From Midwest to Mile High!


Greetings from Denver! :D

Ben and I landed this morning and realized it’s been almost exactly a year since the last time we were here. Time sure flies!

We got in around 10am, swooped up a car and got down to business – exploring! We had nearly all day to spend doing whatever our heart’s desired and after visiting with one of Ben’s cousins, he suggested we go to Red Rocks!


Red Rocks Park is right outside of Denver and known for their CRAZY big, red sandstone rock formations that are over 300 million years old. 8O


A lot of the big rock formations are named…I forget what this one was called, but it was near “Frog Rock.” Ha.


Did I mention it’s in the 60s here? I hardly needed a jacket!


Every time Ben and I come to Colorado we’re all – “ugh, I could totally move here…”


With views like this, it’s not hard to see why. Everything has this peaceful, untouched feeling. We just love it. :)


Red Rocks Park is also home to one of the largest open-air amphitheaters in the world – the Red Rock Amphitheater!


This baby was built in the early 1900s between two humungous red rocks and holds 20,000 people. It’s held concerts for everyone from the Beatles to Blues Traveler!




Here’s the rock on the left…


and the one on the right!


When it’s not being used for concerts – it’s an outdoor exerciser’s dream come true. We saw dozens of people sprinting the endless rows of steps going up and down the length of the amphitheater.


Pushups too! ;)


Not going to lie, it really made me wish I had brought along my running shoes…


Ben and I made our way down to check out the view from the bottom.


As we ascended we were flanked by the spectacular red rocks, streaked with the layers of millions of years.



The view from the bottom (and the top, for that matter) was incredible! Pictures don’t do this place justice – it is HUGE!


Ok, here’s one –  can you spot IGE?! ;)


We explored, climbed and took in the scenery, but before long we realized we were STARVING.


The Cherry Cricket was calling our name!!!!


Ben and I fell in love with TCC last year and have seriously been craving their food ever since.


They’re known and recognized for their killer burgers and fun atmosphere.


It was 1:30 on a Friday and PACKED!


Call me unadventurous, but I knew exactly what I was going to get without even looking at the menu.


The EXACT same thing I had last year – the Moroccan Salad!


Fork tender, spiced flank steak, zesty artichoke hearts and a Moroccan Salad Dressing I’d give up my left arm for the recipe! I should have asked…


Seriously – this flank steak was like BUTTER. Super rare (just the way I like it) and so. friggin’. juicy. Unforgettable. I just swallowed drool.


Oh, and we got some fries to share. Because they taste like Arby’s fries, and we’re on vacation. Whoop!!!


The wedding festivities are getting started in just a few hours and I am PUMPED! Ben’s cousin is getting married and their rehearsal dinner is at the Denver Aquarium. Cocktail hour includes a wine-led tour. I MEAN!!! :D :D :D

Talk to you later!

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  1. sassy molassy 11.19.2010

    Oh, I do loove Colorado! Red Rocks is so beautiful! You got some great pics.

  2. How fun! I used to go to Colorado every summer to visit family but never made it to the ampitheatre. It looks beautiful though. Hope I get to visit sometime.

    I hope you have fun at the wedding. Can’t wait to see your pictures and recap on the follow-up post.

    Ciao, Dana

  3. Liz @ Blog is the New Black 11.19.2010

    So very cool! CO is on my “to visit” list. Your pics are insanely beautiful, girl! You are a budding photog! ;)

  4. Oh man, I freaking LOVE Denver!!! My sister lived there for a while and I used to love visiting. I had the best sandwich of my life at The Spicy Pickle there!

  5. Clare 11.19.2010

    Oh man! I am a huuuuuuuge IGE fan and I live in Denver! It’s awesome to see you guys explore all the cool stuff we have here. Enjoy your visit!

  6. Melanie 11.19.2010

    I am so glad that you think the Denver area seems like a good place to live – my fiance and I are thinking of making that our destination after grad school! (The DC metro just isn’t doing it for us – we miss open spaces!)

  7. Court & Whit 11.19.2010

    Oh I am so happy that you are here in Colorado! You should stop by Einstein Bros Bagels in the DTC tommorow and say hi. We could give you a discount on a bagel and coffee :)


  8. Renee 11.19.2010

    My cousin’s graduation was at Red Rocks! :) So pretty out there, I love Colorado! Have a great time while you’re out there- the Denver Aquarium for their rehearsal dinner sounds amazing!

  9. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  10. kelly 11.19.2010

    My graduation was at Red Rocks! Sadly, I don’t live in Colorado now. I love “the Cricket,” too!

