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KCCI went well this morning! Katie Ward (who’s leaving at the end of June, sob!) and I made Fresh Margarita Chicken which is a perfect dish to grill up for Mother’s Day this weekend. My Mom gave me a, “that looked sooo good, hint, hint!” when I called her after the segment. Guess I know what’s going on her Mother’s Day menu! ;)


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Click here for the recipe for Fresh Margarita Chicken >

In other news, this week has been absolutely, positively gorgeous. It’s been such a treat getting out nearly every afternoon to take a walk and clear my head, then heading back out when Ben gets home from work. It’s amazing what a little vitamin D can do for the soul.


All the dogwood and crabapple trees in the neighborhood are beginning to bud, plus all the lilacs, too. So worth the wait – they are absolutely gorgeous (and smell. Heavenly!)


Well it should be a busy little weekend. My Mom and I are going to spend Saturday together for a little pre-Mother’s Day fun, including a stop at the Farmer’s Market if the weather cooperates, and girly pedicures afterwards. A couples baby shower is on the agenda for Saturday night, then Sunday = Mother’s Day! Should be a great couple of days with friends and family.

What are you up to this weekend? 

I hope you’ve got something fun in the works, and in the meantime please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites! (And happy Mother’s Day to all you Mama’s out there. Can’t wait to join the ranks!)

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Favorite bite: Cinnamon Roll Bites. Poppable cinnamon rolls you can make the night before you need ’em, and don’t need to be rolled out then up? SOLD.


Favorite fashion. Fabulous to the MAX. I am loving all the chambray + brights/floral combos I’ve been seeing lately.


Favorite fake-out: Stuffed Salmon with Siracha Cream Sauce. Don’t want to roll up a California sushi roll? Stuff the same ingredients inside a salmon filet and bake it instead. This recipe looks insane. 


Favorite funny. I so wish I’d found this sooner – it would have made for the most hilarious Mother’s Day gift!


Favorite sip: Mango Margaritas. My love of mangoes (and margaritas!) strikes again with these sweet and frothy sippers. I will have quite the cocktail list to work through next year!


Favorite tutorial: How to Create Your Own Original Cookie Recipe. This is SUCH a great post. The blogger (also a Midwestern gal named Kristin!) breaks down all the ingredients typically found in a cookie recipe, explains why they’re there, and then offers tons of ways you can put your own spin on a batch of cookies. Learned so much from this post.


Favorite fresh: Bacon Apple Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad. All. The. Things! Looks so refreshing and tasty, right?


Favorite grill: Chilean Style Hot Dogs with Avocado-Chili Relish. These babies were the star of my latest post for’s Delish Dish Blog. Fancy name, but totally easy to make. And, I’m just going to say it, I love grilled hot dogs. I LOVE GRILLED HOT DOGS! (Check out the post for the ones I like to buy.)


Favorite place: Chamonix. I think the winter that will not die has affected my brain because I can’t believe I’m posting a picture of snow-capped mountains in Chamonix, a commune in south-eastern France, also home to the first Winter Olympics in 1924, as this week’s favorite place. Oh my gosh though this scene is just so beautiful. What a view!

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc _mini

Favorite slurp: Spaghetti with Mascarpone, Meyer Lemon, Spinach, and Hazelnuts. Pasta with mascarpone cheese > spaghetti without mascarpone cheese. Must try this yummy, springy dish.


Favorite find: Savannah Embossed Drink Dispenser. World Market does it again! This mason jar-esque drink dispenser would be perfect for summer backyard parties.


Favorite refresh: Individual White Berry Lemon Sangrias. Speaking of mason jars – check out these individual mason jar sangrias, MMMMMMM! Could easily make these virgin, too. Just need a cuppow (which I totally bought last summer) and you’re set!


Favorite find: Coffee Coconut Ice Cream. From my brilliant friend Dana @ Minimalist Baker, obviously. I NEEEEED a pint of this in my freezer. You don’t have to have an ice cream machine to make it either!


Favorite space. I love everything about this space from the paneled ceiling and iron lanterns, to the neutral-colored decor and soft blue walls. Per-fec-tion.


Favorite woah: Typography Cake. Wouldn’t this be a cool cake to make for Mother’s Day, and spell out “MOM” inside?!


Favorite fitness: Count Up – Count Down Workout. I’m always really attracted to workouts where you count up or down, or both, like this one. It always makes the time go faster, in my experience.


Favorite treat: Caramelized Banana Sticky Buns. Make these, mmkay? For Mom!


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Have a happy weekend, all! : )

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  1. This is one of my favorite lists ever. You’ve totally hit my crave spot for all things. AND I would have totally missed the first farmer’s market weekend if you hadn’t reminded me!

  2. I’m lovin’ all of the cinnamon roll/sticky bun recipes on this Friday Favorites :) I hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day with your mom and that your little boy gets you something wonderful for your “first” Mother’s Day!

  3. Kristin 05.10.2013

    I am making sangria on mason jars tonight. This made me think that I can premake a bunch and put them in the fridge!!

  4. Love your Friday Fav’s! Since you are doing Margarita Chicken, may I suggest Strawberry Margarita Tart for dessert? Click over to my blog and see. My mom and I had fun putting it together. :)

  5. Kristin 05.10.2013

    Totally making the salmon and ice cream this weekend as a Mother’s Day treat to myself. Hubby will assist me in the kitchen, that is as close as he comes to cooking. Luckily I love to cook and it relaxes me.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. brandi 05.10.2013

    love that drink dispenser! i could fill that with those mango margaritas, no problem.

