Friday Favorites


Happy Friday, everyone! Thought I’d share some of my favorite finds from this week. :)

Favorite bite: Mini Cannoli Cups


Favorite dress: Alice + Olivia – Brianne Dress


Favorite jewelry: One Sydney Road – Bellissima Bracelet


Favorite eye candy: Banana Split Cupcakes


Favorite song: Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

Favorite easy baking project: Fluffernutter Cookies


Favorite Etsy find: Tiny Initial Necklace


Favorite furball


Favorite Fall decorating idea


Favorite boots for Fall: Frye Paige Riding Boots (UGHHHH!!!!!)


Favorite inspirational quote


Favorite OMG dessert: Peanut Butter Sheet Cake


Favorite outfit


Favorite photo bomb


Favorite simple statement: Dogeared Karma necklace


Favorite simple delight: Cinnamon Toast Rolls


Have a fabu Friday! :D


Share one of your favorite finds from this week!

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  1. Oh.Em.Gee. that photo bomb is hilarious! I saw that Karma necklace at Nordstrom and almost got it! I still kinda want it!

  2. Lindsey 08.19.2011

    Those cinnamon toast rolls look so easy, I have to make them!

  3. erica 08.19.2011

    omg. love this post! love those frye boots!!! and i love that belissima bracelet and the cat pic.

  4. I love all the clothes you picked out! I think you and I have very similar styles!!

  5. Ari 08.19.2011

    Totally making that Peanut Butter Cake this weekend. I’ve been on a PB kick lately. YUM!!!!

  6. Shaya 08.19.2011

    Have you seen Otis the sky-diving dog??? I die. I can’t find the link right now but it’s worth looking up! :)

  7. Dolce 08.19.2011

    Since I am offically ADDICTED to Pinterest…I have found like 1637873 things this week. But I would say my favorite find this week was Halloween Candy Bark…it makes me uber excited for Halloween!:)

  8. Feisty Eats 08.19.2011

    What a great idea for a post. Love it all! Thanks for sharing.

  9. “all you kids and your pumped up kicks you better run, better run…”

    Song is in my head all the time…good thing I still like it :)

    And love those boots!

  10. Micah 08.19.2011

    I like that song too, although I’m slightly afraid of how much I like it after I learned that it was written about the mall shooting in Omaha. Yikes.

    I really want to try this Cinnamon Roll Cake — Too bad it’s LOADS of carbs, so unless I can share it with a lot of people, it won’t be happening.

  11. Mikael 08.19.2011

    Oh wow… Those fluffernutters and PB sheet cake look YUMMY! And I’ve been saying a similar quote to your weekly favorite a lot lately. It’s a good one. =)

  12. Carrie 08.19.2011

    I’ve wanted riding boots for FOREVER now! I think I’m just gonna have to suck it up and pay for them. :)

  13. Angie 08.19.2011

    I love the looks of those jars with acorns and candles, but beware! I tried to do an acorn-filled vase last year as a Thanksgiving centerpiece and ended up with little white worms from the acorns. So so nasty!

  14. I’m loving Foster The People these days myself! Your uhmm fav outfit? I’m kind of wearing it right now minus the earrings. Score!

  15. Nancy 08.19.2011

    For another time; what are your favorite things to get at Trader Joe’s? They will be opening a store here later this fall.

  16. Jennifer 08.19.2011

    Love this post!!! I have the SAME boots on my Pinterest page- HA! I need to find some knock-offs though!

  17. Nichole 08.19.2011

    OMG those boots!!! I got all excited, clicked on the link, until I saw the price – BOOOO! That’s like my whole fall boot allowance all in one swoop – worth it?! Not sure, but I really want the grey ones!!

  18. Kristin from MN 08.19.2011

    Wow I love that dress and those tiny initial necklaces! So cute! My husband hates that Foster the People song (since it’s about a school shooter) and changes the station every time it comes on the radio. I wish it wasn’t so dark.

