How to Make Jello Shots


I feel the need to tell you that although my last two posts have centered around alcohol, I don’t even drink all that often…

That said, WHO WANTS JELLO SHOTS?! Muwahahaha!


Ben and I are heading to a 4th of July party tomorrow and I thought it’d be super festive to bring a platter of fruity red and blue shots to share. I can’t even tell you the last time I had a Jello shot, and I’ve certainly never made them, but for some reason I felt utterly compelled to whip up a batch 66 of them.

DSC_0008 (2)

If you’ve never made them either, I’ve got good news – they’re ridiculously easy. First, get your supplies together: mini cups with lids, vodka, Jello (4, 3oz packages for 65-70 shooters) and fresh fruit (optional.)


Lay your plastic cups out on a platter like such, leaving some room in between each cup. They may fit now, but the lids extend a little past the cup rim.


I got these mini cups at Walmart by the way.


Oops, they seem to have forgotten to add Jello shots to the list! I’ll write them.


Next, prepare your Jello according to package directions, HOWEVER, instead of the cold water it asks for…


use cold vodka instead! :D


Once the Jello is ready to go, pour the mixture into the cups until they are 3/4 of the way full, then get out your fruit.


I used blueberries in my Berry Blue Jello batch and plopped 3 blueberries into each shot.


Aren’t they the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! I wanted to pinch their little cheeks and put them in my pocket!


Instead I snapped on their lids and stashed them in the fridge. :)


I repeated the process with Strawberry Jello and strawberry pieces,



then made a third, larger batch by combining one box of each flavor for a super-berry treat!


The great thing about these cups is you can stack them on top of each other. That way they don’t take up your entire fridge – which is where they need to stay for at least 4 hours to firm up.


Shootin’ time! :D


Take it,


cup it,


squish it,

DSC_0013 (2)

shoot it! :D

DSC_0022 (2)

Happy 4th of July!


Tell me one fun thing you’re doing this holiday weekend!

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  1. Jackie Smith 07.01.2011

    Rockstar toes & a haircut!

  2. Jessica A 07.01.2011

    Love it! Happy Independence Day!

  3. Yummy! We are going camping but need some of those jello shots to take with us.

  4. erica 07.01.2011

    those are the prettiest jello shots i’ve ever seen!

  5. Kate 07.01.2011

    Those are the cutest jello shots I’ve ever seen! Much cuter than the college version : ) Happy 4th!

  6. C. 07.01.2011

    Going to the Cubs-Sox game! woo!

  7. Tina 07.01.2011

    These are so cute! I’ve tried making these with gummi bears before, but never fresh fruit (that makes it healthy right? ;) )

    And I NEED to buy those cups for salad dressing!

  8. rita in mi 07.01.2011

    I’m going to a party too. Only I spent half the day making and decorating 75 cupcakes and a cake (grad party) to bring. Maybe I should have offered up Jell-o shots instead – those look awesome!

  9. dmcgirl (Dawn) 07.01.2011

    I am writing, writing and more writing this weekend.
    Those shots are adorable . Blueberry ads antioxident so it will encourage a healthy liver right?

    ;-) have a good time

  10. Daisy 07.01.2011

    love em! have a blast. I’m going boating and I made a large batch of watermelon jalapeno margaritas!

  11. Eve P 07.01.2011

    Tearing down kitchen cabinets, knocking down backsplash and scraping off wallpaper. Okay not fun but the freshly painted walls, updated backsplash and new cabinets/countertops that are going up in a couple weeks will be super fun! Have a fun and safe weekend.

  12. So festive! Love it!

  13. Kaycie 07.01.2011

    Very festive!! I have never had a jello shot, these look fun to try:)
    We are going boating tomorrow – it has been over a hundred here in Kansas the last several days….:(
    Happy 4th!!!

  14. I love festive jello shots, and the 4th of July is the perfect time for them! They always make me feel like I am in college again, haha!

  15. krista 07.01.2011

    Iiiiiinteresting.. I turn 21 soon, so we’ll see about this.. does it TASTE like alcohol? :\ (please excuse the ignorance, ha)

  16. Cocoa 07.01.2011

    we always shoot ’em in the semi-liquid phase – less waste ;)
    Cute idea with the fruit!

  17. JP 07.01.2011

    Tomorrow we’ll be at Saturday in the Park, in Sioux City. It’s a free day-long music festival (the 21st annual) in one of our city parks. CeeLo Green, Ben Harper, Grace Potter, Los Lonely Boys are appearing this year. (Santana was here, and amazing, last year.) I gotta say – it is annual awesomeness. You can’t bring food/drinks in to the park, though. The jello shots (though obviously delicious) have to stay at home!
    Festival website is

  18. Candice 07.01.2011

    Those look yummy! Next time you should LIGHTLY spray them with a neutral tasting cooking spray. That way they just sliiiiiiide out into your mouth instead of sticking to the sides of the cups. Not that I’ve made these before… ;-D

  19. Kate 07.01.2011

    Super cute shots!
    I’m headed up to the cabin tomorrow for a couple days of sun and outdoorsy things.

