Friday Favorites


Happy Friday everyone!

After a nutty week, I am THIS HAPPY that the freakin’ weekend has arrived! I plan ninja kicking my to-do list today, so I can drink wine and craft for the rest of the weekend. Yeah, I fell hard for craft/DIY blogs this week and have a zillion things I want to make/do around the house. Ben’s scared.

Don’t forget you have until 5pm today, Friday, to enter to pin a pair of One Sydney Road earrings. And, here are my favorite finds from around the web this week!

Favorite OMG dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake. There’s something about cookie dough studded icing stuffed between two layers of cake, then frosted and stuck with more cookies on the side that really does it for me.


Favorite mason jar project (yes, this is practically its own category now!): Spray Painted Vase. I’m totally doing this for a spring themed mantel.


Favorite easy treat: No Bake Peanut Butter Bars. Supposedly these taste just like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!


Favorite kitchen decor idea: Framed Handwritten Recipes. I’m going to see if I can do this with some of Ben’s Grandma’s recipe cards and books.


Faaavorite holiday decor idea: Boxwood Wreath. I HEART THESE WREATHS, which are just fake boxwood wrapped and glued around sewing/cross stitch frames (or whatever the heck those are called! ;) )


Favorite furballs. CANNOT stop laughing over these two!! ;)

animals_fitsships animals_tinytrust

Favorite find: Asos. Affordable, adorable dresses and clothes for very good prices. Plus they have petite sizes AND free shipping both ways.


Favorite appetizer: Drunken Grapes with Goat Cheese. Bourbon-soaked grapes skewered with warm goat cheese balls. Yes please!


Favorite escape. Can I just hole up here for a couple weeks?


Favorite mmmmanly meal: Long Boy Burgers. Like a cross between a burger and meatloaf. Ben would go crazy for these.


Favorite picture. I love everything about this scene.


Favorite little helpers. “Excuse me, we were told there’d be milk & cookies?”


Favorite serene scene: Saas Fee, Switzerland. Hey I can admire a beautiful, pristine snowfall – just as long as it’s not out my own window!


Favorite couple. I always make Ben help me with the “snow hop” too! ;)


Favorite surprise: Spehere Locket. This rustic pearl-looking necklace actually opens up into a locket!


Favorite hair helpers: Aveda Air Control Hairspray and Damage Remedy. I bought these two products last week and deemed them money totally well spent. My hair has never felt softer thanks to the damage remedy cream, and the air control hairspray has eliminated ALL static!!!

aveda_aircontrol aveda_damageremedy

Favorite funny: Community Christmas Episode. I have never laughed out loud at an episode of Community until last night’s Christmas episode. HIGHlarious.


Favorite cookies: Cheesecake Stuffed Red Velvet Cookies. These just scream Christmas! to me!


Check out past Friday Favorites posts for more, and have a wonderful weekend everyone!


“My favorite thing to do in my spare time is _______.”

Organize. Help!

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  1. Maria 12.09.2011

    Thanks for including my Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies! They are a new holiday favorite! Happy Friday to you!

  2. Agreed! Community was HILARIOUS! I near about died at Abed’s first dance and Shirley’s church choir. R thought I was losing it. Have a good Friday and happy crafting!

  3. Thanks for including my Peanut Butter Bars! Now I want to go make more of them!

  4. Love your Friday Favorites! The boxwood wreaths belong to Under the Sycamore at

  5. Lindsey 12.09.2011

    Love your Friday Favorites! I like to read in my spare time – books and blogs :)

  6. Kelly S 12.09.2011

    Hi Kristin–I don’t know if anyone shared this on your earlier post, but I was talking to my hair dresser yesterday about the extreme static and he recommended carrying around a few dryer sheets in a ziplock bag in my purse. He warned me that I’ll look like a crazy person, but if you’re feeling static-y then just rub the dryer sheets all over your head!

    This is, of course, a last resort, because those Aveda products sound amaaazing!

    • Kelly S 12.09.2011

      Oh, and I LOVE your Friday Favorites! They always inspire me to do get off the couch and do something with my weekend (mostly to make diet busting food….mmmmm)

    • Machelle 12.09.2011

      my sister who is a beautician told me about the dryer sheets years ago! it does work! even just touching one and then running your hands over your hair does wonders! a little goes a long way.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.09.2011

      I tried that a couple years ago and it worked great – but only for a little while. This spray seems to last the whole day!

  7. Love, Love, Love Santa’s Little Helpers and the cookie dough cake. A-Mazing!!!

    If I had all of the time in the world, I would bake, clean, and organize. I would make my house more of a home.

  8. Amanda Grask 12.09.2011

    I want cookie dough cake right now — wow!!

  9. Looooove these posts! Also love that dress! The puppies are SO cute. And if it was that snowy, I don’t think I’d be wearing heels anywhere haha!

    My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to cuddle and lounge around in my pjs!

  10. Those boxwood wreaths look beautiful!
    I love Asos, it’s a really great website, lovely clothes, good prices and they always deliver quickly :-)
    And your favourite escape? Can I hole up there too please?? It’s so cute and looks so warm and cozy!
    I love your Friday favourites, where do you find all of these lovely things?

