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Thank goodness it’s FINALLY Friday, amiright?! :D

For what feels like the first time in a long time, all of Ben’s and my summer fun cards are in alignment this weekend – good weather is on the horizon with just a few low key plans on the agenda – and it looks like we have a couple days ahead of us to do whatever it is our heart’s desire.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like the last free weekend with nice weather we had when, instead of doing a ton of cool outdoor things, I panicked at the overwhelming amount of possibilities and the highlight of my Saturday and Sunday ended up being dining at a Cajun restaurant overlooking a parking lot downtown.

Long story.

Anyways! Fingers crossed and sights set firmly ahead! Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend yourself, and without further ado, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

Favorite treat: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie. I can’t think of much more I want to do than sink my teeth into one of these chewy cookies studded with chocolate and peanut butter right now. O.M.G.


Favorite craft: Outdoor Pumpkin-Filled Lantern. I know I was just complaining about unseasonably early Halloween candy out on store shelves, but HOW CUTE, RIGHT?!


Favorite slurp: Ale & Cheddar Soup. I’ve been finding the best fall and winter soup recipes lately, and this Ale & Cheddar Soup rose to the top of my list. Bacon, ale, cheddar, and jalapenos? Yum!


Favorite funny: Dogs Who Don’t Know How to Pose for Pictures. I seriously laughed for 10 minutes at these pictures. Hilarious!


Favorite cute: French Toast Sugar Cookies. French toast flavored cookies that look like french toast. Are you kidding me? So adorable.

Favorite escape: Tahiti, baby!


Favorite drool: Stuffed Cheese Buns. These remind me of the garlic cheddar buns I used to get all the time from Great Harvest before they closed last year. Gooey, cheesy, and chewy. Drooool.


Favorite improvement: IKEA File Drawers Hack. Awesome! So custom and antique looking.


Favorite tip: Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips. What I wouldn’t give to have my wretched pan cupboards look like this…


Favorite twist: Toasty French BLTs. BLTs made with French Toast is a fun twist on a Monte Cristo (one of my secret guilty pleasures.) ;)


Favorite outfit. I can’t decide what I like more – the funky turquoise necklace or sleek and modern trousers. Probably just the entire thing. :)


Favorite bite: Snickers Brownie Bites. I don’t know if I could even bring myself to make these – I’m afraid of how many I’d eat in one sitting. :)


Favorite quote. A. Men.


Favorite idea: Baked Tacos. Instead of baking the shells, then filling them – fill then bake. Why didn’t I think of that? Such a time saver, and look at that melted cheese!


Favorite keepsake: Vacation Sand Vase. Totally kicking myself for not snagging some sand from the places Ben and I have been together over the past four years! Although…I think it’s illegal in some states and countries… Still!


Favorite fry: Sweet Potato Graham Cracker French Toast Sticks. Oh yeah. That’s right. GOT to check out this recipe.


Favorite free: Free Printable Canister Labels. Free labels to affix to sugar, flour, baking soda, etc. canisters. Super cute!


Favorite workout: Killer Kardio. Can’t wait to try this out at home when it’s too cold to leave the house this winter. :)


Favorite thing: Chocolate Snickers Layer Cake. Mmm, yeah, I’ll need that workout after a slice of this, but holy cow – SO WORTH IT!!


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Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Trisha 08.24.2012

    The cookies, the soup, Tahiti, the cabinet, the tacos, the sweet potato sticks… I. Want. It. All.
    Also, I’ve been searching & searching for the perfect jars for my baking necessities. You can guarantee I’ll be putting my search into high gear after seeing these labels!
    Happy Weekend!

  2. Thank you for the link up!! I love all your Friday Favorites :D

  3. French Toast Flavors all over the place, now I have a craving!

    I recently discovered Ikea Hackers and have been loving it! I actually made my own little hack that I cannot wait to share. That site is seriously inspiring and Ikea is priced where you don’t get nervous to make a mistake.

  4. Kari 08.24.2012

    Oven Tacos!! This is the only way I make tacos now! They don’t fall apart! FYI: Let them bad boys cool before eating if you want to keep the skin in your mouth intact! I might have first hand knowledge on that little tidbit. ;)

  5. I think you’re craving french toast and snickers…

    • Iowa Girl Eats 08.24.2012

      Umm, tell me about it. I had like 10 more snickers finds I was going to share, but had to dial it back! ;)

  6. Christie 08.24.2012

    You always make me smile (and make my stomach rumble) with your Friday favs- thak you!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, that soup looks amazing, especially with the jalapenos on top. I also love the pots/pans organization tips. I’m going to be moving in a few months and will definitely look into implementing that when I move into a new place.

  8. maria 08.24.2012

    The first meal BF ever made for me was turkey tacos (I was instantly horrified at bachelor style unseasoned ground turkey) but the redeeming quality was that he baked them in the oven. Now it’s the ONLY was to make tacos IMO!

