Fall Dinner Staple + Cornbread Fail


Good evening everyone! How’d your Monday go?

It was so weird getting to work and having it be so light out outside! I felt like it was 10:00am, when in fact, it was only 8am! Rats. At any rate, the day went quickly and I got to come home to some pre-made, hearty, ready for me…

Homemade Chili!


Part of last night’s dinner prep for the week included making a big pot of this fall and winter dinner staple. :)


I followed my recipe for Chicken Chili, except I used 93/7 lean ground beef instead of shredded chicken. I let the whole things simmer for about 20 minutes on the stove, cool down and then popped the pot into the fridge.


Tonight, all I had to do was heat the pot back up, top with shredded cheese & oyster crackers and CHOW! This recipe is seriously no fail. And I’m happy to report that it was one of my best batches yet!


I must have gotten a wee bit distracted while adding the cayenne pepper yesterday, because this pot had me sweating! You know, right under the eyes? That’s when you know it’s hot ;) Yowsa!


Now what’s a good bowl of chili without its partner in crime, Cornbread? Well, that’s where the big, fat fail comes into play…

Since finding out that my favorite cornbread, Jiffy, has partially hydrogenated lard in the ingredient list (gross) I just haven’t been able to bring myself to make it. I tried the Krusteaz brand cornbread, and while it’s extremely delicious, it’s also close to $3 a box. Nuh-uh. Not going to pay $3 for cornbread.

So, I decided to make my own and picked up a bag of Hodgson Mill, Yellow Corn Meal at the store this weekend!


No partially hydrogenated lard in here! :D


I followed the recipe on the back of the bag because if anyone would know cornbread, it would be the cornbread people, right?


Wrong. This wasn’t cornbread, cornbread. This was cornbread, cornbread. Aka, not sweet, kind of dry…and well, not Jiffy! I’m just not hardcore enough to eat the real stuff, I guess.

So, I went on a recipe hunt and made cornbread round 2: Grandmother’s Buttermilk Cornbread. Aka, the only cornbread recipe you will ever need!



This was an “I freaking love” experience for sure!!!


Moist yet crumbly, sweet yet a little savory – unbelievable. Had to take the pan away from Ben, unbelievable. Don’t buy another package of cornbread mix – make this recipe!


PS Upon asking Ben if cornbread was one word or two, he told me that it was one and did I want to know how he knew? Of course I did, and he told me “Cornbread” is the name of one of the first graffiti artists in the US – the “Father of Graffiti” if you will.


Cornbread started to write graffiti to attract the attention of a girl he liked in high school. First he wrote on the hallways, then her locker. Apparently this wasn’t enough to get her attention, so he started writing on the walls along her bus route to school. When she still wouldn’t pay him any attention, he broke into the school bus barn and wrote on the inside of every bus so she could see how he felt no matter which one took her home. In the end, he got the girl. :)

I bet you never you knew graffiti was so romantic, did you? I bet you never knew Ben knew so much about graffiti, did you?

Snackaeage for Gossip Girl =


I used to, no joke, eat entire bags of this homestyle popcorn in high school. It is by far the best flavor of microwave popcorn, in my opinion. Nowadays, the 100 calorie bags make for perfect portion control.

IMG_3044 IMG_3046

Going to put in a little blog work, then it’s Gossip Girl time!



Do you like sweet or savory cornbread?

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  1. VeggieGirl 11.02.2009

    Interesting information regarding the graffiti artist!

    Savory for me! :)


  2. Evan Thomas 11.02.2009

    I love a good chili. Kidney beans and lentils usually in mine :-)

  3. Tiffany 11.02.2009

    I love sweet corn bread. I actually came across the Grandmother’s Cornbread recipe on allrecipes.com awhile ago. I’ve been making it ever since I discovered it. I’ve tried some others, including a recipe on the back of the corn meal box and it wasn’t the same!

  4. I like cornbread that has a hint of sweetness. Add a smidge of sweet butter and it is dessert for me. Chili and cornbread is a perfect meal.

    That story about CornBread is awesome. I love fun strange facts and stories :-)

  5. Brittney 11.02.2009

    I have a healthy appreciation for anything ending in “-bread” so I’ll take either, though I was raised on sweet. My mom makes her Aunt Roma’s cornbread which could seriously pass as cake for dessert YUM!

  6. brandi 11.02.2009

    man, we had a cornbread fail yesterday too! Tried a new recipe and it did NOT turn out.

    I’m going to try again later.

    I love savory cornbread :) I don’t mind sweet, but I don’t like really sweet cornbread.

