Fun Fact Friday: New Food Experience!


Good Friday morning to you all!

Check in: How was your week? Crazy? Ok? Dreadful? Fab? Mine was pretty good – nay, great! Aside from my brush with a little bug on Wednesday, I feasted on fresh bread, reflected on my goals, and even saw a dope musical! :D

Share: I have weird hair. It’s really fine so I can’t use product in it because you can see the product, I can’t rat it because you can see the rat, etc., so it ends up looking really flat most days. Well I read in a magazine yesterday that when blow drying your hair, tip your head over and whatever hair that naturally falls over your face, start paddle brushing and blow drying in an “x” pattern to build some volume at the crown. I tried it out today and it worked like a charm! Volume achieved and no product needed. Score!

Eat: Today’s breakfast looks very…vanilla…shall we say – but it’s tasteeee!


Let’s break it down:

IMG_0117 IMG_0119

IMG_0121 IMG_0123

I received this cereal as a free sample in the mail a couple weeks ago, and thought today was a perfect day to break it out. It’s kind of high in the sugar department for such a tiny portion – but a fun detour from the usual breakfast!


I crushed my bread slice in .5 (seriously, go to Great Harvest if you have one nearby) and am saving my yogurt and cereal for work. I’ll let you know my thoughts on the cereal tonight. :D

All that talk of Thanksgiving yesterday, gave me a great idea for lunch today. I channeled some of my fave T-giving flavors and made a Dried Cranberry, Turkey & Almond Salad.


In the mix:

  • Roasted turkey
  • Dried cranberries
  • Sliced almonds

IMG_0094IMG_0097 IMG_0099

Yum, yum, yum! The more I eat sliced almonds, the more I love them. They add such a unique crunch and nutty taste to whatever I add them to.

I also packed some produce I found loitering in my fridge: a White Peach and some Baby Carrots.


I think I prefer regular, yellow peaches to white peaches…but any old peach will do, really – I don’t discriminate against fruit!

IMG_0109 IMG_0111

Well it’s the end of the week…which means it’s Fun Fact Friday time!

Today’s Fun Fact: I’ve never eaten a pomegranate until this week!

I have been very nonchalantly eating pomegranate seeds this week, but I’ve been secretly dying to tell you all about them!

Clearly Iowa isn’t known for their booming, pomegranate export industry, therefore I’d never even laid eyes on one until a couple of weeks ago in the grocery store. I don’t know why we suddenly had a big shipment in, but I didn’t know the next time I’d have an opportunity to try one so I snatched one up!

I researched online as to how I was supposed to remove the delicious, jewel-toned seeds inside and after visiting a few websites, I confidently dove in. Here’s what I did:

Gather the software: 1 pomegranate.


Gather the hardware: 1 sharp knife and 1 bowl of water (and clean hands!)


Cut the pomegranate in half.


A little juice will spill out so have a paper towel handy.


Submerge the pomegranate halves in the bowl of water and start removing the seed pockets with your thumbs.


After all the seeds have been removed, scrape out the “pulp” that will be floating at the top of the water bowl.

IMG_9935 IMG_9936

Pour seeds into a strainer and rinse.


At this point, the pomegranate seeds are ready to enjoy! You can eat them whole or bite down, drink the sweet juice the spills out and spit out the inner seed. I, of course, ate mine whole :)


Serve over yogurt, on salads…with champagne…just sayin’!


My seeds were a little bit lighter than the pictures I viewed online, but they were wonderfully sweet, a bit tropical tasting and such a FUN and unique food to eat! My little pomegranate yielded a TON of seeds – way more than I was expecting, actually. Well worth the $2 investment. :)  Next on my list is to try: POM Wonderful!

Have a truly wonderful day, friends – any fun weekend plans you’d like to share?

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  1. Niki 10.02.2009

    I’m so glad you posted this about pomegranates!! I have never tried one and am now VERY tempted to!! POM Wonderful is well.. WONDERFUL! Love the stuff:) The only weekend plans I have so far is going to the bridal show this evening with my fiance! We won something and have to go sit through a demonstration to claim out prize:)

  2. Nicole 10.02.2009

    I had the same thing for breakfast! Received my free sample yesterday :)

  3. I was SO happy when pomegranates started showing back up… just be careful if you’re going to put them in smoothies…the seeds broke my blender a couple years ago!!

  4. Leianna 10.02.2009

    I would love to try a pomagranate, hopefully I can find one at the store here. I get to work all weekend!

  5. Hope 10.02.2009

    Hey Kristin,

    I thought of you last night while I was grocery shopping. Honeycrisp apples are $1.88 a lb. at Hyvee on University/Jordan Creek Parkway in West Des Moines. Thought you might like to know. Have a great weekend!


  6. That’s a great hair tip! I’ll have to give it a try. Even with product my hair always ends up kind of flat.

    I’ve never eaten a pomegranate either. I’ve had tons of pomegranate flavored things but never the actual thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them at the store. I’ll have to look this weekend!

    My plans for this weekend aren’t super exciting. Tonight we are going to my inlaws for dinner to celebrate my mother in laws birthday. Tomorrow I think we are getting together with my sister in law to let our dogs play and then going to a get together with my husbands cousins tomorrow night. Sunday will probably be catching up on stuff at home.

