How to Cut a Watermelon


Follow this easy tutorial for How to Cut a Watermelon and enjoy the sweet and juicy stuff all season long.


Happy Monday to ya’, and happy official first day of summer! 8)

How’s yours going so far? Mine has gone by QUICKLY. July is right around the corner which means my birthday is coming up (July 5th), which I’m kind of freaking out about. The big 27. I think that officially puts me out of my mid-20’s and straight into the upper…omg. Good thing I completely believe in the saying “age ain’t nothin’ but a number.” You’re only as old as you feel! ;)

In other news, my Mom and I went for our first morning walk since last Tuesday! She and my Dad had been out of town and I truly missed those walks, as they set such a great tone for the rest of the day. I find myself wanting to workout more and making better eating decisions when I start my morning with a little exercise. Isn’t it funny how something so little – a 25 minute walk – can affect the rest of your day?!

The walk was a hot and humid one, so I cooled off with a cold, liquid, green breakfast – a Green Monster!


In the mix:

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1 Tablespoon almond butter
  • 1/2 Tablespoon chia seeds
  • 2 big handfuls baby spinach


I only used half a frozen banana today, so it wasn’t quite as thick and luscious as it usually is. Still tasted good though!


More greens for lunch in the form of a massive veggie salad & watermelon!


In the mix:

  • Baby spinach
  • Mixed greens
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Green onions
  • Snap peas


These snap peas I got from the Farmer’s Market this weekend are HUGE! I loved snapping the ends off, then zipping the little thread right down the middle to expost the cute little peas nestled inside.




This watermelon is so amazing!!! We have about 15 containers of it in the fridge, so expect to see more!


Here’s how to cut a watermelon:

1. Wash and place your watermelon on a large cutting board.


Tip: I usually pick a watermelon with the biggest yellow spot I can find on the bottom. This means it’s been sitting in the sun the longest, and is therefore the ripest and sweetest.


2. With a large, sharp knife, slice the watermelon in half lengthwise.


3. Cut each half in half again lengthwise, so you have four quarters.


4. Cut the quarters into slices.


At this point, you could leave the wedges intact – perfect for party platters, etc – or go a step further and cut it up into cubes.


5. Slice the rind off, then cut into cubes.





Mmm – love me some juicy watermelon. :D

Well it’s time to get this show on the road. I hope this week goes by quickly, for some reason. I always get so impatient in the summer because I want to be outside!!!

Have a great, summery Monday. :)


How old are you (it’s ok – you can spill!)? Do you freak out about getting older, or just accept it?

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  1. I’m 27, and yes, I freak about getting old. Not like getting wrinkles or anything, but just how life is flying by. I want it to slow down!

  2. Good watermelon post! Whenever I’ve done them, it’s been kinda ‘hack-saw style’…!
    I’m 20 years young :)

  3. Sarah 06.21.2010

    I’m 35… I have only recently started freaking out about my age. 35 seems so middle age. But like you said, you are only as old as you feel… and I feel about 24! (Mentally too!)

    Have you ever tried peanut butter powder?? I recently discovered it in the Hy-Vee Health Market. It’s the same protein and carbs, but a mere fraction of the fat. It tastes a little strange used as a dip or on a sandwich, but in a smoothie I can’t taste the difference at all!

  4. Stormy 06.21.2010

    My birthday is actually the day after yours and I’ll be 28 this year – yikes.

    Just curious – do you just buy gladware type containers for all of your salads and fruits?

  5. Thanks for the tip on how to choose a ripe watermelon, water, honey dew and canteloupe have always been a guessing game for me. MelonRoulette if you will. But the good news, is I cut up my watermelon into cubes the same way :-)

  6. I’m 28…and started to freak a little bit about hitting 30….I know that it’s not a big deal to be 30, but for me it’s just that time is flying by so quickly!

    Looks lik you got a great watermelon…I need to pick one up this week! It’s been a few weeks since we had one and I am craving one!

  7. Mellissa 06.21.2010

    29 and I often feel like how did I get to be 29. I am still 25 in my mind ;)

  8. Beth @ bethcooks 06.21.2010

    Mmm…watermelon. I’m craving one now! I’m 30, but today, I feel about 45. A long but busy vacation and late travels doesn’t do a body good :(

  9. Marina 06.21.2010

    I adore watermelons, and I always have trouble cutting it, and not cutting my arm off :D
    I’m 20, still not freaking out much :))

  10. Midgetkeeper 06.21.2010

    I just turned 27 in April. I don’t mind aging at all. I don’t mind getting older at all. I think the older I am the better life gets.

  11. Lisa 06.21.2010

    I turned 26 in March. My body feels 16 however, mentally I feel much smarter;) Thankfully!
    I only worry about my baby makin years ;)
    My husband is 33…we can’t wait forever…that makes me nauseated(In a good,nervous way)

  12. Jessica 06.21.2010

    Today is my 27th birthday! I’m okay with it!

