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Question – how long is too long to go without decorating your new house/place? Reason I ask is because although Ben and I have unpacked 95% of our boxes, we have yet to decorate, uh, any room except the baby’s. We’re kind of waiting to see how our furniture situation shakes out before hanging big pieces, styling book cases, etc, which means the walls are still pretty much bare. Do we hang and decorate now then move pieces later when we decide on furniture, or do we just wait it out?

Since furniture buying will be a gradual process, I don’t want to find ourselves with still-empty walls a year from now, but at the same time I don’t want to hang things up then have to re-hang and fill holes later.


One thing’s for sure is that the built-ins on either side of the mantle in the family room aren’t going anywhere, so I’m hoping to stop by a few of my favorite antique/restoration stores this weekend to pick up some cool/quirky accent pieces. I’m way too excited for this. Ben and I are also getting out for one final yeehaw tonight, including dining at a restaurant we’ve been meaning to visit for years. Not too long before it won’t be just the two of us anymore!

Well, wherever you are, and whatever you do I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and in the meantime please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite munch: Monster Cookie Dough Popcorn. BISCOFF, people. There’s melted biscoff in here!


Favorite find: Tripod Floor Lamp. I’ve been seeing these tripod floor lamps everywhere lately. I just think they’re so cool, rustic, and artsy looking. This one from Pottery Barn is on sale right now too. Wohoo!


Favorite fresh: Kale, Apple & Pancetta Salad. Yep, all the things.


Favorite bite: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bugles. Salty bugles filled with creamy buckeye filling then dipped in chocolate. These would be perfect for tailgating this fall!


Favorite funny: Chick Lineup. I don’t know why but this made me laugh like crazy. I think it’s because the chick is trying so hard to not look guilty.


Favorite sweet: Peach Pecan Crumble Bars. The peaches I’ve been buying lately have been incredibly sweet. So sweet that I often can’t stop at just one. I know. Love these crumble-topped peach bars.


Favorite print. I think it’s nice to say pom-pom too. Whee – high kicks!


Favorite treat: Tangy Raspberry Fool. Raspberry puree layered with lemon-spiked homemade whipped cream. Simple, refreshing, and luscious.


Favorite tutorial: How to Achieve a Well-Styled Bookcase. Tons of great ideas here – and just in time for my little project!


Favorite sip: Watermelon-Lime Margaritas. Frozen watermelon “ice cubes.” That is all.


Favorite show: Naked and Afraid. Can we talk about the fact that Ben’s and my current favorite new show is called Naked and Afraid, on the Discovery Channel? 2 people, 1 remote location, 21 days, NAKED. And afraid. I can’t stop watching.


Favorite bite: Buffalo Chicken Waffle Fries. Ooo, these look good. It’s been far too long since I had anything buffalo-flavored!


Favorite lick: Oreo Pudding Pops. I finally got my popsicle molds (snagged some from my Mom who bought, like, 10 sets of 5 for the grand kids) and can’t WAIT to try this recipe out!


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Have a good one! : )

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  1. Lauren Williams 07.19.2013

    Well all of your “Friday Favorites” are good but I think this one is exceptionally great! I could probably comment on every single pick but I will choose just a few ;) I think you should decorate the walls as much as you can without going overboard and having to move things again. I really don’t like living with bare walls. Having a clean slate is so nice! I like the bookshelf arrangement because of the faces and stacked books :) That pom pom saying is funny! I have heard a lot about that Naked and Afraid show but have never seen it for myself. But I’m sure it would be very interesting. Have a great weekend! I will be back in good ole Iowa up in Okoboji the whole weekend :)

  2. That Raspberry Fool? I want it!!

  3. as always, love your friday favorites! look forward to them all week!

  4. Jodie 07.19.2013

    We have been in our place for 5 years and we still don’t have our spare bedroom the way we want it :) it takes time. Keeping moving your furniture around to see what works it will all fall into place.

  5. I’ve heard about that Naked & Afraid show and I can’t wrap my head around it..just seems so weird but maybe I have to check it out and see what it’s all about myself.

