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How fitting that today, the official first day of Fall, is the first day I saw my breath on my morning walk – ahh!

Coupled with this week’s chillier temps is the undeniably beautiful rainbow of colors that tree leaves all over the city have turned into, seemingly overnight. Fluttering to the ground and audibly crunching underfoot. ‘Tis the season! Here are this week’s favorite finds from around the web.


Favorite seasonal sip: Spiced Cider in Apple Cups. Edible vessels, people! ;)


Favorite DIY decor: Book Art. So smart and chic looking!


Favorite sweet treat: Butterfinger Blondies. My mouth waters when I stare at this picture.


Favorite piece of advice. Right?!


Favorite pop of color. Need this door for my future dream home.


Favorite sweet & savory bite: Sassy Sweet Potato Fries. Awesome sweet & savory combo of flavahs.


Favorite song: If I Die Young by The Band Perry. Overplayed on the radio? Probably. Loving it anyways? Definitely!


Favorite dizzy drink: Ginger Apple Bourbon. I think I’m making this tomorrow. Muwahahaha!


Favorite Show: Awkward. As if I needed another show to get sucked into! Sooo smart and funny though.


Favorite nail polish: NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish. Only $1.99/bottle, this nail polish dries in record speed.


Favorite (and freakiest!) spot: Great Belize Blue Hole. That is a straight up HOLE in the ocean.


Favorite meal on the go: Chicken Cashew Salad from Culvers. I had this salad a few weeks ago during a road trip. SO YUM.


Favorite wake up call. Awww. :)


Favorite recipe: Crack Bread aka Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls. I’m scared to make this for fear I will eat the entire loaf. I’m making it anyways.


Favorite tutorial. This girl is ADORBS, and scarf season is just around the corner don’t you know!

Favorite serene scene: Emerald Gorge, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Very Fern Gully-esque, no?

Emerald Gorge

Favorite fashionista: Pippa Middleton. Can we trade closets?

1B2C9BB9 1B25CFCA 1B1A7BE1

Favorite new Larabar flavor: Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte.


TGIF everyone! :D

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  1. laura 09.23.2011

    Fun list!

    My highlight so far has been my brother’s football game last night! Woohoo Fall!

  2. the Iowa Expat 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week is going to be VT coming to Marshall for a football matchup tomorrow. VT is such a class act that I won’t mind if they win!

  3. Kelley 09.23.2011

    It’s the first day of fall, hoooray! AND It’s my bday tomorrow..yeah!! That about sums it up :-)

  4. Those apple cups are SO cute!! I might have to incorporate them into my Halloween party. And, the crack bread? O.M.G.

  5. Hope 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week is going to the bridal store for my mom and my sister (my maid of honor) to get fitted for their dresses for my wedding! :)

  6. Oh, and the highlight on my week will most likely be Sunday, the only day I do not have classes or work and can actually see my hubby ;)

  7. Christine 09.23.2011

    My highlight was running a personal best this week! Loving the cool weather b/c I get to run further and faster!

  8. Amanda 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week is going to be tomorrow. It’s my birthday and the grandparents are watching out 9-month old so my husband and I are going to enjoy a day out together!

  9. Julie F 09.23.2011

    I can’t wait to go to Oktoberfest tomorrow night and Festival in the Park if the rain will hold off!

  10. Amber 09.23.2011

    Highlight of my week will be spending tomorrow night with my amazing Hubby for our 4 year anniversary. I am so lucky!

  11. Good question! It’s important to look back on the positives in the week, not just the negative. Running a half marathon on Sunday with a pre was my favorite part of the week. Finally being able to walk normally again on Thursday was the second!

  12. Sarah 09.23.2011

    I’m going on a fall retreat at a camp up north tonight. I can’t wait. It will be so relaxing.

  13. Amy M 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week was going with a friend for a free meal at the Noodles & Company in Ames… before it opened! The Japanese Pan noodles were amazing! I can’t wait for it to open at the Valley West Mall!

  14. brindi 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week was finishing my paper for my last grad school class. Having that out of the way was a huge stress reliever and now Ican enjoy my weekend!

  15. Dannielle 09.23.2011

    High light = going home (I’m at school) to see my mom and go apple picking!!! Which will most DEFINITELY result in apple crisp baking…I love my mom! ( :

  16. Christa 09.23.2011

    I get to ride my new bike tomorrow!

  17. jordan 09.23.2011

    the highlight of my week hasn’t come yet – it’s apple picking time tomorrow! sweet apples, kettle corn and apple cider doughnuts. doesn’t get much better than that :)

  18. Molly 09.23.2011

    Love the Friday Favorites! The highlight of my week was finding out we’ll be moving back to Iowa! And in time for the holidays!

