Mini Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


Mini Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies are an irresistible, 2-ingredient dessert recipe that will go fast!

We’re well into the second quarter, ahem, I mean, Day 2 of Super Bowl Recipes Week, and after popping a few of those Mini Corn Dog Muffins, I bet you’ll want to sink your teeth into something sweet next.

Perhaps an Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie will do?!

A MINI Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie, even?? Gahhh I just love miniature things!

Outrageous stuffed cookies are all the rage on the interwebs right now (which I totally get – Caramel Filled Chocolate Cookies had me at hello,) but since it’s the Super Bowl and you’ll probably be snacking on a variety of goodies, I thought I’d “lighten” things up a bit by using a mini Oreo to stuff between layers of chocolate chip cookie dough instead of a regular sized one. They’re perfect for nibbling between field goals!

As if it couldn’t get any better, this recipe has TWO ingredients: Pre-made cookie dough and Mini Oreos. How’s that for easy?

You could totally use your own chocolate chip cookie dough, but if you’re making three or four dishes on Super Bowl Sunday like I am, you’ll want all the help you can get in the kitchen. Grab a package of cookie dough that makes 24 cookies, and start by breaking off one of the squares, then dividing it in half.


Flatten each half, then place a mini oreo on top of one half, and cover with the other. If you’re using homemade cookie dough, you’ll want about 1 teaspoon for each half (2 teaspoons total.)


Seal up the edges, and bake according to package directions.


Are you ready for this?

Mini Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Makes 24 stuffed cookies


Mini Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies are an irresistible, 2-ingredient dessert recipe that will go fast!


  • 1 package 24 count pre-made cookie dough
  • 24 mini oreos


  1. Preheat oven according to cookie dough package directions. Break off dough for one cookie, split in half, and flatten each half. Place a mini oreo on top of one half and cover with the other, sealing the edges. Continue with the rest of the package, then bake according to cookie dough package directions.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,

The irresistible aroma of these buttery, double chocolate cookies filled the entire house as they baked, and nearly sent me into a tizzy. They are craaazy good, and you only need to pop one, or two to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Plus, since they’re just stuffed with oreos, you don’t need to worry about any gooey or liquidy centers oozing out if you don’t seal them tight enough.

Mini Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies for MVP!

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  1. Hubba hubba…

    • Barb 02.01.2012

      Looks good! Think I’ll try it sunday.

  2. How do you make food to look so good all the time?!?!?! Delicious!

  3. Or, you can do mini snickers stuffed cookies, or reeses stuffed cookies, or twix stuffed cookies. The world is your oyster, there are so many options!

  4. Olivia 01.31.2012

    Enjoy! PS I love your week of posting super bowl foods! I think I’m attending a pizza party for it and I cannottttt wait!

  5. These would disappear at a party.

  6. Oh boy, you are going to make my Superbowl Sunday one amazing food-filled day :-)

  7. jess 01.31.2012


  8. Anna 01.31.2012

    I just showed my fiance this recipe…I think he may possibly become a rare male follower !

  9. Those are cute. I bet there’s a way to do a cookie in a cookie in ANOTHER cookie, lol :)

  10. Megan 01.31.2012

    Love the MINI oreo idea! I made chocolate chip cookies last week with half a Reese stuffed inside- delish! Love the Super Bowl theme too!

  11. Ryan 01.31.2012

    I’ve been looking for a yummy sweet recipe to make for Super Bowl and this is RIGHT up my alley! Everyone loves break and bake anyway, right?

  12. simply genius.

  13. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes. THIS is my kind of Super Bowl recipe! :)

  14. wendy 01.31.2012

    Oh my my. I wish I wasn’t on a diet.

  15. wendy 01.31.2012

    Its naughty.

  16. Peggy B 01.31.2012

    So incredibly clever! These will be a HUGE hit! Seeing the Hy-vee packaging (I’m an Iowa Girl who lives in MN now) just made me happy! :)

  17. Courtney 01.31.2012

    Are you really going to make me gain ten pounds this weekend? Thanks for another delicious-looking recipe!