  19. Lesley 08.19.2011

    Oooh, I really like this Friday finds idea. Especially those fluffernutter cookies and peanut butter sheet cake! Nom, my inner peanutbutteraholic is drooling. My favorite find this week is this inspirational quote – “Her life improved dramatically when she decided to break the rules, and find beauty where she’d been told there was none.” How kick ass is that!?

  20. Missy 08.19.2011

    The peanut butter cake looks amazing. I love PB, thanks for sharing.
    I am obsessed with this necklace.

    I bought it for my riding buddy and now I am kicking myself for not getting myself one.

  21. I LOVE that dress!!! Ah, so cute. So are the banana split cupcakes! :-). These pictures made me smile!

  22. Rachel 08.19.2011

    Funny, I have that Foster the People video on my blog right now too! It’s dark subject matter, but it’s such a catchy tune! I’ll take some of those mini cannoli cups & the karma necklace.

  23. Jody 08.19.2011

  24. Jenn 08.19.2011

    LOVE the karma necklace. I bookmarked it so when my hubby asks “what to do you want for your birthday?” in a few months, I actually have an answer this year!

  25. PB sheet cake? drooooooooooool.
    I’m loving that dress too! Good tastes girl ;)

  26. Alexandra Aimee 08.19.2011

    Totally getting one of the tiny initial necklaces! OMG! So sweet and delicate.

  27. THANK YOU for the cinnamon rolls, and the PB Sheet Cake! AND that dresssss!!! Wow, you are my favorite for the day!

  28. Allison 08.20.2011

    I totes want the Alice + Olivia dress and a bite of one of the Banana Split Cupcakes, mmm! I can’t stop laughing at the squirrel haha :D

  29. Brittnie 08.20.2011

    Love the fall decorating idea and that PB sheet cake looks amazing. :)

  30. Jill 08.20.2011

    Been liking Foster the People lately too! And just saw you on the news!!! You’re such a rock star. :)

  31. Luv What You Do 08.20.2011

    OMG I Love theose boots! I want them now!
    I got to spend time at some of my favorite places yesterday too. What a fabulous Friday!

  32. Diana Amy 08.20.2011

    I saw that Alice + Olivia dress out shopping last week and am equally obsessed! It would be PERFECT for New Year’s – too bad it’s only August and I can in no way justify purchasing it!

  33. Dawn Marie 08.20.2011

    I love this post! I had loved the Karma necklace.

    But there is something off about the dress no? Maybe it is the white cups that kind of just scream between the lace dress and the sheer straps? Mmmmm not so much.

    But love this post! Do share more! yes please! ;-)

  34. girliefriend 08.20.2011

  35. Nancy 08.20.2011

    Can you get over the price that Frye boots are $100 MORE in Canada? Uhgh. Thankfully I have a friend in Texas who is willing to ship things to me.

    I’ve been looking for riding boots for like three flipping years, and I think the Paige’s are the only ones I’ve been in love with. But I haven’t ever tried a pair on, and I want them to look perffffffect.

  36. anna 08.20.2011

    Friday? What? I thought it was Saturday.

  37. ktlovespie 08.21.2011

    Ooh this was a really fun post! I need fluffernutter cookies now!

    I can’t get over those “riding” boots!!! OMG maybe it’s because I actually do ride horses but my tall riding boots didn’t even cost that much. Most riding boots don’t cost that much. I’d be looking in a equestrian catalog instead.

  38. Charis 08.22.2011

    The cinnamon toast rolls look sooo good!

  39. Piper 08.24.2011

    I was so thrilled to see the lovely shout out on your blog!! Thanks for including the bellissima bracelet – it’s one of my faves too!! And I’m now obsessed with those riding boots!

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  41. Jess 08.28.2011

    There is so much fab in one post! Those Mini Cannoli Cups are a must make. The Bellisma Bracelet is going on my wish list and the Frye Paige Riding Boots are going on my in my dreams list.

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