IGE Does Dallas!


Greetings from Dallas, Texas! 8)


After two quick flights and a slight snafu with the girls arriving to pick me up at the wrong airport (there are two in Dallas!) my friends and I were reunited at last – whee!


The consensus was that we were all STARVING – so we headed right to lunch!


We drove past TONS of cute Mexican restaurants and taco joints, but settled on Mi Cocina in a little shopping district near my friends house.


Sitting out on the patio, we chattered away as girlfriends tend to do when it’s been months since they were last reunited!

IMG_9654 IMG_9655

It’s actually been a semi-cloudy afternoon, but the humidity…my God the humidity! Don’t ever let me complain about how humid Iowa summers get – it is sweltering down here!


Problem solved. :)




We looked over the lunch menus and decided on combo #1.




Tender rice,


creamy refried beans, and the most savory, cheesy enchiladas ever. So amazing. So authentic tasting, too!


We walked off our food babies by shopping in a little area known as the West Village in the Uptown area of Dallas.

IMG_9666 IMG_9675

Entertaining myself while the girls tried on clothes at Banana Republic! Oh, I decided to keep my hair short for now and got it chopped yesterday!


We made sure to make a stop at Starby’s so I could get my mandatory collectors mug from Dallas!


And an iced coffee to boot. :)


We drove around for the rest of the afternoon, gawking at the GORGEOUS homes in the area. Seriously, palatial. Oh! And we saw George & Laura Bush’s home!! I finally finished Laura’s memoirs on the plane here, and she spoke of their Dallas home in the final chapter. How fitting that we were right near it!


The house and street itself are gated to keep creepers like me and my friends away, I suppose, but it was still cool! :D


Then we went and saw the Texas school book depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. :( The experience of seeing the building and the street on which his motorcade drove on was surreal.


On a happier note – I’m signing off for the evening to go pop open THIS:



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  1. MelissaOklahoma 07.09.2010

    How fun! I love that little area of Dallas, the shopping and the surrounding homes are just so quaint. Chef’s Aunt and Uncle, and his sister actually live very close to there!

    And you’re not kidding about the humidity…it’s super humid in Oklahoma, but Dallas is worse! I guess the farther south you go, the muggier it gets.

  2. *Andrea* 07.09.2010

    LOVE the haircut! so chic :)

  3. Dawn 07.09.2010

    Mmmmm Enchiladas! My most fav of my Favorite food! The angles of your photos are so interesting, are you a pro photgrapher? OMGosh, so pretty too!

    Have fun!

  4. Stephanie 07.09.2010

    Mexican food in Texas is seriously so good, puts the east coast to shame, your meal looks great!

  5. Daisy 07.09.2010

    That drink looks amazing!! looks like your weekend its off to a great start.

  6. Ashley S 07.09.2010

    Welcome to Dallas! I work in the Fountain Place building (triangular blue one in your first pic) :) Sorry it’s so humid today :/

    Go check out Sprinkles Cupcakes! They are to die for! (drooool!)

    Enjoy rest of your time here! Love your blog btw, I read it everyday! :)

    Love your blog btw, I read it everyday!

  7. Ashley S 07.09.2010

    Sorry for repeating in the last post, I’m having iPhone issues! Lol

  8. Sara 07.09.2010

    Sounds fun! And that’s cool how you get the collector mugs from each state!

  9. Sarah 07.09.2010

    Glad to hear you are liking Dallas so far! Mi Cocina is one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants in the city. So. Good. Enjoy Uptown and the rest of the weekend! It’s fun seeing my hometown from a different perspective!

  10. Lauren 07.09.2010

    Oh girl, it looks like you are going to have quite the weekend! I love Texas already and how fun that you get to spend some time with the girls. Must be so nice to see them again!

    Live it up! :)

  11. Whitney 07.09.2010

    Mmm… Enchiladas are always my first pick at a Mexican Restaurant! And your hair looks adorbs. That hair cut goes so perfect with your face shape and jaw line!


  12. Heather 07.09.2010

    Mmmm… Menage A Trois is one of my favorite wines!

  13. Seeing pieces of history even sad history remind me of what our country has been through. I wouldn’t want to visit places like Ground Zero all the time but to be there at least once is pretty eye opening.

  14. Kristie 07.09.2010

    Cute hair.. the wine is good too!

  15. Jacki 07.09.2010

    I always have a bottle of Menage a Trois on hand! OZV (Old Zin Vines) is another staple.

  16. Becca V 07.09.2010

    I’ve had the white wine version of your red and it was pretty good. A random coincidence for you. My friend Chris is your neighbor. I live in TN and went to ISU with Chris. Such a small world!

  17. Jen 07.09.2010

    Oh man, that drink looks GOOD!!!!! And I think your hair is adorable short, I like it better shorter than longer from the pics you put up in this morning’s post.

  18. Amber 07.09.2010

    Ahhh, so jealous! I have always wanted to visit Dallas. And you got to see George and Laura Bush’s home?! So jealous again! When I read your blog post from this morning she was the first thing I thought of! (I know, I’m obsessed with her). Have a great time! : )

  19. Lindsay 07.09.2010

    Love the haircut, it is so cute. I havent had mine cut in 6months and I am finally getting it cut tomorrow and I cannot wait!!
    I hope that you enjoy your time in dallas and get some good shopping in!! :)

  20. Daniela 07.10.2010

    Cute haircut! Your hair stays very cute even in humidity, how do you do it? And Menage a Trois is one of the few red wines I actually enjoy, yumm. Have a fabulous time catching up with your girls!

  21. Love the haircut . . . super cute!! I think you look pretty with short OR long hair.

  22. Marina 07.10.2010

    That cocktail looks amazing! What was in it? :)
    I love the name of that wine ;)

  23. Amanda 07.10.2010

    Kristin, that is one of my favorite wines!! (I also love the Alamos Malbec…just sayin!) Oh, and I just got back from Houston, and I totally commiserate with you on the Texas humidity! I thought NJ was bad, but that Gulf Coast heat is just insane!

    Have a great trip!

  24. lindsay 07.10.2010

    OMG! I collect the starbucks mugs as well…… i have Paris, Greece (they didnt make an athens one), Crete, Phoenix, cleveland (gotta have the hometown mug)
    do they make an Iowa City one?……. in cities that they do not have starbucks i buy a “touristy” mug to add to my collection……
    <3 2 travel!

    • Anna 07.11.2010

      There are cities that don’t have Starbucks?? I had no idea! ;)

  25. Girls trips are the best!! Have a great time girl!!

  26. Your lunch sounds sooooo good… and I LOVE your hair!

  27. Loving your white watch =]

  28. Jenny 07.10.2010

    Random question- where did you get your shorts? I like that they are short but not freakishly short….I’ve been having trouble finding short shorts that aren’t “booty shorts.” haha!

  29. That’s one of my favorite wines ever! Hope you enjoyed it as much as you’re enjoying the rest of your Dallas trip!

  30. Looks like you’re having a blast with your girlfriends. It must be nice that you all keep in touch even though you live in different places.

  31. oooh what fun! I would love to visit Dallas one day!!!

  32. Matt 07.11.2010

    I am from Dallas! Mi Cocina is good! Let me know if you need any restaurant recommendations ;)

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