    • heather 06.21.2010

      (happy birthday!)

  13. I’m 28…will be 29 in August. Not freaking out yet, but next year at this time I’m sure I will be!

  14. Dream Mom 06.21.2010

    Thanks for the watermelon tips! I didn’t know that about the yellow spot. Now I’ll want some watermelon. Everything looks delicious! Love the pictures, they are really good.

    As for age, I am 51 (guess I am the old lady of the commenters, lol). I don’t worry so much about getting older; I guess that means I am fairly happy. As the years go on, I worry more about staying healthy and doing what I can to eat well in terms of disease prevention. I also believe that health begins from the inside out, meaning that if you want good skin, fewer wrinkles, etc. you need to eat healthy, not pile on more creams, etc. I gave up processed foods years ago and make nearly everything from scratch. I am in the process of transitioning to all organic foods. The health issue goes beyond good food but making sure I am cleaning with non-toxic cleaners and non-toxic health and beauty aids (I use the Skin Deep database as a guide.) so I guess clean living is how I would describe it.

  15. Cari 06.21.2010

    I’m 29, but not for long–I turn 30 in about a month! I’m not exactly freaking out, but I do think it will be weird not to be in my 20s anymore. Makes me feel like an adult! Enjoy 27–it’s not old!

  16. that’s exactly how i cut my watermelon. (are they any other ways??) and i’ve got a massive green salad for lunch too!! such a summery dayyyyy!

  17. oh, and I just turned 23 last wednesday!!

  18. Daisy 06.21.2010

    26 and yes i freak out every year. i hate how fast time seems to fly by (even though i love life and enjoy every minute!)

  19. Mmmmm fresh watermelon!!!
    I’m 22 and kinda freaking out about getting older because I feel so behind in comparison to others my age. Everyone is getting married or engaged or having babies and I don’t even have a boyfriend!

  20. a 06.21.2010

    Im 26 and defintely starting to flip out about it.

  21. Elyssa 06.21.2010

    I’m 23 and like several people have already said, I don’t feel it…I think some of that might come from the fact that I’m still in (grad) school! Once I finish next year and get a full-time position, I’m sure I’ll start feeling my age!

  22. Ashley 06.21.2010

    I’m 28 and will turn 29 on July 9th….yeah, I’m a little freaked about being that close to 30! I still feel like I’m 22 or something much younger! Oh well, better just to embrace it than fear it I suppose!

    I was just wondering how you cut the watermelon and scrolled down for the step by step…thanks!

    I love summer because I’m a teacher…I usually forget what day of the week it is ha!

  23. colleen 06.21.2010

    I actually had to think about my age – turned 34 in March. After you hit 30, the years don’t really matter to me – which is why I had to really think about it. As long as I live young I am good. Thanks for the tip on picking a watermelon. Had no clue about the yellow spot until now.

  24. Andrea 06.21.2010

    That watermelon looks AMAZING!!! I think I’m going to pick one up this week. Watermelon is such a summer food…Love it!

  25. Mom 06.21.2010

    Age-wise I’m 52 – mental wise I’m half that! The only thing that reminds me I’m 52 is sometimes the body feels beat up with too much exercise or different kinds of exercise I try. I really don’t know where the past 31 years have gone since college graduation!!!!

  26. Anna 06.21.2010

    23 here! And loving it :)
    Your melon looks delish!

  27. Bridget Miller 06.21.2010

    22 :) whoa whoa whoa… watermelon with a yellow/white spot!? What?! Ive been steering clear of those as they don’t look ripe to me. Thank you for the great tip!!

  28. Kim 06.21.2010

    44 and life gets better every year!

  29. Sara 06.21.2010

    I love watermelon…though I cut mine slightly different. :) I turned 27 last month. Don’t worry, it’s not so scary!

  30. Deirdre 06.21.2010

    I’m 25. I’m not that freaked out about the number but more about the fact that when I was younger I thought I’d have my life more settled by now like know exactly what I should do with my life and have a husband.

  31. Jen 06.21.2010

    I just turned 28 in May. Getting older doesn’t really “scare” me but time really does seem to pass too quickly.

  32. Dawn 06.21.2010

    Okay, good! There are more readers here my age than I thought.

    I just turned 50 and I cried for a week before and a week after! It was/is awful. Growing old is not for the faint at heart!

    Kristen, I was picking out cantaloupe this weekend and I looked for the yellow spot on it as well – Haven’t tried it yet, but hoping it is sweet too! Nothing more of a let down then watery, not sweet melens! I hope your trick works!

    Have a wonderful day!

