Dad’s Killer Beergaritas


Dad’s Killer Beergaritas are a thirst-quenching mix of beer and margaritas. My Dad’s famous recipe! 


You guys…I got it! Dad’s Killer Beergarita recipe!

Wow, I totally just felt like a 17 year old calling all her friends after raiding her parent’s liquor cabinet. Not that I ever did that or anything. Cough.


Anyway! Beergaritas are one of my Dad’s specialties and are the ultimate in summer refreshment. Lime-flavored light beer is spiked with a shot of tequila and triple sec, lightly sweetened with Rose’s lime juice and limeade, then topped off with freshly squeezed lime juice. These babies are KILLER!!


My Dad cooks and mixes drinks a lot like me – add a pinch of this, a dash of that – but I asked him to try his very best to measure and write the recipe down the next time he made a batch, and he totally pulled through. ‘Cause he’s nice like that.


Plus he was pretty jazzed about the prospect of his recipe appearing on the blog. Go Dad, go! ;)

My recipe? On the blog? Could it be?!

Per Dad’s instructions: For one Beergarita, pour 1 cold Miller Chill inside a large glass. You could use Bud Light Lime, or a regular beer for that matter, but Miller Chill tastes the absolute best.

DSC_0586 DSC_0590

Add 1 shot each Tequila and Triple Sec into the glass next.

DSC_0592  DSC_0597

Don’t hate on Juarez, btw. The price of liquor doesn’t matter too much when making a mixed drink (just ask my brother!) Use whatever you’ve got though!


Next, add 1/2 shot Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice, which you get right by the margarita stuff in the store.


I don’t love the idea of adding sugar to my beergarita, but in the grand scheme of things, it is a whole lot less than if I was drinking a straight up margarita, or even Bud Light’s new lime-a-rita stuff, which is so sweet it kind of hurts my teeth!


Add 1 Tablespoon thawed Limeade next. Again – the whole sugar thing, I know, but it’s just 1 Tablespoon.

DSC_0605 DSC_0607

Finish ‘er up with the juice of 1/2 lime and some ice!

DSC_0608 DSC_0610

Ready, set, refresh!


Dad’s Killer Beergaritas

Makes 1 Beergarita


Dad's Killer Beergaritas are a thirst-quenching mix of beer and margaritas. My Dad's famous recipe! 


  • 1 Miller Chill (or Bud Light Lime, or any light beer)
  • 1 shot tequila
  • 1 shot triple sec
  • 1/2 shot Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice
  • 1 Tablespoon frozen Limeade concentrate, thawed
  • Juice from 1/2 lime
  • ice


  1. Combine all ingredients together in a large glass. Mix, then add ice.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,


These are sooo delicious! Rather than the sickeningly sweet flavor of a standard margarita, these beergaritas have just a hint of sweet, and a whole lot of tart and fizz from the lime and light beer.

You could run a lime wedge around the rim of the glass, then dip it in course salt before adding your beergarita ingredients, or go without and snack on some lightly salted peanuts instead, which is how I usually roll.


Ben and I are attending an outdoor concert with my parents tonight, and I’m packing half-frozen beergaritas in mason jars to bring with us. It’s supposed to be 105 with the heat index…they should help cool things down!



What’s one your Dad’s specialties in the kitchen (or behind the bar!)?

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  1. Sounds amazing, and sort of like Bud Light’s new Lime a rita, or whatever it’s called…. which I have chilling in the fridge to crack open later! ;)

  2. Trisha 07.03.2012

    Yay for beergaritas! They are the perfect alternative to a much too sweet margarita in this heat (Wisco is super hot right now too). And I love that it’s your dad’s recipe, how cute!
    My dad is a mixologist too. His specialty is his famous bloody Mary but he likes mixing up other things too. Just the other day, he mixed my mom a vodka & pink lemonade with a Stevia’d rim! :)
    Have fun at that concert & try to stay cool!

