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Someone is so excited that it’s Friday they can hardly even STAND it!


Who, Lincoln? Nah, he’s just jazzed about the super cute onesie my girlfriend sent him last week. Iowa Pride! (Here’s where you can get one for your state >) I’m loving how his personality is shining through more and more each day. He is such a blast. Earlier this week he laughed for the first time and I thought my heart was going to shatter into a million pieces. Ok, so it happened in his sleep…but still!

Anywho, it’s me who’s excited for the weekend! It’s supposed to be hot but beautiful around here, so my Mom and I are going to try and get down to the Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning. It’s been a few weeks and I’m itching to get back to the hustle and bustle of the world’s best weekend-morning activity. (Besides brunch, of course. Hmm, might try and fit that in as well.) Can’t believe there’s only a couple of months left before the market closes for the season. Summer, don’t leave us yet!

At any rate, after a small hiatus, Friday Favorites is back! As I mentioned I haven’t had much time to surf the internet lately, but after perusing my Pinterest boards a few days ago I realized I had pinned a bunch of stuff before my little bundle of joy came. In the future I hope to work these posts in about once or twice a month. They’re fun for everyone involved. :)

That being said, wherever you are and whatever you do have a wonderful weekend, and in the meantime please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite treat: S’mores Bars. Graham cracker crusted brownies topped with all the s’mores goodies you can handle. I’ll take the pan, thanks.


Favorite project: Instagram Memory Display. Use Photoshop (or other photo editing software) to make a collage of 2×2″ instagram photos, then print it poster-sized at Costco for cheap. Love this idea – especially since I’ve been posting more and more pics of Lincoln on my Instagram account. Before long I’ll have a whole bunch to chose from!


Favorite twist: Peach Pie Cinnamon Rolls. As I mentioned I simply can’t get enough peaches right now. Yesterday I had one that was so juicy I choked on it! (Sad, but delicious…) This peach-spiked twist on the classic cinnamon roll looks mouthwatering.


Favorite find: Vintage Tote Bag. COULDN’T YOU JUST?!


Favorite pick me up: The Ultimate Spinach Smoothie. Awesome Thai twist to the classic green smoothie. Cannot wait to make this one.


Favorite furball. Awww. Reminds me of Ben and Linc!


Favorite free: Gluten-Free Oatmeal Peach Bread. Gluten free eaters (and everyone, really) rejoice! This sweet peach bread looks healthy yet delicious.


Favorite road trip: TV Food Maps. Search by state for all the restaurants featured on The Food Network, the Travel Channel, etc. Fun!


Favorite recipe: Kong Bao Ji Ding. That’s Kung Pao Chicken, y’all. Ben and I are next level obsessed with KPC. Going to try this recipe out ASAP. Definitely doesn’t look overly complicated.


Favorite DIY: Drawer Pull Chalk Holders. I love the idea of spray painting drawer pulls then hanging them upside down on a chalkboard wall to hold the chalk. So clever!


Favorite salad: Roasted Corn Caesar Salads with Parmesan Greek Yogurt Caesar Dressing. With brown butter croutons. YES.


Favorite reminder: Daily Cleaning Schedule. Mommy brain has rendered me unable to finish a project in any room in the house. It’s times like these when I need a schedule to look at and say, ok, here’s what I need to do today! Except for making the beds. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.


Favorite sip: Southern Shandy. Beer + Lemonade + Peach Brandy. So much win. I bet a nice peach slice perched on the side would be delightful, too.


Favorite fashion: Michael Kors “Lady Nini” Chain Link Bracelet Watch. How pretty is the tortoise intertwined with gold in the chain?


Favorite splurge: Karamel Sutra Cupcakes (Chocolate and Caramel Swirl Cupcakes.) Anything with a caramel center has me hook, line and sinker. Ben surprised me with a bag of caramel-filled Ghirardelli chocolates last week and let’s just say…they didn’t last long.


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From us to you – have a good one!

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  1. My favorite part about this post is Lincoln in the onesie. Adorable! I remember the first time my niece Aurelia laughed; it truly was as if her laugh broke into a million pieces and that was the beginning of fairies. Oh, baby laughs.

  2. Urban Wife 08.23.2013

    Dying over that precious picture of Lincoln! Aren’t baby laughs (even the ones in their sleep!) just the best thing ever. We found ourselves doing all sorts of ridiculous faces and noises, just to try and get more baby laughs.

    So happy for Friday Favorites coming back! Thanks for all the links. Happy weekend! :)

  3. Kristi 08.23.2013

    I love the Food TV Map. I see a few day trips in my future.

  4. I love the onsie! My husband loves the food map. The cleaning schedule is a great idea but I cannot imagine cleaning every day! I would rather have a karamel sutra cupcake every day. :)

  5. Madison 08.23.2013

    I am so happy your Friday favorites is back! I missed it because these posts seriously have me drooling OR wanting to go buy something amazing. :) Inspirational!

