Friday Favorites


Woo – this week has been a doozy!

Between catching up from being gone last weekend, preparing to be gone again this weekend, and having a baby with a cold who wants to be held during all waking hours, I. Am. Spent. But, as they say, no rest for the wicked! This weekend I’m off for a family reunion of sorts, celebrating my beautiful cousin’s wedding and catching up with some family members that I haven’t seen in nearly 20 years (how sick is it that I can say things like that? 20 YEARS?!) I am so excited. Full recap coming Monday!

In the meantime catch some sleep for me, have a wonderful weekend, and please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite indulge: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Skillet Cookie. If you open just one link in today’s Friday Favorites, make it this one. OH MY GOSH. Just wait until you see the gooey center filling. Some people (Averie!) are so creative.


Favorite find: Sloan Sheath. I am just bursting to share this little black dress from Banana Republic with you. I have been on the hunt for a perfect LBD for oh, I don’t know, 12 years now? THIS IS IT! Fits like a glove, but is not too tight in the midsection (perfect for new Moms,) super comfortable and classic. I bought it for my cousin’s wedding and will pretty much be wearing it for all special occasions from now on. You’ve been warned. (Tip: order a size up!)


Favorite combo: Caramelized Butternut, Crispy Kale + Fontina Pizza with Pomegranate Salsa. I need this pizza in my life in the worst possible way. Pomegranate salsa? I can’t even handle it. Making this as soon as I can!

Caramelized-Butternut-Crispy-Kale- -Fontina-Pizza-with-Pomegranate-Salsa-1_mini

Favorite furniture: Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack. I have a space in the dining room that this would look amazing in. As a side note, this website, Scout Mob, is so cool. Kind of like a craftsman’s Etsy.


Favorite upgrade: Mini Caramel Apple Pies. Squee – too cute! These hands pies looks amazing, and more fun to eat than regular caramel apples which just smear all over your face and get stuck in your teeth. I feel un-American admitting that, but it’s true.


Favorite fashion. Isn’t this vest so cute with it’s faux fur and tweed on the hood? I tell you what, tweed is totally coming back. It was everywhere when we were shopping at the Mall of America last week. That and houndstooth.


Favorite gift: Gift in a Cup. As we get older it’s more difficult to figure out what to give friends for their birthdays. I love this idea for putting a bunch of fun little things in a reusable cup. Let’s someone know you’re thinking of them, but is also quick and easy to put together.


Favorite flashback: Iced Oatmeal Cookies. Ok, you can tell how tired I am by the amount of sweets in today’s post – I always crave sugar when I’m dragging!! Regardless, these gorgeous cookies reminded me of the sweet and crispy packaged cookies I used to eat as a kid. I bet these homemade ones are so much better!


Favorite fitness: No Equipment Necessary Full-Body Circuit Workout. You need absolutely nothing beyond a chair and coffee table to get through this kick butt circuit. Love it!


Favorite fall: Crispy Autumn Veggie Burgers with Apple Cider Slaw. I am a big fan of burgers outside of grilling season, especially when they have brussels sprouts in the patties. Hallelujah!


Favorite DIY: DIY Camera Strap. Though the site is in another language, Google provides a translation and it’s not hard to follow along. This is so cute and would actually put to use one of the bazillion scarves I insist on hoarding in my closet.


Favorite bite: Flourless Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies. Holiday cookie season is just around the corner. These look like just the thing to whip up on a cold weekend and enjoy with a cold glass of (almond) milk.


Favorite decor: Home Sweet Home. Doesn’t the monochromatic treatment of these hanging letters look neat? Understated and unique.


Favorite spin: Cinnamon Crunch Skillet Bread. You’re welcome.


Favorite giveaway: Pampered Chef Rockcrock Dutch Oven. Pampered Chef recently sent me this dutch oven to try out for soup/stew/one-pot meal season. It’s made from glazed clay and you can, get this, put it in the microwave, on the stove, in the oven, under the broiler, and even on the grill. AND it’s dishwasher safe. Need I say more?! Here it is in action >

I loved it so much that Pampered Chef agreed to give a Rockcrock Dutch Oven along with a bamboo cooking set and nylon tool set to one IGE reader!



