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TGIF, y’all! :D

Did you know one of the reasons why I think it would have been fun to grow up in the south (besides epic BBQ, crawfish boils, and wearing pearls to tailgates) is so I could legitimately say y’all? I would never dare say it out loud around here, for fear of getting b-slapped by my fellow Midwesterners, but gosh, it always sounds so charming coming from a Southerner.

All I’ve got is heck, dang, and shoot. Wait, that’s perpetuating a horrible Midwestern hick stereotype. We are not hicks! We don’t all live on farms! Although we do love our farmers! I was so annoyed at the show Smash this year for always making fun of the main character Karen for being so small town, as she moved to New York from Iowa.

Anyways, total rant, sorry. It’s supposed to be wretchedly hot this weekend, and apparently the heat has already gone to my brain! ;)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are, and please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites!

(click the blue links to be taken to the source/website/product/recipe!)

FAVORITE THING EVER: The Big Yellow Bike. This is a local company that built a 16 person bike which you can pedal around downtown visiting different bars. SO. AWESOME.


Favorite sink: Key Lime Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting. As in, I want to sink my teeth into one (or five) of these babies! Love the fuchsia color of the icing with the bright colors of the cupcake wrappers, too. Very festive for summer!


Favorite sniff: Air Woman Returns Home. Dogs. Rule. Sob!

Favorite floor. Rustic, cozy, and perfect for hiding crumbs!


Favorite wake up: Sugar Crusted Vanilla French Toast. What a decadent way to start a weekend, no?


Favorite awwww: Tired Allen. I feel ya’, buddy!


Favorite shortcut: Vinyl Backsplash. Because who has the time/ungodly amounts of patience needed to stencil a backsplash?!


Favorite bite: Hummus and Avocado Toasts with Roasted Tomatoes. Wow, these look so satisfying and delicious, and super easy too.


Favorite DIY: $1 Store Pot Holder Flat Iron Caddy. GENIUS. I usually cough borrow a hotel washcloth to wrap my hot flat iron in when I’m traveling!


Favorite twist: Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats. Awesome twist on the classic Rice Krispie Treat. Who doesn’t adore the unique chew of salted caramel?


Favorite tip: Chobani Conversion Chart. This is so great to keep on hand. I never knew I could use Greek yog to replace a portion of butter in recipes!


Favorite RRR: Candle Jars turned Storage Containers. This is an awesome way to turn empty or near empty candle jars into something that looks super chic and expensive.


Favorite app: Peach & Prosciutto Bruschetta. I was working on a freelance recipe using peaches the other day and was dying over how delicious and juicy they were. Love this salty-sweet combo!


Favorite place: The Blue Lagoon outside of Vang Vieng, Laos. I can feel that cool water on my skin already! (Totally jealous of this blogger, btw!)


Favorite devour: Baked Brown Sugar Chicken Wings. Oh. Heck. Yes.


Favorite photo: Morning Sun in Viddal, Norway in a Bubble. WOW.


Favorite before & after: DIY Ottoman. This is so cool. Heading to Craigslist, mmm, NOW!


Favorite must-have: Rain Gutter Drink Cooler. Borrowing my Dad’s saw this weekend. How freaking awesome is this?!


Favorite dinner: Spaghetti in Garlic Gravy with Herbs and Lemon Marinated Chicken and Cherry Tomatoes. How ya’ gonna hate on anything with gravy in the recipe name? :)


Favorite duh: Cord Control. Place opposing pieces of velcro on appliances with long cords. This would have come in handy yesterday when I tripped over the long cord of a computer monitor I was carrying and nearly fell down the stairs!


Favorite party: Watermelon Keg. A fun feature at any summer party!


Favorite tip: Pillowcase Fan Duster. I’m going to go ahead and bust myself out by saying I haven’t turned the fan on in my office in about ohhh two years, simply because I don’t want to clean the fan. I know. So shameful. Totally using this tip to avoid having dust fly all over the room dusting the traditional way!


Favorite dessert: Cannoli Dip. Come to Mama!


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Have a great weekend, everyone! :D

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  1. LisaL 06.08.2012

    Oh my – you posted some of the most fab recipes today! Can’t wait to make the chicken AND the salted caramel RK bars! Hopefully the weekend won’t be as hot as they are saying here in the upper midwest. Ick!

  2. Beth W. 06.08.2012

    I’ve done the Pedal Pub in Minneapolis (same as your Big Yellow Bike picture). Sooo much fun!!!

  3. Libby A. 06.08.2012

    I am a such big fan of all your favorite things especially your amazing recipes and obsession with Quinoa. Keep up the great work! MPLS!

