How To Cook Butternut Squash & Make Butternut Squash Ravioli


Follow the easy directions below on how to cook a butternut squash and make Butternut Squash Ravioli!

Baked Butternut Squash

1. Choose two, small-medium sized butternut squash, or one large squash.



Locally grown is great!


2. Wash and dry the butternut squash, then use a small pairing knife to pierce the “bulb” end on 4 sides. Place on a microwave safe plate and cook for 3 minutes, flipping the butternut squash half way through. This will make it easier to cut.

IMG_2862IMG_2864 IMG_2865

3. Place your butternut squash on a cutting board, and take out a sharp knife and spoon.


4. Slice the top and bottom ends off of the butternut squash.


5. Stand the squash upright and slice it all the way through. This shouldn’t be too difficult since it’s softened slightly in the microwave.



6. Scoop out the insides of the butternut squash with a spoon or grapefruit spoon.



7. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees and place butternut squash halves on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Mist or drizzle with a small amount of olive oil, salt & pepper (optional) and bake for 40-50 minutes, or until a small knife can be easily inserted into the thickest part of the squash.


If the squash isn’t cooked all the way through, but is starting to get too brown, place a sheet of foil over the top and continue to bake.


8. Allow your squash to rest until it’s cool enough to handle.


9. Take a large spoon and scoop out the baked flesh from the peel. It’s ok if some of the peel stays with the flesh, it’s safe to eat.


10. At this point you should have about 3 cups of baked butternut squash!

Butternut Squash Ravioli Recipe

Makes 40 ravioli.


  • 3 cups baked butternut squash
  • 1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/4 onion
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • Salt & pepper
  • 40 wonton wrappers



1. Chop onion and garlic. Sauté onion in olive oil with some salt & pepper until softened, ~4-5 minutes. Add garlic and sauté for another minute being careful not to burn.

2. Transfer cooked onion and garlic to a food processor.


3. Add butternut squash and cinnamon to food processor and pulse until all the ingredients are combined and smooth (may need to work in batches.)


4. Place butternut squash filling into bowl and taste. Add more salt and pepper if necessary.


5. Setup a work station that includes a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, small bowl of water, cutting board and butternut squash filling.


Place wonton wrappers onto a plate and cover with a moistened paper towel.

IMG_2935 IMG_2936

6. Place wonton wrapper on cutting board and moisten all four sides with water.



7. Place ~2 teaspoons butternut squash filling into the center of the wonton wrapper.


8. Fold one corner over to the other and seal two sides, pressing any air out of the middle of the ravioli.


9. Fold one corner over, then fold the other corner over on top.


Squeeze gently to make sure corners stick together.


10. Place ravioli on wax paper lined cookie sheet.


Once you get more comfortable making the ravioli, you can start doing several at a time.



11. Once you’ve made all the ravioli, place the cookie sheet directly into the freezer and allow raviolis to freeze through for ~1-2 hours.


12. Once raviolis are frozen, place inside a freezer safe bag and store in freezer. Raviolis should keep well for 4-5 months and can go directly from the freezer to the stove or pot of boiling water.


13. Follow my Pan Fried Butternut Squash Ravioli with Walnut Butter Sauce and Bacon for the best way to cook up your butternut squash ravioli!





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  1. VeggieGirl 11.06.2009

    Love the step-by-step tutorial!

  2. Pamela 11.06.2009

    I will definitely be making this, just as soon as possible!

    Question: Would it work to substitute chopped butternut squash from the freezer aisle? (I don’t like canned squash unless I am making a bisque, but I’d rather skip the carving steps involved with fresh squash.)

  3. Rebecca 11.06.2009

    That looks amazing! can’t wait to try this.

  4. Anna 11.06.2009

    Thank you so much for this recipe! It looks delicious and the little ravioli’s are so cute! What a genius (but obvious) idea to microwave before slicing; I always feel like I am going to accidently chop my finger off as I struggle to get a knife through raw squash!!

  5. I NEED A FOOD PROCESSOR IN MY LIFE. Sigh. That looks amazing lady! So impressed with your foodie skills.

  6. Those look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!

  7. Katie 11.06.2009

    Totally making that this weekend. Looks amazing and vegan friendly. Yummy yummy!

  8. Brittney 11.06.2009

    You don’t seem like too much of a frozen dinner person BUT– Healthy Choice has redone their frozen line and I’ve gotten into them for a quick “grab if I have no time to make lunch” before running out the door… They have a Pumpkin & Squash Ravioli with asparagus, sweet potatoes & baby onions that is QUALITY in terms of frozen meals. Obviously your squash/walnut/bacon creation can’t hold a candle, but it might be worth a try for others!