  3. Urban Wife 07.03.2012

    Yay! These are right up my alley, as I love beer and not so much straight margaritas. Enjoy the concert. Who is it? :)

  4. “Killer” is precisely the word I’m looking for – these look awesome! Definitely will be giving it a whirl. As for me, I swear no one makes pancakes quite like my Pop! :) Happy 4th

  5. JennP 07.03.2012

    8 more weeks until I have this baby… 8 more weeks… 8 more weeks… :) Mama could seriously use a beergarita right now!!

  6. Tracy 07.03.2012

    First, I know what I’m getting at the liquor store on the way home tonight! Thanks!!

    Second, I LOVE your Dang! That’s Good! shot glass. We have a pint glass with the same saying and it’s my favorite to drink beer from. :)

  7. JV 07.03.2012

    Still deciding if my husband and I are going to sweat it out at Yankee Doodle Pops too. If I had half-frozen beergaritas… Now that’s another story!

  8. jessica 07.03.2012

    I made Judy’s Baked Beans for two potlucks this weekend, They were a hit at both. As always, your recipes are perfectly written. Your measurements, times and taste descriptions are always spot on! I really appreciate that! Thank you!

  9. Yay! You tracked down the recipe just in time for the 4th! woohoo!!

  10. Lisa S 07.03.2012

    We make something similar, and here it is…by the pitcher. Affectionately called, Milwaukee Margaritas!

    One bottle of beer
    One can frozen limeade
    Tequilla (use the empty limeade can…can add water to adjust the alcohol content…which I highly suggest…these babies will catch up with you!)
    Serve in glass with ice

    Some add 7-up, we don’t, but I suppose it may be good! Happy 4th!

  11. Sam 07.03.2012

    I’m usually a mixed drink/cooler girl myself. But if there’s any way to get e to drink beer, this would be it!

  12. Bovee512 07.03.2012

    I make mine with Corona Light :)

  13. Melissa 07.03.2012

    Im not a beer fan but I love lime flavors I might just have to try these. Pops go to dish was fried potatoes. It took him like two hours to make them but they were golden and crispy on the outside and light and fluffy in the middle. Im ashamed to admit as a kid he and I would make a meal out of just fried potatoes.

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  15. Tracy 07.04.2012

    Sounds great! It’s similar to a cocktail I concocted that uses Fresca instead of beer and fresh lemon & lime juices plus stevia to sweeten. No added sugar in mine!

  16. Christie 07.04.2012

    Wow! Had to “test” these before bringing them to a party this afternoon- insanely delicious, but I may be on the floor by the time the party starts! Another awesome recipe, keep ’em coming! You rock!!!

  17. Jessica 07.04.2012

    After seeing this post yesterday I ran to the store to buy the ingredients. They are so delicious, cheap tequila and all! I have been looking for a recipe like this, so thank you!

  18. Tessa 07.04.2012

    We had something similar to this at a party recently. They are so good. Glad to have the recipe!

  19. Jessica 07.04.2012

    These were amazing! Seriously, so, so good. Thanks, Iowa Dad Eats!

  20. brooke 07.04.2012

    Yay! You kept talking about these… so glad you finally got the recipe. Sounds WONDERFUL!

  21. Callie 07.05.2012

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Or thank your Dad!
    You have saved me from my hubby’s countless failed margarita attempts. I promptly emailed the post to him after seeing it and we tried these yesterday and wow! It was love at first sip. No more crazy concoctions with powdered sugar? I haven’t been able to stomach them. Being in Texas with a serious love for TexMex a good margarita recipe is a must and now we have it! Many high fives we’re exchanged yesterday over this recipe :)
    Thank you!

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  23. […] night I mixed up a huge batch of Dad’s Killer Beergaritas to take with us to the Yankee Doodle Pops concert, put on by the Des Moines Symphony, that my […]

  24. Jessie 07.07.2012

    I have a beergarita recipe but it’s much simpler…these look amazing. My dad makes great margies too without the beer and chicken parm. Whenever he comes for a visit, I have him cook it up!