  6. A watermelon margarita sounds fabulous! I had a mango one on vacation and it was amazing. I’m with you on the peaches. I have a whole bunch that a friend gave us and I was just thinking that I needed to make something with them. Have a great weekend!

  7. Maggie 07.19.2013

    Love all of it, especially the raspberry fool. As for your decorating quandry, you might fill in a few spaces with things that don’t have to be attached to the wall, like a large mirror propped against the wall, a hallway table with vase or other decorative items, large potted plants, etc. Enjoy the new place and your new babe. Having a late July birthday is the best!

  8. Um, I’ve lived in my house for 10 years and I’m still decorating my living room. Have a fab weekend!

  9. Alissa 07.19.2013

    Home decorating has no timeline. Don’t pressure yourself, when the time it right you will know it. I went about 8 months in our house before anything made it to a wall.

  10. We’re going on almost 10 years in our house and just in the last few years have I really wanted to commit to things on certain walls. I say pick a few places to hang things you don’t think will change and then wait it out for a few months as you start to fill in. No one will notice anything about the house over the next several months because they’ll all be coming to see the baby!

    I have to admit we’ve been watching Naked and Afraid too, completely wrong but addicting!

  11. Katie 07.19.2013

    That Salad!!!! I want!!

  12. jen 07.19.2013

    We’ve been in our house almost a year and a half and I’ve put up three pictures (because the nail holes were already there) and I did a gallery wall (50% of the frames are missing, uh, actual pictures). That’s it. I am sort of a minimalist when it comes to decorating though so that could be part of it. But there are several shelves and other decorative items I haven’t put up because I don’t know where I want to put them. Still. So you are totally fine and well within a reasonable time frame for decorating.

  13. Tieghan 07.19.2013

    Those buffalo chicken fries are calling my name!! They look incredible!

  14. Carrin 07.19.2013

    I am new to your blog (have been stalking for a while). I initially popped over because of the healthy eats you post. I stay around because you’re an Iowa girl (I have fam all over the state but live in Omaha). No I see that you love Naked & Afraid too. I’ve tried to tell my friends about it & they stare at me with a blank look. Congrats & good luck on the new baby. I can’t wait to hear all about them.

  15. sandra mc combs 07.19.2013

    With you sense of style, you will know when you find the right piece. Take your time, especially with the baby coming. And, also cherish these last few days together… you life will change forever, but in a good way.

  16. Melissa 07.19.2013

    Another terrific Friday Favorites post! The monster popcorn, peach crumble bars and chocolate dipped Bugles sound the best! Thanks for sharing!

  17. sandra mc combs 07.19.2013

    I really do know how to spell your….

  18. Bethany F. 07.19.2013

    Oh girl..we moved when I was 5 months pregnant with my twins. They are 15 months old now and there are still many bare walls. Something tells me you are more of a go-getter than I am in regards to home decorating, but, my suggestion would be that if you do plan on doing anything, make sure it’s BEFORE baby. Good luck, and don’t stress about it! :)

  19. I was going to say something about how I totally relate to the unpacking/decorating thing…but then I saw those buffalo waffle fries and I went all brain dead. Those look rockin’!

  20. Ashley 07.19.2013

    We have been in our home coming up on two years in December, and I still have not decorated the rooms. I painted the master bedroom and put some pictures on the wall, but as for the other walls I am too overwhelmed with paint colors to choose one. Decorating is a very stressful job.

  21. i am all about those watermelon lime margaritas. they will be perfect for this triple digit weekend!

  22. you can take as long as you want to decorate. just take it one room at a time (that’s what i’m telling myself as we move into our first house at least!). also, those fries? i am kind of mad at you for introducing the idea into my brain….

  23. Katie 07.19.2013

    If you are playing around with decorating and don’t want to put holes in the wall yet, I have heard of using the Command Strips. There’s no worries about patching and painting to cover up any holes if you move things around.