  6. Love all your peachy recipes, that adorable baby face and the leather bag! My only gripe with bags like that is that there’s never a zipper up top. I live in NYC–I can’t have my wallet hanging out in the open! So pretty though.

  7. JJ 08.23.2013

    Love that picture of baby Lincoln! I’m also in love with that watch. Must put that on my wishlist.

  8. Tom T. 08.23.2013

    Peach pie cinnamon rolls look spectacular. Also, I am a little afraid of cooking Chinese food, probably because I can never find a good recipe. I am going to try the Kung Pau Chicken though. Thanks for a great collection of faves.

  9. I want to squeeze those doggies! Keep the pics of Lincoln coming x

  10. TechChick 08.23.2013

    I have to tell you – I *never* made the beds, until I had kids. I started doing it, and it’s the easiest 30 seconds you can spend in your day and have something accomplished first thing the in AM! And, you’re not embarrassed and feeling like a slob when your kids friends come over to play and wander into your bedroom!! Give it a try, it’s true! :) Thanks for the great Friday favorites.

  11. Diane 08.23.2013

    I always remember thinking – There’s nothing like a clean baby in a white onesie!

  12. Woohoo! Friday Favorites are back – I’ll be looking forward to them even more now since I know you don’t have a ton of extra time in your busy life with Lincoln now here :) I love the picture of the puppy – so cute!

  13. i cannot get over that onesie! i need to find the MN one, and then bookmark it for….later. i laughed when i saw these favorites, because i’ve pinned about half of the recipes you had! you food bloggers were on their game this week!

  14. That picture of Lincoln is just too much. Love the onsie.
    Great finds! So glad to see the return of the Friday Favorites!

  15. Lincoln is just the cutest! Love all these Friday faves, especially the bag and the yummy new recipes I’ve got to try! Have a great weekend. :)

  16. Kim G. 08.23.2013

    I was so excited to see the Friday Favorites back, but I sure wish I knew where you get the energy~

  17. Christa 08.23.2013

    Nice cleaning list. Let me get started on today. Or maybe just the whole week since I pretty much haven’t gotten any of them done. Ha

  18. Patty 08.23.2013

    Love the restaurant map, cleaning schedule, the chalk board, photo board…great post! :) Happy Friday

  19. Julia 08.23.2013

    Love that salad and that tote! Happy Friday!

  20. Becky 08.23.2013

    One of my dear friends used to tell me when a baby smiles and laughs in his/her sleep, the angels are talking to him/her. I LOVE it!
    I am going to pin the summer shandy recipe. I am in love with peaches right now. We just canned peach jam this AM, and I have your peach and blueberry cobbler pinned to try SOON!
    Target has a “knockoff” version of the Michael Kors watch. Check it out here

  21. Brandi 08.23.2013

    Cutest baby ever! And those caramel cupcakes look AMAZING.

  22. Ohhh I have missed these Friday Favorites! In case you are wondering whether or not I’m being truthful when I say I could pin almost everything in these favorites, you’ll notice a lot of repins from healthgirl jamie. That’s me :-)

    I think I’m actually most excited about the cleaning organization chart. I am the worst cleaner ever, and I actually think it could help me :-)

  23. char eats greens 08.23.2013

    That tote, the ‘to do’ list and the instagram picture…LOVE!!!! I really need a to do list for sure, because I randomly will do stuff, but I think I’d be more consistent if I had something TELLING me what to do!!

  24. He is too cute! Love all the photos!

  25. I have that MK watch and just love it! One of my favorite things about the watch has nothing to do with the looks. I have a pretty small wrist and the watch came with 3 removable claps, so you could adjust the size to fit your wrist without having to take it to a jeweler. I was so happy about that part!

  26. Jamie 08.23.2013

    Oh, that first laugh is the best! My guy used to smile and chirp in his sleep, slayed me every time.

  27. Love that instagram idea. I need to get on that project asap! Lincoln is such a little cutie!

  28. Tom 08.23.2013

    Omg, the TV Food Map is life-changing. Not gonna lie; a majority of our destinations are influenced by the local eats, so we’re ALWAYS researching food show stops beforehand. Glorious!

    Hope things are going well for you three…certainly looks they are :-)

  29. Brynn 08.23.2013

    I love Friday Favorites!! But, this may be my favorite thanks to a certain cutie. :) Oh, and I am also obsessed with that watch and bag. #wishlist

  30. Carma 08.23.2013

    Hooray Fridays are back. And a couple good ideas for the peaches that I have languishing in my fridge. (we split a lug with my neighbor and I need to get them used up)

  31. dawn 08.23.2013

    Lincoln is adorable. Enjoy every moment. My kids are teenagers now. I’m loving all your pics and will be doing some pinning!