  9. Erin 08.24.2012

    While I mostly look forward to Friday’s because of the weekend, I also look forward to your blog. I love Friday Favorites :)I also love your blog! The ale and cheddar soup reminded me of one of my favorite soups, not sure if you’ve had it before because I know the Whole Foods recently opened near you. But the WF Roasted Poblano Corn Chowder is hands down, the best corn chowder I’ve had. It’s creamy, spicy, and delicious. My husband and I have been diligently searching for it to come back (they don’t sell in the summer), but the recipe is online. Here is a link, although I would probably make a few changes myself like using chicken stock instead of veggie. Enjoy!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 08.24.2012

      Ok yum – I will definitely check that out. Funny timing because I saw a similar recipe the other day from Mark Bittman that I’m dying to try!

  10. April 08.24.2012

    If you like the dog site … check this out! It is too funny!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 08.24.2012

      omg I heard about this on the Today Show! They all thought it was semi cruel, but I kind of thought it was hilarious!

  11. Tamara 08.24.2012

    “Favorite outfit. I can’t decide what I like more – the funky turquoise necklace or sleek and modern trousers”: The shoes, of course! ;)

    That sand vase is super cool.

    Also, baked tacos = YES please!

  12. Thanks for linking up my sweet potato french toast sticks and I love the Ikea project & have seen that Snickers cake and Yammie’s cheesy rolls and yeah, great reminders of what I need to make!

  13. oooh love these. totally need to try the cheesebuns and the cookies, then i better do the workout ;)

  14. I just went on a major organizing the cupboards and my linen closet spree. I got a lot of my stuff from the website fairly inexpensive.

  15. Mandy 08.24.2012

    I love that Ikea hack! Totally going on to the Pinterest board where I keep ideas of stuff I want to do, but know I never will. ;)

  16. tom h. 08.24.2012

    LOVE the sands idea…but dang, where can I find a job that allows me the time to visit eleven beaches in four years?!

  17. I absolutely love that sand idea and wish I would have thought of that too! All of the desserts in this post look awesome. I don’t think I better make any of them because I know I would eat waaaaayyyyy too much! Have a great weekend!

  18. I love that sand vase but those labels are hideous. I hope the owners turn them around! (I think a different font would look better!)

  19. Yessica 08.24.2012

    I think you’re my favorite blog of all time!

  20. Lauren 08.24.2012

    Love that quote! :)

  21. Marci Johnson 08.24.2012

    Friday Favorites is my FAVORITE. I look forward to it all week and drool over food pictures, dream of vacations and picture myself all crafty right alongside you! Thanks again for another fabulous Friday!!

  22. julia 08.24.2012

    hey kristin!

    thanks for your response to my watery spaghetti question, i really appreciate it!

    and i am pinning pretty much every one of these favourites!


  23. julia 08.24.2012

    ya, i’m back. i just checked out the dog pics … TOOO FUNNY! thanks for the share, love it!


  24. Bek @ Crave 08.24.2012

    I always look forward to your friday favourites! I love that dog hahah and I saw a re-occuring theme of snickers today ;)

  25. Cari 08.24.2012

    It’s so funny that you listed Tahiti in your favorites today. My mom fell and broke her clavicle (collar bone) yesterday and she’s been saying she’s going back to Tahiti whenever she takes another (prescribed, obviously) Vicodin.

  26. C 08.25.2012

    hello from australia!
    love your friday favourites – even though they come to me on Saturday :) all the links are awesome!

  27. Gabi 08.25.2012

    I’ve just recently discovered your blog and I absolutely LOVE IT! You have amazing tips and recipes. =]

    I also have a cooking blog, but it’s in portuguese. Just in case you’re interested:

    These friday posts are the best! Absolutely adored the sand vase. How cool is that? =]

    And I can’t wait to try the Chocolate Snickers Layer Cake. It looks divine! Yum. lol

  28. I would LOVE to go to Tahiti.

    Oh, and that sand jar is such a good idea. But you are right, a lot of places don’t allow you to take the sand out.

  29. Oh I adjust adore that outfit!!!!!

  30. Kari 08.25.2012

    1st – love, love, love your blog! Many inspirations.
    2nd – saw this today on FB and thought of you. and enter in code YAFORME and get it for $14.99!! Yay for me!

  31. Timmy 08.26.2012

    Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are month watering good. I ate some today and was in heaven

  32. I LOVE your Friday highlights…mixing up fab food, exercise and a cute outfit. Really fun.
    I am taking your advice and enjoying the weekend …my husband and I are going for a hike to a place called “Rainbow Falls” …usually you see a rainbow everyday around noon in the waterfall.

  33. Kristin 08.26.2012

    If you like the peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies, I’ve got a 5 ingredient recipe for them.

    1 cup peanut butter
    1 cup brown sugar
    1 large egg
    1 tsp baking soda
    1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chunks

    Beat first 4 ingredients together then stir in chocolate. Drop rounded tablespoons of dough on a cookie sheeting bake at 350 for about 10 mins. (depending on how gooey you like yours).

    I almost always have all of these ingredients on hand. They are fast, easy, and delicious. Enjoy!

  34. Addie 08.27.2012

    OH MY WORD, thank you SO much for posting the 14 Idiot Dogs link – I really needed a laugh today and this one had me busting out!

  35. hollie 08.29.2012

    OMG.. I really need an excuse to make that chocolate snickers cake!!

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