Have a great weekend!

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  1. Loving all of the cookie recipes this week. Don’t know which is my favorite.

  2. Runner Girl Eats 11.08.2013

    I am obsessed with everything on this post. I have a cute cross the body purse with a broken strap that I might need to try to fix with a scarf strap…

  3. Jack 11.08.2013

    Kim St. Onge just name dropped you on KCCI, reminiscing about your demo last year at the Beer, Wine, and Food Expo. The word amazing was used.

  4. Madison 11.08.2013

    I love this Friday Faves because of all the delicious desserts. That Cinnamon Crunch BRead is getting pinned as we speak. :)

  5. I had a Pampered Chef party the month before the new RockCrock came out and OMG I was so disappointed to have missed an awesome deal on it! I’m sew jealous you got one!

  6. Lea 11.08.2013

    You are one busy momma! Love all the recipes this week. That pizza with the pomegranate salsa… yeah, that’s happening.

  7. tammigirl 11.08.2013

    I pinned those iced oatmeal cookies the other day because OH MY GOSH! They are the next cookie I am baking!

  8. What a great round up of favorites. I pinned almost all of them. :)

  9. Mallory 11.08.2013

    The skillet cookie. O.M.G. I used to make chocolate chip skillet cookies and topped it with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup – when it was just taken out of the oven. Oh man…

  10. Such a fun round up! These dishes look outta control. Do I start with the cookie or the apple pie? Such a tasty dilemma!

  11. That reclaimed wine rack has been on my radar for MONTHS – it’s so freaking CUTE!

    • I too really like this reclaimed wood wine rack. I also have the perfect place for it in my kitchen.

  12. Katie 11.08.2013

    I love looking at your Friday Favorites!

  13. Stef 11.08.2013

    OK, the scarf as a camera strap idea is SO COOL. I need to try that for sure!!

    My MIL hosted a Pampered Chef wedding shower for me last summer. Rather than bringing gifts, guests purchased something for me from a wish list I created in advance (and could purchase things for themselves, too, like a regular Pampered Chef party). It was the coolest, and I stocked my kitchen with so many awesome gadgets and serving pieces! PC stuff is so great and durable. I love it!

  14. Beyond just the Home Sweet Home, I love all the white and then that pop of color with the yellow vase!

  15. I wish that you could by my stylist. I love every single clothing piece you ever post!!!

  16. Virginia 11.08.2013

    Hi Kristin! Thank you for featuring my Home Sweet Home! I’m glad you like it :) Love your Friday Favorites! – Virginia

  17. BeccaV 11.08.2013

    A friend of mine from college works for Pampered Chef and helped create the RockCrok!
    My son loves the iced oatmeal cookies from the store, I can’t wait to try the recipe from your Friday Favorites.

  18. that dress is making me want to leave work right now and go shopping. immediately. thanks for the tip!

  19. Sorry to hear about the little one having a cold. :( Hope he feels better soon!

    Awesome Friday faves, per usual. Apparently, my skillet needs to be used soon.
    And I love tweed, so I’m glad it’s making a come back,

  20. I totally had that pizza pinned too; gorgeous and delicious!

  21. Kim in RI 11.08.2013

    Love your friday favorites posts. Thanks for sharing – some really yummy looking recipes!

  22. Erin 11.08.2013

    Well, thank you for this post! I just wasted approximately one hour on Scout Mob and ordered about 5 things :) We just moved into a new house and are in desperate need of wall decor – that site is amazing!

  23. Kristin thanks for linking to my Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Skillet Cookie! I am so glad you love it and thanks for the nice compliments!

    And the Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies that you linked to on Heidi’s site are actually from my cookbook!

    So double-thank you for featuring two of my recipes! :) I appreciate it and hope you have a great weekend and that your little guy gets better soon! Enjoy your weekend away!

  24. Tammy Hershberger 11.08.2013

    OMGosh, I am SO making that giant cookie this weekend!!! All of these suggestions are amazing!