  32. Linc is so tiny & adorable, I can hardly stand it!

  33. So glad Friday fav is back!! That Instagram board is a great idea and love those s’mores bars and cupcakes!! Yummy!!

  34. Anne [A Squared] 08.23.2013

    I desperately need that cleaning schedule! I’m a good cook, but a horrible housekeeper.

  35. Well look at you really getting back into the swing of things. Good job Momma! Love so much about this Friday Favorites, I need to find a way to make that photo collage, I have WAY too many Instagram pictures. Loooovvee the purse, I can almost feel the soft supple leather. That Kung Pao needs to get in my mouth ASAP! I’m actually making Kung Pao Shrimp Sunday for next week’s lunches.

  36. Amy 08.23.2013

    Kristin, thank you SO much for including my Peach Pie Cinnamon Rolls in your Friday Favorites! I’m really touched, especially to be along such mouthwatering recipes like the S’mores Bars and Green Thai Smoothie.

    Lincoln looks like an absolute sweetheart! He’s going to be such a cute little baby (and he’s lucky to have a really talented mom!). Have a wonderful time at the Farmer’s Market, and hopefully you find some sweet and juicy end-of-summer produce!

  37. Lynn 08.24.2013

    “Most” babies begin life looking like adorable little no-necks….not your little guy. He has the most amazing little visible neck already. Seriously cute…..and he makes any post more appealing!! Enjoy. I know you are!

  38. Jenna 08.24.2013

    Isn’t it so interesting your cravings during pregnancy, but nobody mentions the after part! We used to live in the Des Moines area when I was going to college. Des Moines is great! I miss it so much, minus the winters. Maybe one day we will head back that way. For now our little crew is close to grandma & grandpa’s. That’s what is really us all about in life! When your little one gets a nit older and doesn’t take as much time one in one, you should try your hand at a garden. It’s so rewarded and knowing you are feeding your family something healthy you have grown, sounds pretty granola but really is worth it. No I’m not a hippy! Lol!

  39. Diana W. 08.24.2013

    Your happiness is shining through your writing! I am broadly grinning with each blog post I read….not saying you weren’t a happy camper before mind you! Love your Friday Fav’s and am drooling over that Vintage Leather Tote, even while I cringe at the $200 price tag. Must tell you that just last night I saw an infant who was only about 9 hours old smile her very first smile and MY heart almost burst… and it wasn’t my kid! I can only imagine how you felt!!!!! (I am a labor/nursery/post partum nurse) I hope you enjoy your Market Saturday with Mom, and am looking forward to the great pics I’m sure you’ll have.

  40. Seriously obsessed with your Friday Faves. Just bookmarked three recipes! And what a cutie your baby is!

  41. Kimberly 08.24.2013

    I love your Friday Favorites! Those peach cinnamon rolls look to die for! And random I work with one of your cousins’ their wife. Small world! And Lincoln is adorable I may look to see if they have a onesie for Kentucky :)

  42. Coty and Mariah 08.24.2013

    Totally digging the littles mans onesie! Also, we love your Friday Favorites:)

  43. Kristin 08.24.2013

    I saved So. Many. Things. from this week’s Friday Favorites. Maybe I’ll be inspired to cook some dinner or do some home improvement projects this week. So glad you’re enjoying time with your little man. He’s a doll!

  44. Maggie 08.24.2013

    Love the FF again this week!

    Something unrelated, but you seem like an American history lover and I just have a hunch you will find this project as important as I do. Check it out:

    (PS I’m not a part of this project or anything but just came across it today. I used to go to the local drive-in with friends every summer from age 16-21. Perfect way to spend a summer evening. And it would just be so sad to tear ’em all down)

  45. Andrea 08.25.2013

    I just love that tote with the gray sweater. Hooray for the return of Friday Faves!

  46. Megan 08.26.2013

    OMG he is SO adorable and I absolutely LOVE his little onesie – Iowa Pride all the way!

  47. Ali 08.28.2013

    I love that onesie. I wish they had a Colorado one!

  48. Julie 08.30.2013

    We made the Southern Shandy the other night and it wasn’t as good as it looks in the picture. Maybe we should’ve used a different beer other than Bud Lite but that’s what we had on hand; a peach infused type of beer might have made it better. We didn’t smell or taste the beer at all. So there’s just some wasted calories being consumed. There was just something missing in the drink itself. Maybe I’d blend them next time instead of over ice. Add more peach brandy :)Something. Anyone else try these and have suggestions?

    • brandy j 09.11.2013


      So sorry to hear you didn’t love the drink. I would try a beer with a little more flavor if you give it another go. Like the Harp used in original post. If you like Blue Moon that works beautifully (we recently did this). A peach flavored beer would be magnificent as well. Hope that helps! Thanks for trying it out! :)

      brandy j

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  50. Jessie 01.03.2014

    Just found your website recently on pinterest. As soon as you posted the Vintage Tote bag, I immediately bought it. This is one thing my sister is going to be so jealous of! Thanks for the find and I look forward to finding out more of your “Friday Favorites”!

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