Friday Favorites


After a brief Thanksgiving-induced hiatus, Friday Favorites are officially back! :D

It’s been a busy week ’round these parts, what with kicking off and wrapping up the first week of the 20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge, and launching the first giveaway in the Month of Holiday Giveaways (which is still open until 5:00pm tonight!)

TGIF, right?!

Without further ado, here are my favorite finds from around the web this week!

Favorite boozy bev: Spiked White Hot Chocolate. White chocolate is pretty much my favorite thing ever. Throw some vanilla flavored booze in there and I’m yours.

Favorite new year’s idea: Easy closet clean out. Flip all your hangers around on new year’s day. After one year, or a season, donate any clothes that you haven’t worn, aka the hangers are still flipped!


Favorite Christmas cookie: Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. My parents used to have a Christmas party every year which my Mom would make dozens and dozens and dozens of cookies for. These were my favorite!


Favorite foodie gift idea: Stuffed baking mitt. Perfect for a newly married couple, or someone just out of college and starting to cook for themselves.


Favorite Giggle: The Truth About Book Clubs. I personally don’t belong to a book club, but every single one I know of pretty much follows this format. HIGHlarious!


Favorite winter must-have: Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots. Uggggh, luscious foot hugs.

Favorite Holiday pup. Poor, hilarious pooch!


Favorite DIY craft: Scented candle upcycles. Melt half burned candles and combine them in one candle. Genius – I have like a zill of these laying around!


Favorite casserole: Chicken Broccoli Supreme Casserole. Hearty winter casserole without cream of something soup.


Favorite photo: Chocolate Wasted Cake. I mean!!!


Favorite Christmas card. Rustic, cute and clever.


Favorite find: Copykat Godfather’s Dessert Pizza. Do you KNOW how many slices of this pizza I ate growing up?


Favorite personalized gift: Thumbprint Heart Pendant. Perfect for husband/wife, mom/dad/children, grandparents/grandchildren.


Favorite fitspirational quote. It’s so true!


Favorite MUST MAKE recipe: Hot Chocolate Bombs. Make these truffle-like balls, wrap and freeze. Drop in warm milk for instant, homemade hot chocolate!!


Favorite flashback: Santa Mugs. We had these exact mugs growing up, and I clearly remember having Swiss Miss hot chocolate with mini marshmallows in them after cold winter days spent sledding and building snow men. Awww!


Favorite eco-chic fashion statement: Hand Block Printed Bamboo Scarf. Each scarf is made of bamboo and stamped with stamps from India. Cool, and cute!


Favorite fancy nibble: Shrimp Pesto Pizza. Yes, yes and yes. To all those things.


Favorite coffee flavor: Wild Blueberry from Green Mountain Coffee. This tastes IDENTICAL to a blueberry muffin. Unreal! PS get 15% your order and free shipping until 12/15 with code AM0015-3592 at!


Favorite holiday sight: Rockefeller Christmas Tree. Seeing this bad boy is on my bucket list!

Rockefeller Center Tree

Favorite funny: Inappropriate Elf on the Shelf ideas. I actually think the EOTS concept is genius, but these ideas are absolutely hysterical.


Favorite true words. Been there, done that!

Favorite holiday indulgence: Eggnog syrup. I want to try this ONCE!!!!


Check out these previous Friday Favorites posts.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :D


What was the best part of your week this week?

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  1. Always look forward to your Friday Favorites!

  2. Kristen 12.02.2011

    We had those same Santa mugs too! What a great memory.
    Thanks for including the eggnog syrup in your roundup :)

    • Jen 12.03.2011

      My family had those Santa Mugs too! I think they were a Walgreen’s special… I love this post!

  3. I LOVE those christmas cards and definitely will be making some! I’m sending out cards for the first time ever this year :)

    Oh and my roommate has a pair of those Sorels and loves them! They look adorable on her.

  4. Sarah 12.02.2011

    My school’s dining hall had pumpkin pancakes with eggnog syrup this week. They were delicious!!

  5. Amber 12.02.2011

    I just started doing this with my half-used candles! Here I thought I was brilliant and original. HA!

