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Happy Friday everyone!

Well it’s Christmas Eve eve, and the anticipation of gift giving, spending time with family, and a looming vacation has turned me into a giddy school child, but at the same time, I can’t believe the holidays are almost over!

I mean, we still have our pumpkins from Halloween in the garage!

I know.

No, I know.

But seriously, where has the time gone? 2011 was definitely one of the fastest years of my life, and I am so excited for 2012 to begin. I feel like I have NO idea what is on the horizon, which is very, very exciting.

Anyways, I’ll save it for the obligatory 2011 recap post in about a week. ;)

In the meantime, here are my favorite finds from around the web this week!

Favorite. Video. Ever.: Sh!t Girls Say. I have seriously watched this video at least 50 times and I find something new and hysterical – like, milk shooting out of your nose hysterical – every single time I watch it. Here’s episode 2 (which might be even funnier!)

Favorite “why didn’t I think of that?”: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Krispies. My favorite cereal on earth in krispie form!


Favorite wrist bling: Michael Kors Runway Rose Gold Watch. I tried this on the other day at Nordy’s and almost died. It is SO beautiful!



Favorite moment. ’nuff said.


Favorite getaway. If you ever see me lounging in a hammock hanging from a palm tree over the ocean, slap me. Then get me a pina colada.


or one of these…

Favorite sip: Skinny Clementine Martini. Perfect for those cuties that are now in season.


Favorite workout: FitSugar Full-Body Circuit Workout. I’m trying this out today as part of my LAST workout in the 20 Day Holiday Workout Challenge!!!!


Favorite switch up: Cheese Enchilada Stacks. An easier, cooler way to serve enchiladas.


Favorite DIY project (for next year!): Retro Bulb Wreath. I am obsessed with this look!


Favorite party dress: ASOS Tulip Dress. They also have this in Navy. I can’t decide which one’s cuter.


Favorite Sunday supper: Ricotta Dumplings with Chevre & Herbs. Thinking I can turn my luck around with ricotta dumplings with this recipe. Plus it’s got chevre, so even it it bombs…I still have chevre! ;)


Favorite knock out holiday dessert: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cake with White Chocolate Candy Cane Ganache. AHHH!!! :D :D :D

Favorite furball. I think…I want a dog! Ben and I are going to discuss after the holidays!


Favorite festive pumps: Sofia Vergara Women’s Tipsy Red Carpet Pump from – get ready for it – KMART! These are SO cute!


Favorite Christmas morning breakfast: Breakfast Sausage Casserole. I made this for Thanksgiving morning two years ago, and it was a HIT. I subbed in maple breakfast sausage for regular, used 6 eggs instead of 4, and added in black pepper and green onion. WINNING!


Favorite festive serving platter: DIY Mint Platters. You have to check these out – they’d be perfect for Christmas or New Years!


Check out past Friday Favorites >

And with that, I am out! Wishing you all a very merry Christmas, happy holiday and spectacular new year! :D

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  1. Maria 12.23.2011

    Those videos are hilaaaaaarious! I know right!!

    Don’t worry about the pumpkins. Ours are still at our front door, bordering the welcome mat…with our Christmas wreath hanging above!!! All 3 of our pumpkins are still in tip-top shape so we feel so bad about getting rid of them!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.23.2011

      Hahah, ok phew! ;) We keep meaning tho throw ours away, but they just sit week after week along the side of the garage in pristine shape as well!

      • dawn 12.24.2011

        Paint them silver and incorporate into xmax decorations!

  2. Kristin 12.23.2011

    Oh man, I just came across those videos via facebook this week… I couldn’t control my laughter. SO FUNNY. One of my favorites is “take these chips away from me” and then the other scene where she’s stuffing her face with chips. Love the workout too!

  3. Lovin this post as usual :) That pink dress is adorable… and the cinnamon toast crunch rice krispie bars? Yum to say the very least
    I have to check out those videos too… I need a good laugh
    Happy Holidays!