  11. Allison 12.09.2011

    Why does that girl in the heels have bare legs? Brrrr!

    I like the goat cheese/grape appetizer. I might make them for a New Year’s Eve party I’m hosting.

    I’m going to check out the Asos website this weekend. I am only 4’11’, so I LOVE places with petite sizes! Even with the petites, I usually need pants tailored, but petite sizing makes a BIG difference.

    • dawn 12.09.2011

      eewwww, is she supposed to have nylons? LOL

  12. Ashley 12.09.2011

    I was about to start skimming through your posts to find the “Hair” care! Woot, you posted it here! I’m having MAJOR issues with static, it’s driving me bonkers!

    I love the framed recipes. I actually asked my grandma to write some down for me, I need to remind her! :)

  13. totally love the santa’s helpers & the chocolate chip cookie dough cake YUM!
    Happy Friday!

  14. Amber 12.09.2011

    I have a bunch of my grandma’s handwritten recipes and I’ve been trying to come up with something to do with them. This is perfect! Have a great weekend.

  15. My favorite thing to do is READ! I’m pouring through these books like a mad woman!

  16. Mandy Madison 12.09.2011

    I love your Friday Favorites posts! They always put me in a great mood!

    The recipe idea is my favorite and those cute pups are adorable!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Wait asos is a uk site. Do they do international deliveries? With free shipping, too?

    • TrishR 12.10.2011

      ASOS does have free shipping to the US, but the first time I used them I was surprised to find a foreign transaction fee on my credit card. it wasn’t much at all, but sooo annoying!! And explaining it to the hubby – yikes! HA! So just make sure your credit card won’t charge that if it will bother you as much as it did me :-)

  18. Jenna 12.09.2011

    My coworker has made the No Bake Peanut Butter Bars and they ARE to DIE for!!!!

  19. Jeri 12.09.2011

    Wait…am I supposed to have spare time? I deem my spare time…sleep time. It most often comes before bed time, so I just go to bed early. Never can have too much sleep…….??

  20. Nagore 12.09.2011

    I love ASOS. They actually have nice products and their service is good. (I am not paid to say this, I wish I was!)

  21. Danielle 12.09.2011

    Those p/b bars DO taste *just* like reeses. I made them for thanksgiving! So good!

  22. Ashley 12.09.2011

    Long Boy Burgers are phenominal! I’ve made them a few times and we love them every time! I think I need to make them this weekend!!

  23. Kara 12.09.2011

    Hello! I just found your blog and I love it! (I’m obsessed with the dress you posted for “Friday Favorites”.) Such a great idea. I’m also from Iowa but I’m currently living in New York. I miss it a lot so it’s fun to hear from someone there :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  24. Jen F. 12.09.2011

    I have been *obsessing* over those red velvet cookies from Two Peas. I love all of her cookie recipes. I’m debating if I have the patience to make the cookies…but they look soooo worth it!

  25. dawn 12.09.2011

    In my spare time I like to sit and chill and dream about what I should be doing in my spare time!

    Love that dress! Omg, that girl has some legs.

    Now remember, you can’t tempt Ben with that kind of food! ;-) Have a great, fun weekend!

  26. Alyssa 12.09.2011

    I’m thinking those spray-painted mason jars would look great as a Christmas decoration filled with pine sprigs and holly branches. Silver is a Christmas color to me!

  27. I am all over those peanut butter bars – I am making them today!!!!!! Thank you!

  28. Omg that chocolate chip cookie dough cake looks amazing!! And all those mountain pictures are stunning! The locket is beautiful, the animals are adorable, and I want to eat that red velvet cookie! Yeah I love this entire post!

  29. Oooh I love love love the framed recipes idea!

  30. Lindsey 12.10.2011

    I love those little doggies!!! They are the cutest!

  31. Molly 12.10.2011

    OMG- I am going to make those Red Velvet Cookies NOW. They look ridiculous.

  32. I *love* your Friday Favorites. You have the best things! The cake, grapes and goat cheese, painted jars, framed recipes…and everything else…they are just great. Thanks so much for sharing all of these each week!

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  34. Allison 12.11.2011

    The drunken grape app looks perfect for a holiday party! And the various different snowy scenes are so beautiful- if only the snow season would start!

  35. Bridget 12.11.2011

    I love looking at old photos in my free time. I pinned those cheesecake cookies to make later – they look AMAZING!!

  36. Meghan 12.12.2011

    I wanted to make the boxwood-type wreaths using the embroidery hoop too but couldn’t find boxwood, I ended up using fake holly – I cut off sprigs, and hot glued them down on the hoop. I bought some festive little poinsettias and glued them on too – hung them with red ribbon on my kitchen cabinets! I’ve always wanted to make my kitchen more “festive”, and this is it!

  37. Brindi 12.12.2011

    read, scrapbook, bake, watch old movies, yoga or blog!

  38. Tattered Style 12.14.2011

    Thanks for featuring my Framed Handwritten Recipe idea! We love having Nana’s treasured recipes on display in our breakfast nook. Love your site!


  39. Kelly 12.15.2011

    Thank you so much for featuring my CCC Dough Cake! I think I need to add those no-bake PB pars to my Christmas baking list.

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