2-3 Mile Treadmill Workouts

25 Minute, 2.7 Mile Treadmill Workout

30 Minute, 2.5 Mile Treadmill Workout

30 Minute Reverse Countdown Workout

30 Minute, 3 Mile, 3-2-1 – 1-2-3 Treadmill Workout

30 Minute, 3 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute Incline Interval Treadmill Workout


3-4 Mile Treadmill Workouts

30 Minute, 3.05 Mile Treadmill Workout

30 Minute, 3.15 Mile Treadmill Workout

30 Minute, 3.15 Mile Treadmill Workout II

30 Minute, 3.25 Mile Treadmill Workout

30 Minute, 3.2 Mile HIIT Treadmill Workout

30 Minute, 3.35 Mile Treadmill Workout

32 Minute, 3.5 Mile HIIT Treadmill Workout

32 Minute, 3.65 Mile Treadmill Workout

32 Minute, 3.7 Mile Treadmill Workout

33 Minute, 3.7 Mile Treadmill Workout

34 Minute, 3.65 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.3 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.5 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.5 Mile Treadmill Workout 2

35 Minute, 3.5 Mile Treadmill Workout 3

35 Minute, 3.5 Mile Treadmill Workout 4

35 Minute, 3.5 Mile 5-4-3-2-1 Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.6 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.65 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.65 Mile 5-4-3-2-1 Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.7 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.75 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.75 Mile Treadmill Workout II

35 Minute, 3.8 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.8 Mile Treadmill Workout II

40 Minute, 3.85 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.9 Mile Treadmill Workout

35 Minute, 3.9 Mile Treadmill Workout II


4-5 Mile Treadmill Workouts

40 Minute, 4 Mile Treadmill Workout

40 Minute, 4 Mile Treadmill Workout II

40 Minute, 4.1 Mile Treadmill Workout

40 Minute, 4.25 Mile Treadmill Workout

40 Minute, 4.25 Mile Treadmill Workout II

40 Minute, 4.25 Mile Treadmill Workout III

40 Minute, 4.3 Mile Treadmill Workout

40 Minute, 4.4 Mile Treadmill Workout

45 Minute, 4.25 Mile Treadmill Workout

45 Minute, 4.45 Mile Treadmill Workout

45 Minute, 4.6 Mile Treadmill Workout

45 Minute, 4.65 Mile Treadmill Workout

45 Minute, 4.75 Mile Treadmill Workout

45 Minute, 4.75 Mile Interval Treadmill Workout

45 Minute, 4.9 Mile Treadmill Workout

45 Minute, 5 Mile Treadmill Workout

46 Minute, 5 Mile Treadmill Workout

47 Minute, 5.2 Mile Treadmill Workout

48 Minute, 5 Mile Treadmill Workout

5-4-3-2-1 Treadmill Workout

50 Minute, 5 Mile Treadmill Workout

50 Minute, 5 Mile Treadmill Workout II

50 Minute, 5 Mile Treadmill Workout III

50 Minute, 5.1 Mile Treadmill Workout

55 Minute, 5.6 Mile Treadmill Workout

55 Minute, 5.7 Mile Treadmill Workout


Other Treadmill Workouts

3-2-1 Workout Outline

Climbing Treadmill Workout

Running Hills Workout

HIIT Cardio Treadmill Workout

HIIT Cardio Treadmill Workout II


Other Workouts

3-2-1 Stair Stepper Workout

30-20-10 Cardio Workout

30-20-10 Full Body Circuit

30-20-10 Full Body Circuit 2

30 Minute Total Body Workout

45 Minute Treadmill/Stair Stepper Workout

60 Minute Mix-It-Up Cardio Workout

70 Minute Cardio/Weight Workout

8 Minute At-Home Cardio Circuit

Butt & Ab Blaster Workout

Quick & Easy Free Weight Circuit


Workout Tips & Tools

5 Reasons Why I Workout

5 Tips to Survive Summer Exercise

10 Boredom Busting Tips for the Gym

11 Tips to Get Up for a Morning Workout

Create-a-Loop Exercise Tool

Exercise Motivation Tips

How to Not Quit Mid-Run

How to Run Longer and Faster


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  2. Marie 03.08.2010

    Very cool site and workouts…. will use them to spice up my running training straight away. Thanks