    And I want that monster cookie popcorn…now. ;)

  24. That popcorn and those Bugels look SO good! I am a big fan of the sweet and salty combo :). Eating Bugels takes me back to the days of junior high and high school when my friends and I would put them in our fingers to make “witch” fingernails. Gosh, we were cool ;).

  25. Brittany 07.19.2013

    I think you should invest in some of those 3M hanging strips for some of the things you’d like to put up but may end up moving around! You can make the place feel more home-y and lived in while you figure things out! Plus, I bet it’s good for the baby, too!!

  26. I’m embarrassed to admit It took us nearly 2 years before we hung anything on our walls. It was mostly due to indecision (and partly laziness…ha). In retrospect I think waiting was good because we did accumulate some nice pieces over that time span, and they all look really nice and compliment each other.
    Let us know how those oreo pudding pops turn out!

  27. OMG that popcorn and the raspberry fool look awesome! As for house decorating – we’ve been in our house for 2 1/2 years and while there is stuff on the walls downstairs, there’s not much upstairs and we still haven’t painted. It seems like the project that will never end! :)

  28. Tracy 07.19.2013

    Re decorating I say wait it out. There’s no rush! Take your time and do it how you really want it. If you just do a temporary decor it’s easy to be lazy about really finishing it like you’d like.

  29. Lauren 07.19.2013

    So glad you posted about this first world problem! We are in the same boat. I keep going back and forth between wanting to put stuff on the walls up to help us feel settled and then go back to deciding to wait until we have more furniture in place. Keep us posted with pics of your bookshelves! Good luck getting ready for your baby to arrive!

  30. Nicole G 07.19.2013

    You are fine not decorating yet! Totally acceptable! We just moved from a 1000 sq ft 2 bedroom, 1 bath home to a 2700 sq ft 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home last month. Trust me, it’s empty. We did buy new living room, master bedroom, and dining room furniture but have so many projects to tackle. I have yet to hang anything or buy anything to hang for that matter. We still need to hang the living room television so the living room furniture is just positioned to see the tv right now, ie. blocking the fireplace. And we bought a brand new king-size bed but no bedding yet aside from a set of sheets. I am waiting for PB and West Elm to release their Fall 2013 stuff. I love the coziness of fall bedding over the spring/summer styles. I figure the house won’t really look the way we want for the next 8-12 months and that’s ok. Now that we are finally here we have nothing but time ;-) enjoy your new place!

  31. We have been in our home for over 4 years and I am still trying to decide on what to put in pictures and where to hang them. Homes are always a work in progress I think. Take your time and do it how you like it. And thank you so much for sharing my Monster Popcorn…it was so fun to stop by and see you shared it :-)

  32. Nancy 07.19.2013

    TOTALLY forgot you moved! Show us pics! Unless you already showed us and I missed that post. What a loyal reader am I hahaha…

  33. Barbara 07.19.2013

    I’m kicking myself right now because I didn’t buy that camera tripod I saw at the local Goodwill last week!! That would have made a great lamp for my son!! I gotta try those oreo pops! :-D I definitely will be copying the white shelves with the blue wall! I was looking for the doggie picture…but, chicks are cute, too!!

  34. Linda 07.19.2013

    Take your time. If you hang stuff now you will be looking at it while you nurse or rock or wander around the house swinging the baby and want to move everything. Also use 3m contact picture hanging strips. movable, removable and non permanent. I love these and it’s a quick way to hang something up for a quick nice look (just not too heavy). Good Luck!

  35. I need those margaritas and waffle fries, and STAT! Thanks for sharing, Kristin. Have a great weekend!

  36. Joanna Gehrke 07.19.2013

    I am so thankful you posted the how long is too long question- loving reading all these answers, especially since most of them sway towards taking your time! Been thinking of you since you are what, 39 weeks now? Best of luck, Kristin!! Enjoy your “last” date night as a family of 2! And the buffalo chicken waffle fries will be made this weekend for sure! Especially since my Hy-Vee has 2.99 rotisserie chicken breasts :)

  37. I haven’t had bugles since 5th grade. oh man! And that popcorn. I need that popcorn.

  38. Ani D 07.19.2013

    Ahh I used to make those Bugle treats in elementary school!! Such good memories :)

  39. Jen 07.19.2013

    I once lived in an apartment for THREE YEARS without putting a single thing on the walls!! I just moved into a new place and I’m determined to not let it go that long this time!

