Friday Favorites


What’s a Friday without some favorites? From chewy caramels to kitten headbands, here are my favorite finds from around the web this week. :)

Favorite bite: Garlic Cheese Wontons. Another awesome wonton recipe – this one’s stuffed with melted cheese!


Favorite place. 1 vineyard, $1000 worth of Christmas lights, 5 generators, and a whole lotta’ hard work. Awesome.


Favorite sandwich: Triple-Decker Tomato and Avocado Panini with Mozzarella and Pesto. Yes, yes, yes and oh hells yes.


Favorite kitchen trick. Old parmesan cheese lids fit on mason jars. Good to know!


Favorite photo. Sigh… :)


Favorite seasonal treat: Glazed Gingerbread Scones. I am moving full speed ahead towards holiday flavors – gasp!


Favorite funny. BAHAHAHA!


Favorite Etsy shop: Bellabyte. All of her prints are absolutely adorable.

EtsyShop EstyShop2

Favorite furry besties. I hear cat headbands are all the rage in Paris right now…


Favorite healthy bite: Roasted Butternut Squash Farro Salad. I tried farro – a Mediterranean grain – for the first time down here in Cali this week and it is unbelievable. Chewy and filling. Can’t wait to make this at home.

Roasted Butternut Squash Farro Salad 500

Favorite song: It Will Rain – Bruno Mars. This is from the Twilight Breaking Dawn soundtrack. FOURTEEN MORE DAYS. SQUEEEEE!!

Favorite kitchen tip: DIY glass stove cleaner. I so need to try this quick, easy, chemical-free method for removing burnt food on my glass top stove.

Glasstop stove cleaner

Favorite flashback: Apple Cider Caramels. My Grandma used to make homemade caramels for us every year at Christmas. These remind me so much of those melt in your mouth, absolutely irresistible treats. :)


Favorite find: Photographer’s mittens. These would be oh so handy in the winter time – also useful for iPhones!


Favorite Friday night bite: Smoky Corn & Black Bean Pizza. Cheese, black beans, corn, tomatoes & BBQ sauce. Throw some diced avocado on there to warm in the oven, and I’m sold.


Favorite furball. OMG!!! LOVE!


Favorite feature: Waterfall wall. There was a waterfall wall studded with orchids at the spa here at the Four Seasons and ugh, I could lay in front of it with zen music playing for hours.


Favorite scene. I know. There’s snow in this picture, but I am really feeling the holidays now that Halloween’s over!!


Favorite traveling tip. Use the shower cap they give you in the hotel to wrap up dirty sight seeing shoes. Brilliant!


Favorite sweet treat: Secretly Healthy Chocolate Cake. Apparently each slice is under 100 calories? MMM!!


And with that – I am out. I’ve got a plan to catch! :) TGIF!

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What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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  1. gabby Bladdick 11.04.2011

    I love that you are getting in the holiday spirit! Now that halloween is over, I’m definitely in the holiday spirit! That scene with the house and the mountains in snow is amazing, by the way. Dream house? Sure, why not!

  2. Ok – those garlic cheese wontons are most definitely going to be our app for football on Sunday! And I must say, I always love your Friday Favorites posts. You always find such great stuff!

  3. Marie@feedingfive 11.04.2011

    I did not know that about the parmesan lids, very cool. I want to go through all your Friday favorites now.

  4. lauren b 11.04.2011

    Well, SOMEONE has been spending a lot of time on pintrest! Rofl. I love that site! It’s a tad bit.. addicting.. o-o;

  5. Nancy 11.04.2011

    Nice to know about the Parmesan lids. Those cat headbands are really funny!

  6. Lib 11.04.2011

    Love your blog — but especially on Friday!

  7. Love that you posted that stove cleaning tip!!! I’ve been looking for a way to clean my mess on there!

  8. Ashley 11.04.2011

    Those Garlic Cheese Wontons look amazing!