  11. Jane Kathryn 11.19.2010

    Welcome to CO! I live in Boulder… it’s sweet to see my home state pop up on your blog. The aquarium is fun– although years ago I accidentally traumatized my best friend at the time by playfully waving a purple stuffed animal snake at her in the gift shop. She’s really scared of snakes… so much that she never talked to me again! Yikes. Enjoy your travels… beware of the cursed purple snake gift shop :)

  12. It is BEAUTIFUL isn’ it! I was born and raised there, but live in Sunny Central Florida now…….I MISS IT SO! =(

  13. P.S. If you want to try some GREAT mexican food visit Dora’s in Aurora, Co. (my Dad’s knows the owner Dora and I have gone there since I was a kid, SO GOOD) or The Blue Bonnet in Downtown, CO. (owned by Dora’s ex husband or a family remember, can’t remember exactly but their food is REALLY GOOD as well)!!!

  14. AmyLou 11.19.2010

    Oooh, we just went to Boulder/Denver this summer for the first time, also for a wedding! And, we hit up Red Rocks!! ;) If you have time, you could check out the free candy factory tour near Downtown Denver at Hammond’s – it’s cool to see them pulling candy the old-fashioned way! :)

    Have a blast!

  15. Erin 11.19.2010

    Nothing beats a concert at Red Rocks! If you ever get the chance, you and Ben should take one in. And, I’m off to the Cherry Cricket for lunch tomorrow. I haven’t been since July, and I’ve been pining. Enjoy your time in the Mile High City!!

  16. I think similar thoughts whenever I go to CO. It’s just so different than the midwest…love it!

  17. Imwaytoobusy 11.19.2010

    What a beautiful day! Looks like a blast :)

  18. sandra mc combs 11.20.2010

    I love it when you and Ben travel!!! I get a mini vacation for free. Gotta love it.

  19. Meredith 11.20.2010

    Gorgeous! Seriously, I can’t wait to get back to the US and travel there. As weird as it is, I have traveled more in Europe now than I have in America. Colorado is at the top of our list for places to “retire”.

  20. PLSayrah 11.20.2010

    I live here and I thank my lucky stars everyday for my beautiful home! I really hope you enjoy your time in Denver! :)

  21. Bridget 11.20.2010

    Great pictures! What a gorgeous place. I’ve said those words about CO before too. They have a great weather combo–snow and sunshine in the winter and sunshine and more sunshine in the summer! I’m going to pack my bags right now. ;)

  22. Denver looks amazing! I’m considering going there after I graduate to do a four-week publishing class. It’s either there or in NYC, and I don’t think I could fit in with that crazy world.
    Have fun at the wedding!

  23. kate 11.20.2010

    I might give up being in IC for the last home game for 60 degree weather…I might!

  24. Sara 11.20.2010

    I particularly LOVE this post b/c my puppies name is Denver.
    See the link for pictures of her!!
    — It’s a beautiful place!!

  25. Sara 11.20.2010

  26. Ryan 11.20.2010

    I dont know who you are, I got directed to your vaca photos from a BHG recipe for turkey day…. nice, i voted for ya. Rock on – nice photos, i love nature.

  27. Have a wonderful time!

    Every time I go to Colorado, I feel the same way – I just want to start house hunting right away! There’s such a peaceful feeling visiting there.

  28. Nicole (the other one) 11.20.2010

    I’m sure you are having a blast in Denver, but I just wanted to mention that Iowa IS GOING DOWN today. Go Buckeyes! O-H!

  29. sharon weaver 11.20.2010

    Next time you’re in Colorado check out the Royal Gorge. It’s breath taking beautiful.

  30. Lindsey 11.20.2010

    Great pics!! You inspired me to add Red Rocks to my list of places to visit!! =)

  31. That shot of Ben at the amphitheater looks super professional!

  32. aww fun! looks beautiful

  33. Random thought: Do you have a Starbucks mug from Seattle yet? I’m heading there on Tuesday for a week and thought I’d look out for one for you if you didn’t have on yet. Hope Denver is amazing! :D

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  36. Sarah 01.08.2012

    Just read through this post and loved it. I’m from Golden, CO, and grew up going to Red Rocks. Just watched Top Gun there this past summer. I’m an Iowa girl now, though, as I’ve lived here since I started college, which was (gulp!) 12 years ago. I am always searching for new recipes to make for my family, so I love your blog!! I have the crispy chocolate peanut butter cups chilling right now! I think they’re ready to be tested!

  37. Katie N 07.08.2012

    We were married at Red Rocks. Colorado is a pretty awesome place to live. :)

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