  4. That cake…oh that cake.
    That watch.
    Those shoes.
    You’re killing me dude!

  5. Nancy 12.23.2011

    Happy and blessed Christmas and New Years to you too. And I hear from my siblings that had pets first that dogs are good prep for parenting, plus they need to be walked every day so there’s exercise too. Other good benefits too!

  6. Emily 12.23.2011

    I loooove that Michael Kors watch! A colleague of mine got one from her husband last year, and I knew I had to have one. Not sure I could pull of rose gold, but I’d take silver or regular gold.

  7. Jill 12.23.2011

    I have the MK watch in silver and I wear it every day. They are perfect! And… ohmygosh a dog?! Make sure to adopt, don’t shop! :)

  8. Holly 12.23.2011

    Yup, still have my pumpkins on our front porch as well. I just hid them behind the poinsettias.

    Also…I highly recommend getting a dog! My husband and I adopted a boxer two weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, she is a handful…but it is unbelievable how much joy and love she has brought into our home in just two short weeks. I can’t imagine life without her.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Katie 12.23.2011

    Please rescue if you get a dog! The Story County Animal Shelter in Nevada has a $25 adoption fee and the dogs are spayed/neutered.

  10. Machelle 12.23.2011

    great choices as always for the Friday Favorites! i want one of those stacked enchiladas RIGHT NOW! please adopt a shelter dog! there are so many that need a good home! if you don’t fall in love with one on your first visit, go again and again! unfortunately, they get a new batch of homeless critters in every day.

  11. LisaL 12.23.2011

    I have not seen these Sh*t Girls Say videos, I am LMAO here at work! Thanks for sharing.

    Also, give me a slice of that cake, with a side of the cinnamon krunch marshmallow bar, a drking, all while hanging in the hammock, with the sparkly shoes on and a puppy on my lap. I would be one happy gal!

  12. Hayley 12.23.2011

    Merry Christmas!

  13. Amanda Betts 12.23.2011

    LOVE that watch! And I don’t even wear watches…but I totally want it!!

  14. JennP 12.23.2011

    Okay, seriously, the “tipsy red carpet pump”? Who wants the word “tipsy” to describe their shoe?? It’s a good thing Sofia Vergara’s designers are better than her marketing team!!

  15. Em 12.23.2011

    Great great great list! I think this is my favorite friday list EVER!

    Also, I’m trying to write the Christmas Eve sermon, and Shi$ Girls Say was the perfect, hilarious distraction. Thank you! ;)

  16. Melissa 12.23.2011

    Getting my dog Jack was the second best thing I did after marrying my husband, of course.

  17. Abbie 12.23.2011

    If you’re thinking of getting a dog, check out this site . It’s a program in the colorado prison system – the prisoners train the dogs, and then you can adopt. We got our dog from them last year !! great program!

    • Sarah 12.23.2011

      Many of the dogs at the ARL go through a similar program. My dog was a “PAWS Program” dog, which meant he was at the women’s prison in Mitchelville before he came to live with us … already housebroken!

      • Jeff 12.23.2011

        Sarah? Is that you?

  18. I love Sh*t Girls Say! And I agree, as funny as I thought Episode 1 was, I think Episode 2 is even funnier! Is that my water? I say that all the time!

  19. MsBlisser 12.23.2011

    My husband and I just started the dog search process this week. We visited the Nebraska Humane Society and had a really great experience. We didn’t find a dog that was a match but the adoption counselors helped us get a much better understanding of what we should be looking for in a dog. Now I’m much more confident in our ability to pick a dog that will be the right fit for us — and ensure that we are the right family for the dog. We are now working with the Golden Retriever Rescue organization ( is the Omaha, NE chapter) and are really excited about the opportunity to bring a dog into our family!

  20. erica 12.23.2011

    i LOVE that video!
    i crack up everytime. i made my husband watch it. he cracked up at the “did i lock the door?…..yes!” b/c that i so me! and the other day we were having lunch and these 2 girls behind us did the scream and hug thing and he looked at me and said “shit girls say!”