  9. Sarah 11.04.2011

    That Farro salad looks delicious. I have used that easy stovetop cleaner on my ceramic stovetop and it really works well.

  10. yay pinterest! and vail is beautiful. i’ve only been in the summer (so no snow like in your pic) but it’s amazing!

  11. Tricia 11.04.2011

    They also make gloves with metallic threads in the finger tips they work on touchscreens – they simulate the body’s electric charge. A little bit nerdy for me but I bet my fiancé will love them!

  12. Imwaytoobusy 11.04.2011

    I want to eat every single food photo! ;) The photographer mittens are genius.

  13. Gabe 11.04.2011

    I just LOVE friday favorites. Where do you find all this stuff??

  14. I LOVE your Friday Favorites post. They are my favorite!

  15. Diana 11.04.2011

    Love the holiday lights! I’ve recently started using my mason jars for storing all kinds of things in my fridge..and I love it! For the weekend just working on menu planning ideas and a little baking.

  16. erica 11.04.2011

    i love your friday favorites!
    (totally loving the shower cap idea! brilliant!)

    i’m looking forward to sunday, the husband has the day off!

  17. Dawn Marie 11.04.2011

    Me too! I am in the spirit early this year.

    Love the headband! ;-)

  18. That shower cap idea is genius! I love your Friday favorite posts!
    This weekend I am SO looking forward to spending time with my sister – we are getting pedicures this morning and then seeing a movie. Then later in the day I am going with some girl friends to a housewarming party. LOVE girl time. :) Enjoy your weekend too!

  19. Jessie 11.05.2011

    Going to have to try the Garlic Cheese Wontons . . . look easy and wonderful! I think it is the year, I am really ready for the holidays . . . I found and bought Pumpkin spice creamer, then 2 days later found peppermint mocha . . . and the pumpkin spice has been pushed aside!

  20. Sarah 11.05.2011

    Hi Kristin!
    I am a big peruser of food blogs and I just came across your site! Love it, I am so glad that you use REAL ingredients and enjoy normal food :) Keep up the great work, I will certainly be checking back and reading on a regular basis!

  21. WOW! I love the list, and thanks so much for putting my scones there! You gotta try them they stay moist n chewy for a week… I think thats the molasses in them! MMMM!

  22. Jennie M 11.06.2011

    I use that black bean pizza recipe ALL THE TIME! In fact, it’s on the menu for Tuesday. It bakes easily in the oven and you can substitute frozen corn in a heartbeat. My only recommendation is to use just a little more bbq sauce and toss the veggies in a small amount – the cheese sometimes has a hard time binding to the toppings. Makes for great leftovers!

  23. I’m SUPER pumped for Breaking Dawn too! And that panini looks soooo tasty. Love your Friday Faves <3

  24. Darcy 11.06.2011

    I tried the cinnamon roll pumpkin vanilla sheet cake this weekend for our tailgate – awesome! You need to try it! Thanks for the idea. It’s definitely a keeper. One note – If you like icing, I would wait for the cake to cool a bit before drizzling the icing on. Otherwise it mostly melts into the cake, which is good, but it depends what you’re looking for.

  25. Steph 11.06.2011

    Yay! Heard you are expecting!! Congrats on your little one coming next summer!

  26. VeggieGirl 11.06.2011

    Loving those photographers gloves!! Great find :D And those caramels have me drooling

  27. I always love your Friday Favourites :-)
    Triple-Decker Tomato and Avocado Panini with Mozzarella and Pesto? Yes please!! Oh and gingerbread scones too whilst we’re at it!
    That snowy holiday photo is gorgeous, getting a tiny bit excited about Christmas now :-)

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  29. Rebecca 11.08.2011

    Oh my goodness. I just read this today (Tuesday, sorry I’m behind) and I made that pizza over the weekend. It was surprisingly good. I get a little scared about beans, but thought I would give it a shot.

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