The Proposal


Good morning! I’m feeling very Christmasy today…perhaps it’s the red cardigan and Christmas tree ornament-esque necklace?


Or maybe it’s because it’s supposed to snow this weekend?! Don’t get me started… Anyways, given the temps, I thought it was HIGH time I made a warm, comfy bowl of oatmeal for breakfast! Today’s concoction: Apple Crisp Oatmeal.


In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup each old fashioned oats, water & skim milk
  • 1 Braeburn apple, finely chopped
  • Dash/splash of cinnamon/vanilla
  • Toasted almonds & coconut
  • Drizzle of sugar-free syrup

I followed my normal stove-top oatmeal cooking directions, but kept the heat on medium low so the apples could get nice and soft…and they DID! Sweet & cinnamony – this bowl kicked.


Lunch today is some rather unfortunate looking leftovers. That sauce though…salty, spicy & sweet = sooo good you guys!


Spoiler Alert!

Did last night’s episode of The Office make anyone else’s heart go pitter-patter? The tears were welling up as they went back and forth between everyone dancing down the aisle and Jim and Pam getting married at the front of the Niagara Falls boat! I had a perma grin on my face! Which, brings me to…

Today’s Fun Fact: I got engaged in San Diego!

When Ben and I both lived in Minneapolis right out of college, every so often we would put one person “in charge” of the weekend. Whoever’s turn it was had to fill Friday evening through Sunday afternoon with fun things we thought the other person would enjoy in terms of activities, places to eat, etc.

Well one weekend in August of ‘07 – it was Ben’s turn. Thursday night came and I was told to pack a bag (wheeee, we were going somewhere!) because we would be heading to the airport on Friday afternoon, and it would be warm where we were going.

4:00 on Friday came and I learned of our destination as we checked in for our flight: San Diego! I had never been, but love every square inch of California I have ever stepped foot on so, of course, I was IN!

Picture 248

Our weekend was spent doing everything one must do while in San Diego: eating fresh baja fish tacos, visiting sleepy beach towns like Cardiff by the Sea, strolling through the Gas Lamp District and laying out at the beach!

Picture 254

Oh, and getting sufficiently “sun-kissed”!

Picture 261

Saturday night came, we put on our best and headed to dinner.

Picture 265b

I won’t go into too much detail, but about 30 minutes later…we were engaged to be married!

After the proposal, we had dinner at a little restaurant that was literally floating on the water.

Picture 268

We were floating on Cloud 9 :)

Picture 266  Picture 267

8 months later, we got married!

Picture 269

A surprise trip to California AND a marriage proposal? I think I’ll keep this guy around!! ;)

Well my busy week is finally winding down…just so it can wind back up for a busy weekend! Our friends are getting married and Ben is in the wedding, so we have the rehearsal dinner tonight, followed by the wedding and reception tomorrow night! I’m so excited – who doesn’t love a good wedding?!

Happy Friday everyone – oh and come back tonight for some stuff I’ve been promising you! :D


Have you ever taken a spontaneous road trip or vacation?

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  1. Rachel 10.09.2009

    OMG That is the sweetest proposal story I’ve ever heard! He did a good job :)

    I loved The Office too. I was laughing and crying at the same time…while running on the treadmill! lol I’m sure I got some crazy looks.

  2. VeggieGirl 10.09.2009

    Aww, such lovely memories!! :)

  3. Lizzy 10.09.2009

    AW you two are adorable, what a wonderful story!!! :)

    I love the idea of apple crisp oats. i need to make these asap!

    I sometimes make spontaneous road trips but never full out trips. I need to learn to be more spontaneous though cause it keeps life interesting!

  4. I Love to hear about wedding proposals! I got engaged in San Diego too! It wasn’t a spontaneous trip… we lived there! Did you get engaged at the Marine Room?!? That restaurant looks just like it… floating in the water :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. *Andrea* 10.09.2009


  6. That’s a sweet story!

    Have fun at the wedding this weekend! It’s supposed to snow here too, I’m not excited!

  7. chandra 10.09.2009

    Awe, cute engagement story!!

    I cannot believe there is snow in the forecast this weekend! It is way too early for that.

  8. Holly 10.09.2009

    That is such a cute story!! I’ve never really been on a spontaneous trip before….I need to live it up a little!

    SNOW?! WTH? I sure hope that snow stops at the Indiana/Illinois border. :-)

  9. Leslie 10.09.2009

    Quick question….

    How many will that Pep. Farm Vanilla Bean Cake serve?
    I am thinking about trying it out this weekend…my daughter is turning 5 and I am burnt out on food prep and baking at the moment…


    PS- I can’t even believe that we have to endure Tracy for another show…or more….

    Leslie in Tn.

  10. Anne K. 10.09.2009

    SNOW?!? Already?? That’s insane. I love those apple crisp oats! Apples in oatmeal are soo good :) Your proposal story was so cute!

  11. Holly 10.09.2009

    SOOOOO cute! you and ben are an adorable couple! and the apple crisp oatmeal is looking pretty adorable too :)

    have so much fun at the wedding this weekend! enjoy!

  12. Leslie 10.09.2009

    great story! so cute!!!

    i just got engaged last weekend – check out my proposal story here –

  13. Lindsey 10.09.2009

    I definitely teared up a bit during the office too- and not because the Nard Dog was!

    I love y’alls engagement story- Actually, my favorite part of that story was that you two planned weekends for each other!