  3. kallie 04.26.2010

    as a girl always on the prowl for new workouts to spice things up, i am definitely planning on giving those babies a test run! :)

  4. […] walked around the mall a bit and when I got home I did an 8-minute circuit training courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats and DVD workout before eating […]

  5. Whitney 07.09.2010

    NICE! Congrats on your Top Health Blogger status as well. Can’t wait to try some of these, too.

  6. […] Running Often: I follow the 70/30 rule when it comes to eating. 70% healthy, good-for-me eats – 30% wicked, indulgent treats. While running and regular exercise allows me to sometimes tip the scales towards a 60/40 ratio (my favorite!) it’s also a great stress reliever and makes me feel a little bit better about sitting on my butt in an office chair all day. I pretty much run exclusively outdoors when the weather is nice, but enjoy trying different treadmill interval routines in the winter, which I share on my blog, to shake it up a bit! […]

  7. […] Monday – 3 mile run. Stole the workout from Iowa Girl Eats. I modified speed, I’m still SLOW. Check out her awesome treadmill workouts! […]

  8. […] by Iowa Girl Eats and (Never Home) Maker, I created an interval workout so that the treadmill wouldn’t seem so […]

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  10. […] Run Run Run! Ive been looking to IowaGirlEats for some fun (and not boring) treadmill […]

  11. Stephanie 04.27.2011

    I tried to do your 30 minute, 3.35 mile run on the treadmill today, but I failed. It got going too fast for me. :( There, I feel better that I told someone I failed. Lol!

  12. A byootaful Life 07.06.2011

    […] routines on her blog, so as soon as I got upstairs (after a shower of course!) I bookmarked her Workouts page and I’m determined to complete each and every […]

  13. […] So I picked up slack these past two days and have done some pretty killer workouts courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats! […]

  14. sue 09.09.2011

    You Rock! Love what your doing here…don’t stop
    Cheers from Nevada!

  15. […] an interval workout.  Iowa Girl has a great collection of them here.  Between changing incline, speed and pace, you are moving along in a varied routine that keeps […]

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  17. […] like to pretend that if I was a treadmill aficionado, I would do workouts like IowaGirlEats.  However, as a newbie on the treadmill (I prefer to run outside as much as […]

  18. dawn 12.01.2011

    Yesterday I got my new eliptical.. woo hoo, no more waiting at the gym!!! So I got on it, and WAM, the display was not working right… so I looked in the manual and there is a fix. Whew, tonight I do the fix. so last night I did about 15 minutes and I am used to about 50, so I gotta get my display working!

    I am with ya in spirit but gonna have to do some heavy catching up!

  19. Holly Quirk 12.17.2011

    From an Iowa girl who loves to eat to Iowa Girl Eats: I stumbled on a link to your website while doing a search for Buffalo Chicken Wraps. I didn’t want to spend to much time on here tonite (need to get 4 kids to bed) but found your site to be more than impressive and inspiring. Although I am completely behind the start date for the Holiday workout, I am thinking I can start now and go into January and then pick up on some of your workouts to be ready for a vacation (somewhere warm) in March. I love the detail you put into your recipes making it seemingly possible for anyone to accomplish! Thanks and I look forward to checking back here often!

  20. Fiauna 02.01.2012

    These workouts spice up my dreaded treadmill running routine and challenge my fitness. Thanks!!!

  21. […] posted another 45min TM workout so I might try that one. Then again I might also try one of Iowagirleats TM routines (cool blog! I found it by randomly googling 45 minute TM workout). So expect a report from me on […]

  22. […] From […]

  23. Sarah 03.28.2012

    Love your great treadmill routines! Always looking for ways to change it up! Your recipes are wonderful too! This is my new favorite blog! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Alec 04.05.2012

    I recently moved to Iowa last June for a new job (originally came from Florida). It has been an interesting transition, but the more I get to know Iowa, the more positive things I see. Your blog proves my point that there are tons of things to do you just have to find it! Keep the great blog posts coming, I am loving this :)


    A new Iowan resident and lover of food, culture and travel

  25. diina ross 04.09.2012

    Florida keys first trip I’ve evver taken.I had the best time of my life.