  33. AnneWF 06.21.2010

    I am 46 it is just recently that I have started to feel a little freaked about my age. Then I just shake it out and move on. There is nothing I can do to stop time. I must say though that I would never want to go back. Being in my 40’s has been liberating. I find myself being more comfortable with me as the years go on. It’s a pretty groovy feeling.

  34. Sarah 06.21.2010

    I’m 24 for a couple more days. On Thursday I turn the big 2-5! A quarter century, kind of weird!

  35. sassy molassy 06.21.2010

    27 and I still forget I’m 27 and not 26. Funny. That watermelon looks juicy!

  36. Mandy 06.21.2010

    I am 35 and sometimes is really bothers me and sometimes it doesn’t. I try to be postive about my age. I have a 16 year old daughter and oddly enough she makes me feel very young. I have a three year old son and he makes me feel old and tired!!! :)

  37. jordan 06.21.2010

    i’m in the last year of my 20’s (turn the big 3-0 in november :-o ) and let’s just say i am not going to turn 30 gracefully….more like kicking and screaming and fighting it all the way! i think it is very much like a commenter above, where i just expected to be more settled and have my life mapped out by this point! however, i realize that not only are you only as old as you feel (and i definitely only feel about 24 :) ), but that life isn’t always what you think it will be. and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! i am trying very hard to adopt this positive attitude, but i know that on my birthday, i will definitely be mourning my 20’s :) oh well, life (clearly!) goes on!

    thank you for the watermelon trick! i am going to have to run out and get a watermelon today to try it out! yours looks delicious :)

  38. Bridget 06.21.2010

    I’m 36 and enjoying it! However, I am not liking the wrinkles that are starting to pop up. Oh well, I guess it comes with the territory!

  39. jassy 06.21.2010

    you have seedless watermelon…nice! now i want one…i guess i’ll look for one tomorrow:)

  40. Melissa 06.21.2010

    I’m 30 . . . turning 30 was a little traumatic, but I forgot about it almost as fast as it happened. I feel about 24 & I’m healthier & in better shape than I was at that age. As long as I look & feel good, I guess I don’t mind aging. It really is just a number.

  41. Kristin 06.21.2010

    I’m 23, and lately I’ve been mentally calling myself 24! I have to keep reminding myself that I’m 23 and my birthday isn’t until the end of July. I’m “young for my grade,” so all my friends are already at least 24. I think that’s why I keep thinking I’m 24. It’s kind of nice every year, though, in a weird way. When my birthday rolls around, it’s more of a, “Oh, okay, NOW I’m finally 24!” feeling. Because 23 sounds so young after all your friends have been 24 for so long. :)

    BUT, as the number starts creeping more and more into the twentysomething decade, I think I’m liking it less… I know 23 is not old by any means, but I do think time passes so quickly, and that’s the part that freaks me out. Listening to older people talk about how they feel like it was just yesterday that they were 23–yikes!

    Anyway, I DID cry on my 20th birthday. HAHA! Sounds so young now. I was scared to stop being a teenager and be officially in my twenties! Oh my. :)

  42. Jenna 06.21.2010

    I’m 25. I will start freaking when the age shows on my face. eek!

  43. heather 06.21.2010

    i’m 26 and i think it’s all right…life gets better every year. :)

  44. Leslie 06.21.2010

    Uggghhhhh. 41 and a HALF… and really not liking looking in the mirror…my face more so than my body…but the body is getting thicker in the middle too. And not as much energy to work out…it is harder.

  45. Ms. S 06.21.2010

    I’m 26 and mostly ok with it. The only time it bothers me is when my lovely sister says something like, “Happy birthday! You’re now over half-way to 50.” Or when my husband (who is 1 year younger) teases me by saying he’s “SO old,” implying I’m even older. But the further into my twenties I get, the more ok I am with my age and my ‘life plan’ not turning out precisely as I envisioned.

  46. Jill 06.21.2010

    I’m 29 and cool with it!

  47. Terin 06.21.2010

    I turn 29 on Wednesday! I’m typically ok with getting older, it’s going to happen whether I like it or not :). Next year will be weird not to be in my 20’s anymore though!

  48. AJ 06.21.2010

    I am turning 29 soon. It bothers me a little bit that I am finishing up my 20s and still not married. (I feel like it is stupid to be bothered about this, however, so I am trying not to let it bother me.) Otherwise, my age doesn’t bother me.

    I always buy watermelon pre-cut because I didn’t know how to cut watermelons. Thanks for the watermelon cutting tips!! Maybe now I will try it.

  49. Amy 06.21.2010

    I’m 28. I don’t typically mind getting older but lately I’ve been freaking out a little bit. It’s funny how when I was little 30 seemed so far away. I had all these big plans. Now that I’m nearly there, I’m not quite where I expected I’d be so that freaks me out a bit!

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