  14. Evan Thomas 10.09.2009

    The Office was hysterical last night. I loved the dancing in the aisle–that’s when you know you have good friends, when they coordinate a dance like that in your honor

  15. Mikael 10.09.2009

    And you’re not going to tell us how he proposed? Darn… you got me all excited ;) That’s my favorite part of talking to a bride.
    Hope you have fun at the wedding! I’m not too fond of weddings at the moment. Where I live, everyone (my age) and their dog is getting married right now. Mormons… they just have no patience or something! :P
    Never been on a spontaneous trip. I’m a planner!

  16. Aww that’s sweet. Definitely a keeper :-)

    I once took a spontaneous road trip with my dad as a kid. I was up late at night with him and he asked if I wanted to go on a trip. He drove until we got to Stutgartt (we were stationed in Germany) and then we went bowling early AM. So fun and good memories.

  17. Erin 10.09.2009

    That is so sweet! Congrats!!!!

  18. brandi 10.09.2009

    how sweet :) Planning each other’s weekends sounds fun!

  19. Devan G Newman 10.09.2009

    you two are so stunning :)

  20. angieinatlanta 10.09.2009

    What a beautiful story! Love it!

    And I adored last night’s office as well; their boat wedding was so romantic!

  21. Whit 10.09.2009

    ahhhh, that is the cutest story! I wiped a little tear away, you guys were so adorable. :D

  22. Jacqueline 10.09.2009

    What a guy! I love hearing stories like this. My nose was thisclose to the monitor to find out how he proposed. LOL!

  23. Yasmin 10.09.2009

    I hope I have a great engagement story one day too! I just have to find the guy first ;)

  24. chocolatepickle 10.09.2009

    I saw snow in our forecast in the next couple days too! I couldn’t believe it! Time to get out the ear muffs and snow boots! Sometimes the Midwestern weather is just CRAZY….it’s ONLY October!!

  25. Margaret 10.09.2009

    Great engagement story. We aren’t typically spontaneous travelers but it is so fun! One Wednesday in late winter, we looked at the weather map to find the warmest place in the U.S., and that Friday we headed from Iowa to San Antonio for a long weekend. Thanks to a Last Minute Deal from Travelocity, it was shockingly affordable!

  26. The big blue dog 10.09.2009

    New reader here!! :)

    I would kill for some snow it’s so hot here in Florida!

    Your trip to Cali looks amazinnng!

  27. Carrie 10.09.2009

    Aw, cute! Never been to San Diego–would like to go someday.

    When my husband proposed, I was floored. For so long he said he didn’t want to get married until he finished school (*medical* school) and be financially sound. I didn’t think we’d get married until we were 45, LOL. So when he proposed my first year out of college, I was so happy and stunned that I was one of those woman that sobbed/laughed hysterically for a good 3 minutes and left him hanging.

  28. SO RANDOM… I wrote about my proposal (+pictures) on my blog this morning! Too funny! We also got engaged in CA– but in San Fran!!!!
    Love this post…the pics are so cute!!!!! How long have you been married?

  29. Tay 10.09.2009

    Awww you 2 are adorable :-) I’ve only been on one spontaneous trip to Santa Barbara, but it’s only 1 1/2 hours away. So not too far. I was just sad one night, and hopped in the car to spend the night with my best friend!

  30. Wow, what a great story, thank you for sharing! I would love to go on last minute, surprise trips like that………=) I did more as a child and before I had my daughter then now, but I know I will again some day. You looked great in the pictures, so pretty. I love your hair! I always wanted mine that color, I plan to go darker this fall but I know my skin tone would go best with more of a light brown.

    =) Laura @ Finding A Healthy Balance (after a 100+ weight loss)

  31. Emily 10.09.2009

    Hi Kristin! How sweet!! I grew up in Cali and don’t you love San Diego? I miss it sooo much! :*( LOL anyways just wanted to see what you were up to and let you know that you’re the subject of my Follow Friday post today! Your site is definitely a good follow! Take care!

    Oh and have fun at the wedding! I got to watch 2 of my nephews (brothers) get married this year! <3

  32. Wendy 10.09.2009

    What a sweet proposal story, thanks for sharing!

    I can’t ever remember going on a spontaneous trip. Well, once in college, but it was only 20 min. away to this little town with a GIANT tree in the Missouri River bottoms. Spontaneity these days is just about impossible, with a 2- and 4-yr-old!

  33. Mandy 10.09.2009

    No spontaneous trips for us! That’s crazy hard with kids and a dog….
    Thanks for sharing your engagement story!

  34. Lauren 10.09.2009

    My heart is full after reading this! You and Ben are so adorable, it’s just so darn heartwarming. ;D

    Have a fabulous time tonight chica!

  35. Nicole 10.09.2009

    That is a cool tradition and story! I actually took a spontaneous trip to San Diego when the Texas Aggies played in the Holiday Bowl in 2006. Three friends, my husband and I drove in a Ford Focus all the way from College Station, TX to San Diego nonstop (except food and gas)! All on a week’s notice. Sharing that small of a car cross-country with 4 guys is NOT my idea of a good time! Also, last week my husband and I drove 10 hours (from College Station to Marfa, TX) to see Bon Iver in concert at a tiny theater. It was incredible! That was also on a week’s notice. We are spontaneous roadtrippers and we love it.

  36. Lee 10.10.2009

    I’m in San Diego right now for a wedding! Weird coincidence.

  37. jen 10.10.2009

    The Office was so cute!

    That’s a great proposal story. It’s awesome that you have such great pictures too!

  38. […] last time I was in SD, nearly 4 years ago exactly, Ben got down on one knee and proposed. Holy buckets, this weekend has a lot to live up […]

  39. […] hold a special place in my heart because they were the first meal Ben and I had together after getting engaged in San Diego in 2007, and I order them whenever I get the chance. The saute on these babies was crisp and […]

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