In between burying my nose in Rick Steve’s Rome guide book (btw I am never traveling anywhere without him again – Godsend!) to dish the facts about this, that and the other ruin we were standing in front of, Ben and I took the time to appreciate how unique the city of Rome really is.

Take for instance, its doors.


Yes, Rome’s doors! Ben still doesn’t quite understand my fascination with these babies, but I found it utterly fascinating that every door in Rome – whether it led to an apartment building, a bank, or other business – is completely different… and BEAUTIFUL!

224 245

Some doors are new, while others are old.

156 170

Some are HUGE,


while others are small. ;)


Many channel other continents and time periods,

207 084

but no matter what, each one has its own identity.

046 229

I never saw a single one that looked like the other!

060 070

Come on – you think it’s interesting…don’t ya’?! ;)


Whenever we’d see someone about to head in, we’d hang back to catch a peek of what was inside. A lot of times they’d reveal a lovely courtyard…


while other times they’d open up to the most wonderful sights in the city!




The thing that charmed us the most about Rome was that behind each door, and around each corner, there was a new and interesting view.




238 239

There was no shortage of “what the??” exclamations as practically every other turn produced a massive and intricately carved building!


No clue as to what these buildings are used for, but they’re HUGE and they’re EVERYWHERE!


We assume that many are used by the government – but who knows?!


Arguably the most impressive buildings we stumbled upon were the hundreds of basilicas created over dozens or hundreds of years, sprinkled generously throughout the city.


Each one was absolutely breathtaking,


and filled with so many details it’d take you YEARS to pick them all out.


Other times the shout was “ohhh!” as the beautiful street views never failed to wow us.


I think the reason I kept feeling like I was on a movie set, as we walked through the streets of Rome, is because everything I’ve ever seen on tv or in the movies about Italy – the crumbling brick,


the romantic street lights,


and the hidden trattorias, are REAL!


Another thing that is evident no matter where you are in the city, is the ruins.


If Rome cashed in a mere fraction of the thousands of marble columns from hundreds and thousands of years ago, scattered ALL over the city, they’d be the next Dubai…before the bust…


The city has truly built itself up around the ruins – which is so incredible.


Seriously – this building was over 1,000 years old and I walked next to it. I TOUCHED IT!


How’d you like to live across the street from Cesar’s old palace?!


The great thing about the ruins is that they’re accessible. If this were in America, there’d be armed guards, men in lab coats and a DO NOT TOUCH perma signs over the entire city.


The people in Rome though, respect the ruins. They’re allowed to enjoy and live amongst them without restriction. I think that’s AWESOME.


Hope you enjoyed a peek into the unique city of Rome! :D

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