  25. That dress! Ugh. So perfect! And I agree…I always crave sweets when I am tired. I just might have to make that skiller cookie cake this weekend…since I will be home alone. Uh oh!

  26. Allison Judge 11.08.2013

    What a great giveaway! I have been selling Pampered Chef for 7 years now and have been using the Rockcrok for a few months. It has been a fun pan to play with!!

  27. ErikaMC 11.08.2013

    Oh my gosh – that skillet cookie is to die for! I love your Favorites :) Awesome giveaway too. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Suzanne 11.08.2013

    I’m loving all your Friday Favorites especially that veggie burger. Well the ice-cream looks pretty darn good too. I used to sell Pampered Chef a long time ago and I do love their products, looks like a great giveaway!

  29. Kimberly Hampton 11.08.2013

    Love the Friday favorites!
    Are you headed to Ohio for the wedding? Safe travels and have a great time visiting with your family!

  30. Sonya 11.08.2013

    I love everything you posted today!

  31. Love that gift in a cup idea!! Totally using that!!

  32. Anastacia 11.08.2013

    Oh my goodness that camera strap is too cute and a perfect idea for some Christmas gifts. I work with a lot of photographers therefore, I have a lot of friends that I can make these for!

  33. Tieghan 11.08.2013

    Thank you so much for featuring my pizza, Kristin!! So excited you like it and are going to make it!

    Happy friday!

  34. The DIY camera strap is adorable! And I’ve been overdue for one too!

    Have a great time at your family reunion!

  35. ColleenB. 11.09.2013

    I just gotta make those mini caramel apple pies. They look wonderful
    Thank U 4 this giveaway opportunity.

  36. Nancy A. 11.09.2013

    I have got to try that skillet cookie! It looks so gooey and good. Would love to have that Pampered Chef set, need a pot like that so badly and it looks like it would do many things for me!

  37. Jennifer 11.09.2013

    Hi Kristin and thanks so much for including my Cinnamon Crunch Skillet Bread in your list. Loved all your Friday favorites!

  38. i actually have that reclaimed wine rack…bought it off of etsy..same exact one actually. i seriously LOVE it. its worth the money. that vest is so adorable, too!

    i like that workout you posted..i just pinned it myself. i think ill do it after my run today. ive had ZERO time to workout during the week due to work…. i used to work out 6 days a week and it was like good workouts each time…those days are ovre… and my waist is feeling it haha but i think ill try to do these short HIIT workouts during the week and perhaps something longer on the weekend.

  39. Cassie 11.10.2013

    All the skillet recipes look so fun… I’m going to have to try!

  40. Gamat Gold 11.10.2013

    Great contest. Good luck everyone..

  41. Tamara 11.11.2013

    I love the gift idea, thanks for sharing!! Those burgers look amazing, too. xo

  42. Michelle Allred 11.11.2013

    I am so hungry right now after looking through your list….sigh.

  43. That camera strap is so clever! My camera strap recently broke so I’m definitely going to do this next weekend!

  44. caslyn 11.11.2013

    I tried the cookie skillet…it was ehhh. So gooey and sweet…almost hard to eat. I think next time I’ll add walnuts and use less of the sweetened condensed mixture. I would also bake the bottom layer for a little bit before I put the milk on top.

  45. […] the holiday season comes holiday parties and, like a little black dress, everyone needs a go-to appetizer to serve. Baked Brie Bites are it! TWO ingredients, not counting […]

  46. Sarah 12.10.2013


    Thank you for posting the LBD from Banana. I had been searching and searching and you were right, THIS DRESS IS PERFECT! I wore it to my company Christmas Party with a gold belt and got so many compliments. There are so many things you can do with it; belts, jewelry, the possibilities are endless.

    Also, Lincoln is not helping my baby fever but he’s so stinkin cute, I love looking at your family posts! Have a great day.

    Sarah from Texas

  47. Great information. Lucky me I came across your blog by chance (stumbleupon).

    I have book marked it for later!

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