    Jello is versatile! My mom passed on to me “Yollo” (I call it jogurt) which is yogurt/jello. Instead of the cold water you add a cup of plain greek yogurt. It firms up nicely and adds protein, a perfectly healthy snack.

    Happy 4th!

    • dmcgirl (Dawn) 07.02.2011

      This sounds great!

  20. Mac 07.01.2011

    I don’t drink a lot either, but just reading your post makes me want to make jello shots for Monday lol

  21. debbie 07.02.2011

    jello shots are the best! But with the fruit? Too cute!

  22. Eeewwww. Vokda and jello – two of my least favorite things ever! I was at a bachelorette party last summer and they had tootsie pop jello shots. Have you ever heard of chocolate jello? That just seems so wrong.

    We are heading up to MN to not camp at the state park we though we were going to be camping at. Tis the weekend to be spontaneous!

  23. Jenny 07.02.2011

    AHH! My hubby and I throw a 3rd of July bash every year and jello shots are always on the menu. I usually jazz them up with flavored liquor (pineapple rum is my fave) but the addition of fruit will make these uber-tasty. As for our party…this year we are adding a new feature -hot dog eating contest. So excited! Have a great holiday!

  24. mare(a trader Joe's shopper) 07.02.2011

    going to Vegas for a month—i know hot, but i won a month’s stay at a 8 bedroom home, on a golf course?!!!!!!!! I am going to lay by the pool during the day and go to the casinos at night, and pretend I’m livin large. No jello shots for me…..Im headin straight to the Belliago Bar & ordering something $$$$$$$$$$$

    Have a great 4th,

    Lucky Mare

  25. Erin 07.02.2011

    Sitting by the pool, shootin’ these ;-)

  26. Lindsey 07.02.2011

    It is my first beach day today!

    I love Jello shots, and those cups are the best – some people use the deeper shot glass types and the are hard to get the shot out of. And believe it or not I have never had Jello shots with real fruit, but I will be adding some next time now!

    Have you ever had fruit soaked in vodka? It is soo good :)

  27. hahah love ittttttt!

  28. We had jello shots sort of like that last night at a bachelorette party :)

    This weekend I am headed to the lake for the three days of sun, fun and boating! Have a good weekend!

  29. cute! Y’all have fun!

  30. I made many, many jello shots in college! We never got creative with it like you did though, by adding the fruit- great idea!

  31. Rachel 07.02.2011

    I’m off to a wedding later today–It’s nice to get out of town for a couple days! On Monday, we’re heading to Inwood for a family reunion of sorts for my husband’s family.

  32. Lindsay 07.02.2011

    OMG, I am so making jello shots to take with to our party tomorrow! I’ve already made my trifle and a chinese nappa cabbage salad, but these will be the hit of the day! Thanks for the wonderful idea (the cups are super cute too, we’ll be picking those up!)

  33. I think it’s amazing you posted a recipe to making jello shots. The best part is definitely the fresh fruit. Your awesome.

  34. Amanda R 07.02.2011

    I discovered CAKE flavored vodka today! it smells like a white cake baking. And its tastes like cake. With the whole vodka thing going on. I have been thinking all day of a way to incorporate this into jello shots LOL!!!

  35. dmcgirl (Dawn) 07.03.2011

    Must have been one heck of a party! He HE HE

  36. Donna 07.03.2011

    Which Walmart did you purchase the cups? Ankeny does not carry them.


  37. Ms. Dinners-Dates 07.03.2011

    Fireworks are my fave!

    I recently found your blog and I love it. Great food, great pictures!

    Check out what it is like in New England this time of the year:

    Happy Fourth!

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  39. Lexi 07.04.2011

    As a self-proclaimed Jello shot maker professional, I thought I’d share a tip for you. If you spray a shot of Pam in the cups, they’ll come out a lot easier with no waste. Just simply shake the cups to loosen the Jello from the sides and it’ll come out in one big hunk.

    You can use any kind of alcohol and any kind of liquid. My friend and I made over 200 for a party once and got super creative – Cherry Jello, Coke, and rum – Berry Jello, water and Coconut rum – Lime Jello, tequila, and lemonade, etc. People will eat ANY of them!

  40. kelsey 05.07.2012

    hey girl, just wondering about how much vodka you used for each package of jello. did you use one bottle of vodka for all three varieties? i’m hosting a bachelorette party this weekend and am a TOTAL NOVICE in the world of jello making!

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  45. PJ Donald 07.04.2014

    Those look fantastic ! I am like you, I really do not drink that much but socially. I would absolutely make these and I cannot believe how easy they are.
    We went to a BBQ a couple of weeks ago where the Hostess served GUMMY BEARS that were soaked in Vanilla Infused Vodka. They were to die for…..
    Thanks for the recipe. Your description was hilarious!!

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