  7. Glad you found a good cornbread recipe in the end! I definitely did not know about the romantic origins of graffiti before!

  8. lindsey 11.02.2009

    ah! this just makes me want to try cornbread even more. i have lived in NC for almost 12 years and STILL haven’t gotten around to it! tsk, tsk, i know :)

  9. Joe 11.02.2009

    Kristin- I LOVE PBS morning cooking academy, and the other day on America’s Test Kitchen was all about cornbread. Apparently, southern cornbread is really savory, and northern cornbread is really sweet. (it goes so deep that southerners apparently don’t even call northern cornbread “cornbread.” They call it sweetbread.) Chris, the host on the show, says that for a TRUE compromise, the only state in the union that can appease both camps (the southern and the northern) is cornbread found in Maryland. Go figure! Hope you’re well!

  10. I love chili! This is the perfect weather for it!

  11. Jenna 11.02.2009

    Chili is such a staple in my winter meal rotation :) To me, I think the flavor is even better the next day!

    And cornbread, heck yes. When I lived in my sorority house in college, our cook made strawberry cornbread. Oh yes, it was heaven.

    Enjoy your evening!

  12. Heather 11.02.2009

    I love Jiffy cornbread! When I was a kid, I used to mash it into bowls and top it with butter:) How sad to know it has trans fat in it. I live on my own now, so I can’t justify the egg purchase to make them.

    And the chili looks amazing, I like mine with a little more tomato, though. I generally throw in a can of diced tomatoes.

  13. Mary Ann 11.02.2009

    I like savory with corn kernals and jalapeno in it…with a touch of sweet! Marie Calendar’s make a super yummy cornbread mix, they used to have a giant bag of it at Costco for an excellent price.

  14. Lindsey 11.02.2009

    Your chili looks delicious! My mom used to make amazing chili all the time, but I’m not sure what the recipe is!

    Anyhoo- that cornbread is mouthwatering– I like to eat the cornbread from Black Eyed Pea and have never had the thought to make it myself :)

    I love that Ben knew about the first graffiti artist–how random!

  15. Katie 11.02.2009

    Kristin, I tried the same recipe on the back of the Hodgson Mill bag and didn’t care for it either. I definitely prefer my cornbread on the sweet side, but enjoy a good savory cornbread as long as it is flavorful and isn’t dry and crumbly. I have several cornbread recipes that I use and that Grandmother’s Buttermilk Cornbread is one of my favorites. I have subbed 1/4 c whole wheat flour and 1/4 c egg sub or egg whites for one of the eggs and I make buttermilk with lemon juice and skim milk. Other recipes we like are for Sweet Cornbread (from Recipezaar or Allrecipes?), Pumpkin Cornbread from Recipe Girl, Cornbread Muffins from Amen Let’s Eat!. I’m very picky about chili, but yours looks delicious. I love making a big pot of soup and some sort of bread this time of year, although it looks like we are going to have sort of a heat wave this week with temps in the 60s. I definitely need to get out and walk/run in the morning!

  16. Lizzy 11.02.2009

    That chili looks amazing! :) its def one of my favorite things to eat during the cold winter months!

  17. BroccoliHut 11.02.2009

    I am embarrassed to admit that I have never liked any kind of cornbread…maybe this recipe will change my mind?
    I DO love chili though!

  18. Devan 11.03.2009

    corn bread and chili are the BEST combo.. honestly ive been craving it.. anthis post DEFIANTLY has e craving chili and cornbread:)

  19. Laura Amundson 11.03.2009

    Savory. Cornbread should not be sugary. It’s delightful with jalapenos chopped up into it.

  20. Moe Wadle 11.03.2009

    The Quaker Oats corn meal container recipe for corn bread is a good one I think and it does have a little sweetness because it calls for some sugar…and I bet the price of that brand is really, really competetive with those high-priced brands. And, if it is not sweet enough then add a little more sugar. And for health the recipe calls for oil….not solid shortening. Enjoy!!

  21. Tyler 11.03.2009

    i also consumed entire full bags of homestyle popcorn in high school on many occasions! i had a crazy appetite when i was a teenager, lol. i completely forgot about that popcorn until you mentioned it.

  22. jen 11.07.2009

    mmmmm…I love cornbread! Thanks for the recipe, I’ll definitely give it a try!

  23. Hot Pepper Dave 01.13.2011

    OK, my real name is David A. Carey.
    I have read about your “Judy’s Baked Beans” but cannot find the recipe.
    I realize you are very busy but if you get a minute could you shoot me the link?

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