  21. Emily 12.23.2011

    I love all of these favorite things!

  22. That breakfast casserole sounds awesome!

  23. Renae 12.23.2011

    ….. I still have pumpkins in my garage too ~ just discovered this today. Hope to catch up next weekend!

  24. dawn 12.23.2011

    I am laughing at the Girls Say video’s, so funny.. Right? LOL… omg! Super cute!

    I also love that wreath… I am making that, will be easier to find than boxwood for sure!

  25. ris 12.23.2011

    We had our halloween pumpkins, I kid you not, until MAY. At first it was just laziness but then we wanted to see how long they would last if not carved. The answer is a very very long time!

  26. Monte 12.23.2011

    Merry Christmas Kristin, and thanks for all of the great posts

  27. Jamie 12.23.2011

    BAHAHAHAHHA I am DYING. That is video is HILAR. And so true, even though it’s hard to admit that that’s what we say!

    And you absolutely, positively, MUST and I mean MUUUUUST get. a. dog. If I could offer every single person in the world just one piece of advice, it would be to get a dog.

    “Nobody can fully understand love unless he’s owned by a dog.”

  28. Lou 12.23.2011

    hahah those videos are hilarious! My fave is “That poor dog needs waterrrr”. And “Is that hummus?”. Too funny. I hear there are at least three more videos on the way from the creator.

    Get a dog! You won’t regret it, but it is a big decision!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family – thanks for the great reading over the year, and all the best for 2012 :D

  29. Laura 12.24.2011

    I am making the Peanut Butter Cup Cookies from your Friday Favorites. I went and bought ingredients for it. I thought I thought I would let you know I am buying my 3rd bottle ever of vanilla. Every time, I get to buy vanilla I feel like I actually do bake for my family :)

  30. Brian 12.24.2011

    dress – showed my wife ( who by the way is your twin ) and we like it but not the shoes in that picture.

  31. Lindsey Michaud 12.24.2011

    Puppies are the best!! word of advice, I have a 10 month old lab and a 3 month old shepard/lab mix that was abandoned in a park… The older one was really easy to housebreak, but the little one is VERY time consuming so be ready for crating and constant watchfulness so they don’t poo all over the house! I think I forgot about all that when I said we’d take her in. Worth the frustration and occasional disrupted sleep :) Merry Christmas!

  32. Cathy 12.25.2011

    Merry Christmas Iowa Girl! Just wanted to tell you we had your Party Potatoes (your Mom’s) for the lst time for our Christmas Eve dinner…..they were awesome. I doubled the recipe and the pan was scraped clean!!! Thanks for all the great recipes and advice……

  33. Jacki 12.25.2011

    Ok, my daughter read your post before I did and made the mint tray…. She brought to Christmas with peppermint kisses on it. While I was washing off counters, I grabbed it to move to livingroom. I told Whitley the tray was sticky and dumped the kisses in the sink and went to wash the platter. As I am sticking it under the faucet and watching the red and white swirls in horror is when I figured out they were really mints. Whitley rounded the corner and asked me what the heck I was doing! Probably not something to pick up with damp hands!

  34. Gabby 12.25.2011

    Merry Christmas!! I love that watch. I literally gasped when I saw it in a catalog a couple days ago! Also – very exciting about the dog possibility! We just adopted a golden retriever/lab mix from a rescue organization in Carroll, IA. It has been a huge responsibility and can be frustrating at times, but it is so rewarding! You fall in love and they become a part of your family so fast. :)

  35. Stacey 12.26.2011

    If you guys decide to get a dog, PLEASE consider rescuing or adopting from a shelter …. There are sooooooo many fabulous dogs there that need good homes!!!

  36. Katie 01.13.2012

    OMG!! That video! I AM crying laughing SO hard. Funniest s@*t EVER, already watched it back to back multiple times! Now going back for more!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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