  6. A lot of bloggers do Friday Favorite Posts, but I have to say, yours is one of my favorites! I meannnn all of this…where do I begin?! (pretty sure I said the same thing last week too haha) That chocolate crazy cake definitely caught my eye, eggnog syrup?! Um yes please.
    And shrimp is one of my favorites foods, so on pizza and with pesto, oh my.
    I know I don’t comment too often, but I have been reading your blog so quite some time now, and it never disappoints :) I love it!

  7. Machelle 12.02.2011

    Geez! i’m so freakin hungry….you are KILLING me with all these yummy food pictures!

  8. Erin 12.02.2011

    I’m in New York for work this week and my friend and I tried to go to the tree lighting b/c my hotel is just a few blocks away but the crowds were INSANE!!! I went on Thursday morning — much more enjoyable =)

  9. Chris 12.02.2011

    The Chocolate Wasted Cake….I have no words! Well maybe two…Holy Cow!

  10. Heidi 12.02.2011

    I JUST bought the stuff to make the peanut butter cup cookies tonight with my girls! And the chocolate bombs… Great idea!

  11. Amanda Betts 12.02.2011

    That chocolate cake. Wow.

  12. Brooke Guevara 12.02.2011

    I always enjoys looking though your fab friday, thanks for the awesome post, again :)

  13. I love the hanger idea. I try to mentally note when I haven’t worn something for at least a year but I think my hoarder-like tendencies get in the way…

  14. Jen 12.02.2011

    Of all the blogs I read, I think the most often with yours that we could be real life friends. Let me list the reasons why from this posting alone:
    1) someone told me about the hanger flip last year so I did it for 2011. I discovered I own too many hoodies that don’t get worn.
    2) I make those peanut butter cookies. They are too stinkin’ good.
    3) My husband and I still have our santa mugs- and use them every christmas.
    4) I saw that Wine Book Club sign earlier this week and thought it was hilarious
    5) I saw that thumbprint necklace on etsy this week and thought it was sweet
    6) The 5:30am alarm that goes off on my phone m-f says “you’re only one workout away from a good mood” instead of “alarm”
    And now I totally want to make those hot chocolate bombs (pinning after I submit this comment) and I want to dive my face into that chocolate wasted cake. Not to mention, I have my husband cook up one of your recipes almost weekly :)

  15. Laurie 12.02.2011

    Drooling. Laughing. “good-idea-ing”. Thanks for these Best-Ofs on Fridays.

  16. OMG How did I forget about Godfather’s dessert pizza?!?!? I also love the hanger flip idea! So smart!

  17. Matt 12.02.2011

    That chocolate wasted cake looks amazing and reminds me of my Death By Chocolate recipe.
    You take one bite and its all down hill from there. ;)

  18. Emily 12.02.2011

    I love reading your Friday favorites each and every week. This part of my week…finding out on Monday that we’re (my boyfriend is taking me) going to see your above “Favorite Holiday Sight” – that’s right, I’m spending a weekend in the most magical city in America very soon!!!!!!

  19. Erin 12.02.2011

    I’ve been meaning to do that hanger idea for years. I just slowly remove stuff every couple of months instead.

  20. Haha! My Mom still has those Santa mugs, and my brothers and I will still argue and fight over who uses which one on Christmas morning.

  21. Mac 12.02.2011

    I don’t know if it was the same recipe as the one you have here, but I have made at-home dessert pizza before and it tastes JUST LIKE Godfather’s dessert pizza… no joke!!! PS I’m off to watch the Luther choir tonight for Christmas at Luther :)

  22. erica 12.02.2011

    hahaha “the moment where you have so much crap to do, you decide you’re not going to do any of it!” i’m SO guilty of that! LOL!

  23. abby 12.02.2011

    Oh snap! I just placed a big order for my k cups yesterday:( guess I’ll have to order more! Great promote code! I love the blueberry too, have u tried cinnamon pastry?? OMEGA…

  24. Shannon 12.02.2011

    Love the candle idea and the chocolate wasted cake made me laugh out loud!! I am definitely trying the godfather dessert pizza.