  18. I’m newly obsessed with your blog. I need to unsubscribe to save my waistline. :P

  19. Awww…the mini version is adorable! Totally putting these on my to-make list.

  20. Wendi 01.31.2012

    Holy yum Batman! And easy! I am definitely making a batch (or three) of these this weekend! Thanks girly as always for the amazing recipe ideas :)

  21. Deanna 01.31.2012

    Ummm…yum! What happened to no sugar during the week?!? Did you partake in these nummies (as my 2-year old calls them?). If not, you have superb will power my friend.

  22. Lisa 01.31.2012

    Pass the milk.

  23. I really like that you used a mini oreo for these cookies. Makes a super indulgent treat just a tad better for ya :) ha!

  24. Tammi 02.01.2012

    My tradition is to make chocolate chip cookies on my kids first day of school for the year which happens to be today (Australia). I got your cookie recipe while at work, immediately locked up early and went straight to the grocery store. Good news is your email was so timely as I had forgotten about making cookies (gasp!). Bad news is I ate FIVE of them! I love/hate you in the nicest possible way.

  25. I may be in love with you! Hehe. Seriously you are always speaking my language and I’m all about super simple recipes! And honestly, I’m a fan of premade dough, don’t fix it if it ain’t broken!

  26. Ris 02.01.2012

    Wow I might just have to make these this weekend! I’m sure they would be a BIG hit!!

  27. stuffed cookies are seriously the best thing ever.

  28. Clare 02.01.2012

    OMG wow. Those look delectable. Goodbye healthy eating….at least for this one dessert!

  29. Monica 02.01.2012

    your website is very hard lately for thos of us trying to eat healthy and work out and stick to that goal!!! wah :(

    • Iowa Girl Eats 02.01.2012

      Sorry Monica! We TRY to practice everything in moderation at my house, which includes sweet, indulgent treats!

      • Monica 02.01.2012

        Oh I understand, I was simply being dramatic! :) haha I’m just bitter because I cant enjoy things like that until I reach my goal weight loss- you can identify with your sugar cravings during the week I am sure! :) xoxoxo

  30. I make my chocolate chip cookies BIG! Looks like I’ll have to use full size Oreos…for proportion’s sake ;)

  31. Jenny 02.01.2012

    Did the bite size mini-oreo container have 24 oreos in it? I don’t want to have to buy anymore than necessary – only because….I’m a bad kid!…If it’s open, I’m gonna eat it – so I just can’t put it in the house…lol….Consequently, these will be going to a buffet on Sunday ;)

  32. Carrie 02.01.2012

    I made these last night and they are awesome…now onto figuring out how to get a full Oreo in a cookie and they will be perfect!

  33. amy@currylime 02.01.2012

    No way!! I can’t believe this recipe. Too fun and decadent!!

  34. Megan 02.01.2012

    Your pictures have got me practically drooling all over my keyboard! My husband actually made these with the regular size version of oreos and the cookies were absolutely ginormous. Next time I think we’ll have to try this out using the mini ones…that way we can make more = eat more ;-)

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  36. Jaci 02.01.2012

    Just made these! Husband loves them :)

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  38. Cathy 02.02.2012

    Three of my daughters are girl scouts. So……. when we made your fantabulous recipe yesterday, we decided to make a little experimental batch of cookies stuffed with Thin Mints!!!! HOLY MOLY were they good. Very minty AND incredible texture! Thank you – yer the bomb!

  39. Sneakers2Sandals 02.02.2012

    yet another blog to follow. wonderful.

    i just found your blog on ‘thedailycrumb’ i’m totally making these and the mini corndog muffins. obviously!

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  41. Life's a Bowl 02.03.2012

    These look lethal and most likely would result in a tummy ache because I would eat them all myself! Especially if they’re mini, I don’t think I could stop popping them into my mouth!

  42. Lynn 02.06.2012

    I made two batches of these for Super Bowl party and they were so popular! I’m lucky I even got one. Next time, I’m hiding some for me…

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