  9. Brittney 11.06.2009

    *I meant that the other way around… the frozen ravioli can’t hold a candle to yours haha– hopefully you got what I meant :)

  10. Nikka @ neekadeek 11.06.2009

    Thank you thank you thank you!
    I am so excited to make this!
    I sincerely doubt it will last in my freezer for 4-5 months, but good to know that if I practiced self-control it could : )
    By the way, your photographs documenting the process are stunning, well done.

  11. disneypal 11.08.2009

    Thanks for the tutorial on how to cook a butternut squash and for the ravioli recipe! I have been wanting to make butternut squash ravioli but had no idea how to prepare the squash !

  12. Dawn Hutchins 11.09.2009

    Whoa that looks amazing!!! I must try this.

  13. Sarah C 11.09.2009

    I’m a new super-huge fan of your blog! I’ve been printing out recipes like mad the last few days, thank you very much! I’m so anxious to try your apple butter. Quick question, your photos are amazing, what type of camera do you use?

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  15. julie 12.10.2009

    ummm so i’m coming over for squash ravioli dinner. WOW that looks insane. SO good :) great job girl!

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  17. Beth 02.11.2010

    Hi, I’m making these tonight for dinner, do I treat them differently if I don’t freeze them? Not sure if the cooking time/result will be different if I’m using freshly made ravioli’s as opposed to frozen ones. Please let me know! Thanks! I can’t wait to try these babies!!!!

  18. Aimee Frangione 02.25.2010

    I made the ravioli’s last night with my homemade spaghetti and it was delicious! I also made your Sweet potato stuffed baked apple and they were awesome too. I love your website! I cant wait to try some of your other recipes. Thanks :)

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  20. Adelina 09.16.2010

    Just a quick question – why do you have to freeze the ravioli before cooking it?

    I will make this dish tonight, most definitely! Thanks for posting!

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  24. Lisa 01.03.2011

    I’m making these now and can’t wait for dinner tonight!

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  26. anna 07.30.2011

    I made this last fall with squash and a sage/butter sauce… round 2 tonight but I’m going to fill them with spinach and ricotta! Thanks for the inspiration.

  27. Jennifer 09.21.2011

    I just finally got around to making my frozen raviolis tonight, and they were amazing. This was such an excellent recipe, and great for my vegetarian diet!

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  29. Mrs. J 10.25.2011

    Thank you for this!! I reblogged it

    I loved them!!!! My raviolis didn’t look near as good as yours though!

  30. MeleyaD 11.11.2011

    I was looking for a butternut squash ravioli recipe to use up the last two butternut squash that I had “accidentally” grown in my backyard this year. Your recipe was easy and I went ahead and went all the way with the bacon and walnut butter. My goodness! So very glad to have come across this as it was amazing. I served it with pork chops and kale. My husband said they were beautiful and my picky kid even liked the taste she had (which means I can actually cook it for dinner for all of us one night). I was able to make two pounds of ravioli and actually ran out of won ton wrappers because I must be using a slightly smaller wrap than you have. Mine holds 1 tsp of filling well and 1 1/2 is a little tight. I have leftover filling so I’ll go back to the store tomorrow and make the rest up for the freezer.
    Thanks again!

  31. Janet D. 11.17.2011

    Stumbled across your website while looking for a recipe to use up a butternut squash in the fridge. Chose this because I actually had all the ingredients (even the wonton wrappers)! It was amazingly delicious! I’ll be returning to your website because I love the step by step pictures – great photography and instructions. Takes the fear out of trying something new. Thanks so much!

  32. Mary 02.11.2012

    I made this for my almost 10month old son. I saute it in very little sunflower oil and cut it up for him to feed himself. He loved it and I loved stealing pieces from him. So yummy!!!
    Super easy to follow guide, thank you!
    Only thing I did different was when you fold the wonton into a triangle I used a fork to press it together (after using my fingers) to get it to hold better and to do more of a ‘ravioli’ edge. Worked great and made it very pretty.

  33. Lisa 02.18.2012

    Great recipe. I made the butternut squash ravioli today. I made a tomato /walnut sauce as I do not eat bacon or butter. I’m vegetarian but I don’t eat any dairy products either. It was amazing. Thanks for the step by step directions.

  34. Betty 06.22.2012

    Mine came out looking and feeling like a raw egg. We ended up frying them. What happened to the boil? Any suggestions?

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  38. Emily 09.17.2013

    Easy to make the ravioli, difficult to cook. I ended up having to bake them in the oven
    And then broil them the last two minutes. Anybody Else have difficulty? The wonton wrapper just completely Fell apart when I tried to cook with the skillet.

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