  25. Kristin from MN 12.02.2011

    I just placed a k-cup order for Mocha Nut Fudge and German Chocolate Cake – hopefully they are as good as they sound!
    The best part of my week so far was a trip to the twin cities with my coworkers to visit the graphic design exhibit at the walker art center. We have way too much fun together. :)

  26. McKenzie W. 12.02.2011

    Always look forward to your friday faves!

  27. Brenda Evans 12.02.2011

    The elf one made me laugh! We had an advent calendar with a mouse and one year my husband kidnapped it and we took pictures(similar to that elf!). Don’t worry they were teenagers nobody was traumatized! The ransom was cookies!

  28. Jeri 12.02.2011

    I do NOT understand that workout quote. When I’m done at the gym, I’m tired, hungry, and just plain crabby…and sore….and I really really really have to pee.

  29. My favorite part of this week was re creating your meatloaf cupcakes… HUGE HIT!

    thanks a bunch…. cute, tasty and a major crowd pleaser…making them again for NYE!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  30. Shannon 12.02.2011

    I just bought the Sorel Joan of Arc boots in black. I can’t wait to wear them!

  31. Jenny 12.02.2011

    The candle idea is so good!! And I’m pretty sure my mantra is the book club poster. Hilarious! I’d have to say the best part of my week was today because I was finally back in my own bed. Three cheers for simple things :)

  32. I love the rustic christmas card and the snow boots… LOVE them!!

  33. how sad that I have never had dessert pizza before. I need to find a place that offers that around here.

    I love your Friday favorites post…so much fun stuff to look at and ideas for recipes. Thanks

  34. What an awesome roundup! I see so many things I love here. Especially that godfather’s dessert pizza, MMM…

  35. Karla 12.02.2011

    I totally had the oven mitt gift idea Pinned too—so clever!

    And you should definitely come hang in NYC and make that bucket list item happen :)

    Thanks for sharing the awesome Friday Favorites, Kristin!

  36. Anna 12.02.2011

    Love the blueberry coffee. It does taste just like a blueberry muffin!

  37. Joan VanCourt 12.03.2011

    Hi Kristin, I just found you because I was looking for an artichoke chicken casserole. Wow, you have such a fun blog site. I am so happy to have found you.

    Hehehe, I have that Santa coffee mug sitting on my kitchen counter as I write. I also have one that has both eyes open.

    Love your exercise posts. I don’t have a treadmill, but I have an elliptical. Hmmmm, I wonder if I could use your charts for this?

    Thanks for sharing.

  38. C. 12.03.2011

    Ha, I love that closet hanger idea. I need to implement it!

  39. Allison 12.03.2011

    GREAT list! Love them all this week :D

  40. Tracy 12.03.2011

    Yaaay for Friday Favorites!! Love it

  41. Jill @BabyRabies 12.03.2011

    Thanks so much for linking to my Inappropriate Elf!

  42. Ashley 12.03.2011

    That cake looks delicious! Wow!

  43. Jacki Noel 12.04.2011

    I still have my santa mug like that! When Grandma moved into a home 15 years ago, we all got our mug from her house… I’m 47! they must have been around for a long time!

  44. Jessica French 12.04.2011

    I must say… I LOVE your Friday posts! I tend to find lots of really cool blogs this way :)

    A new fav, – Hilarious!

  45. I am going to need to try the hanger/closet idea. I’ve been pretty good about cleaning out clothes I haven’t worn in awhile, except I seem to be emotionally attached to everything I own!

  46. Leah 12.05.2011

    I just stumbled on your blog, and after this post, I want to be your best friend haha.

    LOVE the guest room linens you picked up! Here’s to hoping Target has something similar!

  47. Kim K 12.05.2011

    I have those Joan of Arctic boots – highly recommend! So warm and comfy!

  48. Jaymi 12.06.2011

    Hi! Thanks so much for posting my picture of the shrimp pesto pizza–its my recipe off my blog, and I’ve been getting a ton of blog traffic from here :) Thanks for the shout out!

  49. […] Peanut Butter Cup Cookie, something I’ve been drooling over ever since I saw an idea for it on Iowa Girl Eats, one of my favorite blogs. And boy oh boy, this recipe did not disappoint, even though I  ran out […]

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