  4. The tired allen picture is hilarious. I saw it on your FB page, but I’m still cracking up!

  5. Lindsay 06.08.2012

    PedalPub! In the Twin Cities, you can drink ON the pub which makes for the most fun. I’m doing it again next month.

  6. Walton Skelley 06.08.2012

    Hey y’all!! I am from Alabama and I promise, we get just as much flack for saying y’all as you do for saying heck!! haha…

    I love your blog–love the recipies. I have a half marathon tomorrow…so, I think I will try that spaghetti recipe tonight. Thanks!!

  7. Shannon 06.08.2012

    I’m from Texas, say y’all, eat bbq, LOVE crawfish boils, and have dressed up to a tailgate or two :)! I am not, however, one of those “dumb blonde hick Texan” stereotypes you see on tv. So I feel your pain with the Smash stereotype! I love the stuff you come up with on FF… it’s just about lunch time and my frozen dinner is now lacking in comparison to all the amazing looking stuff you posted! I have made many of your recipes and every time I do my family is like “this is the best ever”! So thank you for your awesome recipes, keep ’em comin’, and have a great weekend!

  8. Jessica 06.08.2012

    i saw y’all all the time and I ALWAYS get crap for it!! :) I say, keep “y’allin'” all you want :) love, a fellow iowa girl

  9. Deb B. 06.08.2012

    Love, love, love your Friday Favorites! Seriously got a cold water and sat down to just enjoy. So far….highlight of the day. Great blog!

  10. Jessie 06.08.2012

    We have the pedal bikes, too! In Milwaukee the company is called Pedal Taverns – I really want to do it but unfortunately I’d only be able to be a passenger because I’m too short to reach the pedals!

  11. Those 16-person bikes are all over Milwaukee (sadly, I’ve never been on one). PS, that dog is so flipping cute!

  12. that tired little pup is adrobs…and that cannoli cream dip?!?! YUM.

  13. I’m a midwestern girl (STL) that just moved to Dallas and I LOVE saying y’all! I can’t get with the “fixin’ to” business though.

  14. Trisha 06.08.2012

    My mom is putting together a (Milwaukee Brewers themed) picnic table with a built-in gutter cooler right now!

  15. Angie 06.08.2012

    I grew up in the South and still live here. Y’all is a GREAT word that should be used as much as possible.

    Also, another good one here is “Bless their hearts”. It basically means you can say what you want about somebody even if it’s bad as long as you “Bless their heart” before or even after you say the mean thing. LOL

  16. Maggie 06.08.2012

    Such fun ideas! I discovered your blog a few months ago and just love – you do a great job!

  17. Stacy 06.08.2012

    Love your blog, I am originally from Iowa, now in DC area. That dog video totally made me cry, but now I can cheer up with the caramel rice krispie treat recipe!

  18. Kayla 06.08.2012

    There’s a “pedal tavern” in Milwaukee that people can rent for private gatherings or join on weekends for a bar crawl through one of the old wards downtown. It seems so fun, and it’s on my bucket list for sure!

  19. jen 06.08.2012

    never really thought about “y’all” being a south only thing..probably b/c i’m from texas so it just flies out of mouth without much thought. we have seen those pub crawl bikes (like the one if your first picture) downtown several times and it is hilarious to watch! it moves so slow but the people on their never stop yelling. they had to actually get out and push it at one point b/c they couldn’t get it up a hill. maybe a good way to work off the alcohol calories? :)

  20. Love that DIY ottoman tutorial. Also, who has time to dust a fan? Surely not I.

  21. Colene 06.08.2012

    Hi Kristen. I just wanted to say what an awesome blog you have here. I discovered you yesterday though “That’s What We Said” on the “What’s in my…” section. I followed their link to your blog and fell in love immediately. I have to tell you that I spent a good amount of my work day yesterday going through all of your past Friday Favorites. I’ve already printed out so many of your recipes and I can’t wait to make them all. I just wanted to show you some love for you and your blog.

  22. Holly 06.08.2012

    made those cupcakes a few weeks ago for a shower because i love blackberries – everyone loved them!

  23. Mandy 06.08.2012

    16 person bike! Such lovely wood floors! Sleepy little French bulldog! LAOS!

    Yeah…I kinda liked your link round up this week. :)

  24. Lori H 06.08.2012

    Another great Friday Favorites. I look forward to it all week! Have a great weekend:)

  25. Nancy 06.08.2012

    Lots of good things here, Kristin. Hope you have a great weekend!

  26. Emily 06.08.2012

    Given the seriousness of all that’s going on in life right now, I actually really look forward to these posts, it’s like the weekend has arrived and I can stop thinking! Thank you :) Hope you have a great sunny time over the weekend.