  26. […] up and knowing I wouldn’t want to do it later. I completed a 50 minute treadmill routine from Iowa Girl Eats. She has lots of great treadmill workouts, check it […]

  27. […] of my friends at the pool recommended this website for treadmill workouts: Since I am going to be on the treadmill for most of my workouts due to the kids, I can’t […]

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  29. Reid 11.05.2012

    Been running a lot lately. wanted to recommend the Saucony Cortana shoes. 4mm drop. and the inov8 shoes 0mm drop. Very natural running. Both feel good on the calves and achilles. Also just wanted to let you know that Chris Norton will be featured on If I Knew Now tomorrow and every tuesday. I think you will find great inspiration from him. he has a 3% chance to walk after paralysis and he is already taking steps. Just wanted to invite you over as a friend in the great blog world.

    p.s. thanks for following us on twitter. means a lot to our staff since we follow you. :)

    • Reid 11.08.2012


      Thanks for the email reply. Just wanted to let you know I sent an email back with a fun attachment. I was a little worried it may end up in spam with an unknown address. I hope you receive it.

      Have a great/sunny day.


  30. […] love (lust?) with the treadmill. I found a progression run of sorts on Iowa Girl Eats (she has an amazing list of treadmill workouts) and got to work. I tweaked it a bit and added some time and speed as I went along and let me tell […]

  31. […] of the story: It’s a slippery slope people. Be ready. Maybe I should try taking tips from this fellow-midwestern girl. And if you have any suggestions on how to re-motivate the workout habits (and miraculously find […]

  32. leah 02.06.2013

    just getting into running, and literally feel pathetic that i can barely squeeze a mile out of me, all your workouts i have seen seem very high impact, how do i build my way up

  33. Jenny 04.01.2013

    Hi! I just wanted to tell you that thanks to your site (I emailed you about a year ago and you responded right away!), I’ve lost 75 pounds eating mostly your recipes and using your workouts and tips. You’re awesome!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 04.05.2013

      That’s amazing, and so inspiring, Jenny! Congratulations to you, and keep on keepin’ on!! :)

  34. Brittany 05.13.2013

    Wow Jenny! That is so wonderful and what an inspiration! I am actually using the “IGE Plan” too…can’t wait to see even more results than I already have!

  35. […] However, if hot weather forces me inside, then I have to embrace it. I usually steal a page from Iowa Girl Eats treadmill workouts, and go for it. But if I can get outside, before the sun is up too much, then I […]

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  40. […] me to walk part of the 3 miles.  (Ideally, on my “Fartlek” days, I would go with a treadmill interval workout from Iowa Girl Eats or one that I created. I’m a huge fan of treadmill interval workouts. I […]

  41. Mary 04.11.2014

    I found that when I used to get on a treadmill, I would get quickly bored and rarely pushed myself like I should.  A friend told me about some killer treadmill workouts on iTunes.  They basically have a top-notch trainer taking you through a HIIT routine for the treadmill.  Seriously kicks my butt every time, in just 20 minutes:

  42. Linda 04.22.2014

    I’m in search of a treadmill (figure I can find a great deal on a used one this time of year), but what’s a good brand to get? Would live to try some of these out!

    • Kristin 04.27.2014

      Hey Linda! I have a really old one at home – I usually run these at the gym! That being said, I’d check out some reviews on Amazon!!

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  44. […] Girl Eats has a flipping ton of treadmill workouts on her blog! I googled it quick and saved the above image to my phone and easily worked my way […]

  45. Onen 10.26.2014

    I love the banana and peanut combo so I made mine with a scoop of vegan vanilla flavoured protein powder, coconut &almond milk and spinach. 408 calories:52g carbs/33g protein/12g fat

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