  7. Teresa 10.02.2009

    Loving your blog! I also bought my first pomegrante at Dahl’s this week. Just watched a “Good Eats” episode about the fruit last week, so I wanted to give it a try. The seeds were delicious, but I was surprised that they were hard like unpopped popcorn kernels, so I didn’t really eat very many of them. Now I know from reading your blog that there were “seeds” inside the seeds. I’ll have to give them a try again. By the way, Alton Brown recommended putting the seeds in a blender to make fresh pomegranate juice. He also boiled down the juice to make pomegranate molasses. It looked wonderful!

  8. Evan Thomas 10.02.2009

    Your lunch is making me so ready for Thanksgiving! I just adore Whole Foods stuffing like nothing else

  9. Mikael 10.02.2009

    I’m with you in the fine hair department… thanks posting what you did! I’ll give it a shot! And thanks for the advice on how to get pommy seeds. They are so yummy! One of my fave scents too :)

  10. mina 10.02.2009

    Pomegranates are my fave fruit! I think they get more red as it gets closer to x-mas. I wish it wasn’t so time consuming to get the seeds out – esp. when I eat them so fast!

  11. Stephanie 10.02.2009

    love the step by step on the pom — i have never tried one myself like this either so maybe now that i know how i will :) this weekend i am headed up north with some college besties and we are visiting a winery!

  12. Anne K. 10.02.2009

    I got that same sample, and I thought it was so good! Love the Thanksgiving inspired lunch, too. My week kinda sucked, but oh well. Haha, glad you had a good one :)

  13. holly 10.02.2009

    pomegranates are the best! i received that same sample – it tasted good, but totally agreed: way too much sugar!

  14. Lindsey 10.02.2009

    I just tried my first pomegranate this week too!! I didn’t research though :( I just wanted those little juicy pearls !

    I can’t believe how expensive they are (even though they are definitely worth it and have a million little seeds inside.) I paid 1. 59 for mine and thought that was a bit on the steep side. . but now I know why POM is so expensive!

  15. Brittney 10.02.2009

    Haha I had the same thought as Hope when I saw the $1.88 Honeycrisps!

    Also, with your Thanksgiving-esque salad, have you ever been to Which Wich on any of your trips to Iowa City? It’s a sandwich place franchise with a bunch of realllly neat sandwiches, and one of them is the “Thank You Turkey” and it has stuffing and cranberry sauce on it.

    Also, I’m making rice pudding for lunch, a la you & Vitamin G!

  16. I have hair JUST LIKE YOURS! Very fine and FLAT. I put a bit of hairspray in it but if it has too much product it ends up looking really gross and greasy.

    Can you expand on the trick you used?? I’d LOVE to try it but don’t really get what you mean. Do I turn my head upside down and then blowdry, or just tip my head forward??


  17. jen 10.02.2009

    I love pomegranate! I don’t get them nearly enough either, but they’re always a treat when I do!

  18. Megan 10.02.2009

    Haha I had no idea what “ratting” hair was. . I had to look it up. We refer to that as teasing hair. I love how regions have their own terms for things. :)
    Hope it’s a great day!

  19. Rebeca 10.02.2009

    I love your hair!!! It’s sleek and shiny, but I’m glad your technique worked! I am going to buy a pomegranate now, I was a bit hesitant but now I am going to go in for the kill!

  20. I love food that tastes like seasons. For me roasted soups taste like fall and turkey tastes like thanksgiving. :-)

    My weekend is not all that exciting. I have to go to a celebration for work tomorrow night in Boston and then after church Sunday I have a parade down town :-)

  21. Liz @ intheskinny 10.02.2009

    I’m glad you posted about what to do with a pomegranate. I have seen your pretty pictures all week and had wanted to give it a shot.

  22. RunToTheFinish 10.02.2009

    cool I always wondered what I would do if I got a whole one!!

  23. Candy 10.02.2009

    Pomegranates are the BEST fruit ever and one of my favorite parts of fall. Great addition to a salad. I’m kind of a pom snob and only buy the “Pom” brand, but as soon as the good ones come in our local HyVee, I order a case. It’s usually the end of October. They will keep well refrigerated, but they don’t usually last long around our house. Did you know all pomegranates have exactly 840 arils (seeds) no matter what the size? So the bigger the pom, the bigger the arils and Pom tends to have the larger fruit and brighter red arils (no, I don’t work for them). And it’s hard to beat a pomegranate martini!

  24. LaVonne 10.02.2009

    I love pomegranates, as well! They are only in the stores until the end of December, so enjoy them now! A friend told me that they freeze well, after you have seeded them—so I am going to try that this year—so I can enjoy them in July!!!

  25. BroccoliHut 10.02.2009

    Love that Thanksgiving salad!
    My first time opening up a pomegranate was quite messy–it ended up looking like a pomegranate crime scene in my kitchen!

  26. Erin 10.05.2009

    Wow! I have super fine, but thick hair too … I’m trying that new stylin’ step tomorrow when I get ready for work. Thanks for the tip!

  27. […] a great tutorial on how to extract the seeds I hit up Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats.  She did a killer job at giving step by step […]

  28. […] started with a whole pomegranate and took the seeds out following the directions on Kirstin’s blog. Kristin has the best How-To Guides. It worked perfectly and made no mess at all! Then I just made […]

  29. Cate 11.16.2009

    Ahh pomegranates bring back so many happy memories of childhood! My new fave ingredient though is pomegranate molasses – have you tried it (most Middle Eastern and continental delicatessen’s sell it here in Australia.) It’s amazing stuff, so many uses but it turns pork or beef spare ribs into a divine experience…. :)

  30. […] had to look up how to process a pomegranate on my own site – I had totally forgotten how! I won’t lie – it’s kind of a […]

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