  27. I adore your favorites posts! Now I just need to find a way to get to Laos.

  28. Lori 06.08.2012

    Oh yes, the pedal pub! Fun times!
    Have a great weekend~

  29. Maddie 06.08.2012

    Made the Spaghetti with Garlic Gravy recipe a few weeks ago… it will NOT disappoint! I will say that I roasted the tomatoes first and added a lot more of them. It was a little sparse for my taste as written :)

  30. coop 06.08.2012

    I spy with my little eye… High Life Lounge. What I wouldn’t give for a cold beer and some bacon wrapped tots right now!

  31. Ohmigosh I love that floor! I love big, wide, wood (oh goodness, this is sounding dirty) plank floors. And I am definitely looking up the candle how-to because I have so many of those candles!

  32. Krista 06.08.2012

    I’m Canadian so we don’t say y’all or heck. But according to everyone else we say Mazda, out and about ‘funny’. Oh and then there’s infamous eh. Do you guys know the Canadian alphabet? Eh, B, C, D lol

    How brilliant is the hair straightener cover? If I didn’t have a wedding tomorrow that is all I would do. Will have to wait now, but so excited (maybe a little too excited lol).

  33. Teresa K. 06.08.2012

    Can I just say – this New Yorker (although does upstate count?) LOVES Iowa girl – and doesn’t look down on y’all at all? Bless your heart.

  34. April 06.08.2012

    Fan cleaning tip is my favorite! Took me almost two years to convince my husband that it not only worked, but that when cleaning the one over our bed he should leave the sheets on and do it just before stripping the bed so all the crap does on the sheets and into the washer! Great list of stuff today!

  35. jules 06.08.2012

    Love the rain gutter drink cooler! Please post pictures if you actually do this with your picnic table. Would love to see it happen in ‘real life’.

  36. 58Teresa 06.08.2012

    Oooohhh & TOTALLY to the max did not see that post on bless your heart – meant that as a fee sure thing.

  37. Always look forward to your friday favorites! Love the idea of repurposing candle jars :)

  38. Angela 06.08.2012

    I always look forward to your Friday Favorites! I loved that video of the dog, so sweet!

  39. Mackenzie 06.08.2012

    I’ve been on the pedal pub and it truly is the coolest thing ever!

  40. Sarah 06.08.2012

    Kristin, I live in Australia and being about 15 hours ahead of you, it’s a great way to wake up to a Saturday reading your Friday favourites. I have recently become addicted to ‘food porn’ and love looking at thw gorgeous pics of the recipes you put up every few days. Friday Favourites are the best because then I get a random selection of all kinds of cool stuff. Keep up the great work! I look forward to making any of your dishes once our school holidays roll around!

  41. Jody 06.08.2012

    Go ahead and use y’all. Kelly Ripa does & she’s from New Jersey! I’m from the South & y’all is an all purpose word. It call be singular, plural, feminine or masculine. Love your blog & your photos, especially of all the steps in a recipe. Keep up the good work :-)

  42. I’m literally crying after watching that Beagle go nuts. What is wrong with me?!!

  43. Jessica Sliman 06.09.2012

    Love that house. It’s BEAUTIFUL. We are about to renovate a house…so I put that kitchen straight to my inspiration board! :)

  44. I used to live in Ames, Iowa! My mom and brother are actually up there for a family reunion this weekend.

    I’m looking forward to working weddings this weekend. I just started as a floral design intern!

  45. Samantha 06.09.2012

    So funny you posted that Big Yellow Bike. I am doing the Pedal Tavern in Nashville this week & am so excited!!

    Also, I am a northern Illinois girl living in Tennessee and I love saying ya’ll!!

  46. Shawna 06.09.2012

    Y’all…. We have family in the Des Moines area and visit frequently. They definitely have a southern drawl (compared to my MN fast pace – and the “you betcha’s”) and I am positive they say y’all. You can do it! :)

  47. Any post with pupper dawgs will get my attention! ;-)

  48. Pots and Pins 06.09.2012

    Hi Kristin! Thanks for posting my Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats…I had a HUGE jump in traffic today! But the best part is I got to find YOUR blog! I loved reading your Friday Favorites – drool worthy! I’m your newest fan! xo, Nan

  49. Sarah 06.10.2012

    I always love reading your Friday favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  50. […] paninis and maybe some fruit or some sort of veg). But I saw this beauty on Iowa Girl Eats’ Friday Favorites this week, and I knew I had to make it. The baguette I picked up at Buttercrust on Friday afternoon was just […]

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