  7. Lauren 05.10.2013

    This is one of my fave lists as well! One of my favorites is the Create-Your-Own cookie recipe. I make cookies all the time but always go by the recipe. It’s fun to get creative and know what each ingredient actually does. Very helpful for me :)

    I loved your segment this morning on KCCI. Great job!

    I haven’t seen any tofu recipes in a while. I could use a fresh recipe with tofu. Sometimes I feel stuck in a rut with my tofu recipes (usu. I just grill it or throw it in a stir fry)

  8. I love your Friday favorites! Especially that favorite space and place, so beautiful. Also I’ll be making that coconut coffee ice cream soon ;)

  9. Kristin you’re so natural on TV! I’d love to do a recipe on TV but I have no doubt that my voice would be all shaky haha

  10. i love when the entire friday favorites makes me want to rush home to my non-security blocked computer and pin everything!

  11. Oh my word this list had me drooling all over my keyboard! It may just be one of my favorites of your lists yet. Definitely checking out that cookie recipe link. Great stuff Kristin, enjoy the Farmer’s Market this weekend! I used to love going when I was a student at Drake – one of Des Moines’ best warm weather activities :-)

  12. Tracy 05.10.2013

    Great job on the news segment!! You’re a natural…move over Ree Drummond ;)

    Happy 1st Mother’s Day!!

  13. I didn’t know that they were putting ecards on mugs…I’ve got to look these up! I’m heading over to check out the cookie link too. Have a fabulous Mother’s Day!!

  14. That mug is hilarious! And I love chambray shirts but I can never find one that looks right on me. Have a great weekend!!

  15. Your hot dogs look AMAZING!!!!! Totally love that glass drink pitcher from WM too. I was just gushing over one of their old pitchers that a friend has earlier this week. Oh, that store… :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, and look forward to seeing you soon!

  16. Congrats on the segment, it went great! :)

    The cinnamon roll bites look amazing! Pinning and making asap.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Baker Bettie 05.10.2013

    Thanks for the shout out! Fist bump for mid-western girls name Kristin!

  18. I LOVE that denim shirt! I have one that is similar and it is my “go-to” shirt right now. I love the idea of wearing it with white shorts for Spring/Summer.

    And seriously? How adorable is that cake idea? I love it! :)

  19. Lauren Williams 05.10.2013

    Always love your Friday Favorites. We have a similar tree in our front yard that looks beautiful but puts off a fishy smell. It is really odd and I have noticed many other trees with the same smell in our neighborhood but at least it is still pretty! I love anything cinnamon for breakfast so I will have to try those bites soon! Thanks for the post

  20. Tieghan Gerard 05.10.2013

    Every week I find new things that I feel I MUST make/ have!!! I love these post!

  21. Carma Rogers 05.10.2013

    I adore sangria and those look fabulous, but those cinnamon rolls… oh my. I desperately need to make those. Thank you for introducing me to those.

  22. tina 05.10.2013

    That cake would have been neat to spell out “boy” or “girl” to reveal what you are having! How neat :) I will have to bake one of these for the kids-they will think it’s “magic!”

  23. Those cinnamon roll bites look great! Also loving that drink dispenser what a great idea :)

    Well done on the margarita chicken segment, it looks so delicious :)

  24. Coty and Mariah 05.11.2013

    We look forward to your Friday favorites every week! It’s so fun to see what new things we may discover!

  25. Melanie 05.11.2013

    What a great list, thank you! – love the photo of Chamonix. Great food recipes and thanks for linking to the Count Up Count Down post – definitely needed after I try the hotdogs!

  26. Debt girl 05.11.2013

    That looks so good and I am dying to buy a griddler! I need a new grill pan too. Which would you buy? Do you ever use a grill pan ? Have fun with your fam and Happy Mothers. Day to you too,

  27. Lindsay 05.12.2013

    Super random question for you- was your mom ever on an episode of Rehab Addict? I was watching HGTV the other night and they briefly interviewed a woman about the family that used to live in the historic home that was being restored. She looked just like your mom!

  28. Jennifer 05.12.2013

    I am delighted that I stumbled upon your blog. My mother is from Iowa so I am forwarding this to her as well. The food looks amazing! Especially the topography cake, I think that is really creative. The mango margaritas have to be my favorite though. It’s my first mothers day as well so Happy Mother’s day! I hope you get to celebrate with your family.

  29. Rebecca 05.12.2013

    I’ve made that exact same stuffed salmon with sriracha cream sauce and it was THE BEST meal I’ve ever made. ever. we had an Asian quinoa slaw/salad with it. I couldn’t get enough!

  30. What an awesome list! Everything looks amazing. Thank you for including my sangria in a jar. :)

    Congrats on the TV segment – you look like a natural!

  31. Your Friday Favorites are what I look forward to most on Fridays :-) I always end up pinning no less than three things. This cookie post was amazing – I get overwhelmed trying to come up with a cookie to bake. This really breaks it down!

  32. dawn 05.15.2013

    luv all your Friday favorites!! I really need to get to work on trying more-I missed the segment with Katie ward! what’s up with her leaving kcci? all the great ones leave that channel…..she is my favorite:) hope the pregnancy is going along well for you and can’t wait to spend an evening checking out some more favorites!!

  33. I make that salmon recipe all the time (minus the cream cheese). It is sooooooo good!

  34. […] I adapted a workout that I first saw on Iowa Girl Eats’ Friday Favorites (LOVE those posts). It’s a pretty basic countdown workout, but I spiced it up with my 8 […]

  35. Pixie 06.02.2014

    I always love these lists! So many awesome things. And I’ve been to Chamonix! Spent a week there in my teens on a family holiday. Such a gorgeously lovely place. I hope you get to see it some day! (And it’s super close to the Swiss and Italian border, so ideal so a little exploring by car!)

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