  19. Melissa 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week was being able to eat out on the deck twice! It’s not often that it’s warm enough in the evening for that in late September. Such a treat!

  20. PLSayrah 09.23.2011

    This weekend I will be hiking in Aspen and enjoying the wonderful fall colors – Larabars are great snacks while on the trail!

  21. the highlight of my week was a blind date on wednesday!!

  22. Kristyn 09.23.2011

    Highlight of my weekend will be going to the Farmer’s Market and then apple picking!

  23. Shannon 09.23.2011

    The Ginger Apple Bourbon looks delish!! Can’t wait to try it!

  24. Nicole S 09.23.2011

    I got flowers delivered yesterday. I NEVER GET FLOWERS!!!!

  25. SarahT 09.23.2011

    Highlight so far was watching my son’s first cross country meet, it was a beautiful day yesterday, he ran well, and the energy of the crowd running and cheering along the course was great!

  26. Camara 09.23.2011

    the highlight of my week was going to my theater’s big fundraising gala!

  27. Lauren 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week was trying EVOO ice cream! So good.

  28. C. 09.23.2011


    The highlight of my week was finding out I got a 3rd interview for a new job – crossing my fingers!!

  29. whitney 09.23.2011

    My highlight is a pedicure and watching The Help with my mom tomorrow…girls’ day! :D

  30. The highlight of my week is going to be tonight…when my honey comes to visit for the weekend (we live apart right now) and we have a home football game here in Columbia tomorrow….go Cocks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Sandy 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week was yesterday. I walked/jogged 5 miles on the treadmill! A huge personal accomplishment for me. :)
    Oh, I love Larabars. My current favorite is Carrot Cake, it’s sooo good!

  32. Amber 09.23.2011

    Great Fall post!!! The highlight of my week was coming home to my little guy after being away for work for 3 days!!

  33. Stacey E 09.23.2011

    Homecoming football game tonight!

  34. Kelly J 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week is that I took my RN boards yesterday. Woohoo!! Huge relief right there… there’ll be even more when I find out I passed (fingers crossed!!) :-)

  35. Jess Knudson 09.23.2011

    That crack bread looks scary good!
    After 4 months of unemployment…i finally landed a new job!! yea!

  36. Sara 09.23.2011

    Highlight of my week was dinner at Olive Garden on Wednesday night… sounds lame, but it was the best part!

  37. Melanie 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week was homemade pumpkin bars… mmm welcome to fall! :)

  38. Lindsey 09.23.2011

    I am running a half marathon tomorrow in Banff, AB – a bunch of us friends are all going up for the weekend so I cannot wait!
    I love the Keep Calm, Call Your Mom – totally me ;)

  39. April V 09.23.2011

    My potato soup Wed. night…definitely!

  40. I’m bookmarking this page! I love the apple drink, blondies, tutorial, and more!

  41. Emily 09.23.2011

    My highlight is going to be spending the weekend in the CO Rocky Mountains in a little town on the south side of Pike’s Peak. Hiking, delicious food, and fun people to hang out with! Yay!

  42. Stephanie 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week was sitting down and watching fall tv shows again! I love this time of year. This weekend my highlight will be watching my kids play sports and hopefully getting a good run in.

  43. Josh in Upstate NY 09.23.2011

    I think the highlight of my week is going to be that Apple Ginger Bourbon! Definitely… Going to make it with Woodford Reserve! tks for the recipe link!

  44. I love favorites posts! So fun.

    My highlight was waking up Monday morning in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. The fog on the lake was beautiful!

  45. Kelly 09.23.2011

    I had a few highlights. Getting an A on my Abnormal Psych exam, having my history exam pushed back by a week (!), and my bible study is having a Perkins and pajama party next week (having an excuse to look lazy in public without being judged? Yes, please!).

  46. Kaycie 09.23.2011

    I love your friday favorites, they are so fun!! My highlight is spending my day off today with my little boy – 17 months old!

  47. Amanda 09.23.2011

    My highlight will be tonight! Just relaxing with some baked potato soup and pumpkin beer!!

  48. Christina 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week was the return of Glee and Modern Family!

  49. Andrea 09.23.2011

    The highlight of my week was eating at Baja Fresh while on a business trip. Why don’t we have one of these in Iowa?

  50. Michelle Hubbard 09.23.2011

    My BFF gets to town for a 5 day stay tonight!

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