally forgot about the Fashion Plates – total blast from the past. Love the fall outfit!

  45. anna 09.02.2011

    I don’t remember fashion plates but I could really go for a LITE BRITE!

    • jad18 09.02.2011

      I loved my Lite-Brite!

  46. Sarah Sue 09.02.2011


    Cannot wait for tomorrow

  47. Loved this post, K!
    It’s actually the first time I’ve hear Lady GaGa’s new song – thanks for sharing :D
    Hope you’re having a great Friday!

  48. Sarah 09.02.2011

    Rooting for the Texas Longhorns!

  49. That popcorn looks TO DIE FOR!!!! Now I’m craving candy corn!

  50. IronMike 09.02.2011

    Pumpkin lattes make me happy. Better than anything else in the world. Prefer Caribou, skim no whip

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