  40. Denise 07.19.2013

    Naked and Afraid is awesome!!!! Hmmmmm….we have been in our house 7+ years now and still have nothing up. Four kids have destroyed it, and we are waiting until they ALL know they can’t destroy anything until we think of making it nice!

  41. Lina 07.19.2013

    I totally understand how you feel! I moved into our house 2 months before my daughter was born so it definitely didn’t look “done” before she was born…not even when she turned one! But I did manage to put some pics up in places where there was already a nail or a hole for one from the previous owners or in our case we had a ledge that we could prop some pics up on and that made it look homier. Don’t feel pressured to have it all done. It doesn’t really matter. Just get ready for your little man!

  42. Love those margaritas and those Oreo pops!

    I’m going to check out that book case tutorial too :)

  43. Jenn 07.20.2013

    I’m a “do-er” and I wanted our house completely done immediately. In hindsight, I regret that decision because we ended up wasting money on some choices that I wouldn’t have made if we waited. BUUUT, with a new baby on the horizon you won’t have much spare time (trust me, we have a 2 month old).

    I say do what you know you absolutely 100% for sure want before the baby gets here and decide the rest later!

  44. Jo 07.20.2013

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know what biscof is? Never heard of it before. Is it peanut butter? Recipe sounds yummy!

  45. Karin 07.20.2013

    Thanks for the heads up on the charity. I won some granola- seemed like a great cause to donate to and the treats were a bonus :-) love your blog

  46. Lisa prickett 07.21.2013

    How do you save your recipes to the recipe box? I’m sure there is something I am missing. Love your blog!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 07.21.2013

      Hey Lisa! You click the blue “save recipe” button that’s above the ingredient list on my recipes. I can email you a screen shot if that’s helpful too!

  47. Allison 07.21.2013

    I would wait until you buy furniture to hang stuff on walls. Where you position furniture may influence where you want to put stuff on your walls. If you are buying new wall decor, personally I think it makes the most sense to pick out furniture color/fabrics/styles first, and THEN buy wall decor that coordinates.

    I definitely agree with prior comments indicating not to rush yourself. I’ve lived in my current house for about three years, and I still constantly change things. I doubt that I will ever get to the point of feeling that it is perfect.

  48. I confess that I only fully decorated my place when it was my turn to host girl’s night! So bad!

    I am dying over those buckeye bugels! They are now all I want to eat, so thank you. And once you decorate your bookshelf like that one in the picture, what do you do with all the rest of your books? Or am I the only one with a book hoarding problem?! lol

  49. Diana Walters 07.22.2013

    Love the recipes you come up with! I don’t follow food blogs as a rule, because I’m all about the diy/décor; but yours? Gotta have my favorite food blogger! I’m going to give your mini vanilla scones a try ASAP! Okay, well, as soon as it cools off some! 90F+ 90%humidity and up does not a baker of me make!

    Now on to the real concern here: holes in the walls. I have no clue what you’re taste/style is, but I’m gonna throw some Old School on ya! Have you considered picture railing? You hang it just below crown molding. It has a curve on the top of the molding which accommodates a hook. You connect fishing line/ribbon/twine/whatever you like to that hook, then to the picture you want to hang. It is completely old fashioned and completely brilliant! For those of us who are constantly changing pictures, or waiting on the furniture to ‘come together’ this is the perfect solution!

    At least I love it and believe it’s just the way to go!

    Best wishes and thanks so much for all your hard work.

    (PS) As a Labor and Delivery RN, I would like to wish you the very best labor and the safest delivery ever!

  50. Meg 07.22.2013

    I LOVE Naked and Afraid. My husband and I just discovered it the other day and we can’t stop watching. I still don’t understand why they’re naked, but it’s entertaining either way :)

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