  25. These look awesome, so refreshing! My boyfriend recently picked up some of those Lime-a-ritas for a day of golf and he had a bunch leftover, so I tried one. Holy sticky sweet! Nice idea, but bleh. This sounds MUCH better! Can’t wait to try them.

  26. Lisa 07.08.2012

    We drank these ALL weekend, they were amazing, thanks!

  27. Stephanie 07.08.2012

    I made these for my in-laws — perfection. Great recipe!

  28. […] made my dad’s beergaritas over the Fourth. Tasty, but let’s just say you need to be mindful of your consumption rate. […]

  29. MyFrogs 07.09.2012

    I’ve tried those Lime-a-ritas, and yup they’re sweet. I added soda water to them and they’re great that way! A fizzy not killing you with sweet margarita!

  30. Kerry 07.10.2012

    How long will these keep in the fridge if I want to make a bunch before a party?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 07.16.2012

      I made mine about 2 hours before we went to our event, so I’d say a couple hours otherwise the beer will go flat!

  31. love beergaritas… can’t wait to try this recipe!!!!

  32. These sound delicious! The recipe is really similar to my mom’s margarita slushies: instead of beer, she adds lemon lime soda, and she dumps 10-20 servings in a tub to freeze. Since there’s a lot of booze, it doesn’t harden but becomes a slushie! So good!

    • P.S. Those Bud Light lime-a-ritas really do suck! Something like 200 calories for that teeny tiny can? I’m sure it all comes from the sugar too!

  33. Deanna 07.12.2012

    I do a similar one, but make a whole pitcher at once and then pour.

    One can limeade
    One 12 oz can of sprite
    One 12 oz can of beer (any kind)
    Using the limeade can, fill about halfway with tequila and another 1/4 of the way with triple sec.

    Mix and add LOTS of ice, garnish with lime. SOOOO tasty!

  34. Nancy 07.14.2012

    Yum!Second night in a row with these bad boys. I posted these on facebook (gave credit to your site) Hope that’s ok. Love the blog, just found it last week through Skinny Runner.

  35. Kristin 07.17.2012

    I love your page! I also love that my name is Kristin, your name is Kristin, I’m an Iowa girl and you’re an Iowa girl! Of course, now I’m in North Carolina, but I’m Iowan born and raised!

  36. Kayla 07.18.2012

    Sounds delicious! My family does something called summer beer! It’s really simple all you do
    Is take your favorite domestic light beer like bud light. You will need three beers, empty them into a pitcher. Next take a can of minute maid frozen lemonade and empty that Into your pitcher. Add one can of water as well as one can of your favorite vodka. Mix and serve over ice. Voila! Summer beer!

  37. I’ve heard of margaritas made with beer but I’ve never gone there; I am a bit of a stickler about mine, even insisting on fresh citrus, good tequila and orange liqueur in lieu of Triple Sec.

    BUT…these actually look fun and I know my daughter and her friends would down them in a heartbeat (wait, that’s a problem isn’t it…OK, hand over the keys; let’s pretend you’re back in college!).

    I love the part about your Dad. We are in reverse roles; I’m the mom doing the blog, my kids are the ones surprised when I include them. :)

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  40. […] arrived, I wasted no time in trying a recipe for beergaritas I found on one of my favorite blogs: Iowa Girl Eats. Over the course of the evening I made a few rounds, and we agreed the second round was the best. […]

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  42. Erin 09.01.2012

    I made these for girls’ night last night and we really enjoyed them! Very lit and refreshing!

    • Erin 09.01.2012

      And by lit I mean light…ugh.

  43. John 02.03.2013

    WOW! These were great. Drank them during the Superbowl today. Used the lemonade concentrate rather than the limeade cuz the store was out. Real tasty. Now i have a new drink!

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  46. Grinnell 08.18.2013

    These are almost but not quite what we drank in college at the Longhorn in Grinnell. Any connections?

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  50. You made the news! Your delicious recipe was included in:

    National Margarita Day: Raise Your Glass for America’s Popular Tequila Cocktail


    Jace Shoemaker-Galloway
    The Queen of Holidays

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