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Happy Friday, all! :D

Wow, I kind of thought today would never come. Maybe it was the fact that week 2 of Sugar-Free Jebruary was a complete and total bee-yotch, that made me feel as though the days were crawling by at a snail’s pace.

While clementines and popcorn easily squashed any sugary cravings during the first week, it seemed nothing could quench my desire for chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate this week.


Ahem! Excuse me! I don’t know what came over me. At any rate, while I wait for tomorrow to come, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond, in this week’s Friday Favorites!

Favorite cookies: NYTimes Chocolate Chip Cookies. These chocolate chip cookies are my #1 favorite cookie OF. ALL. TIME. The longer the dough sits in the fridge before baking, the better the cookies get. Bleeeeeerg.


Favorite kitchen tip. Place condiments that won’t fit in the refrigerator door on lazy susans. This would be so helpful to corral all the jam, pickles and butter roaming wild on my shelves.


Favorite outfit. HEART this combo! I’m so into flowy blouses these days.


Favorite soup: Caramelized Balsamic Red Onion Soup with Cheese Topped Croutons. French Onion Soup on ‘roids!


Favorite truth. Ummm, yeah. Like, every Saturday and Sunday…


Favorite seasonal treat: Hot Cocoa Cookies. Now that we’ve finally got some snow on the ground, these hot cocoa-inspired sweet treats sound sooo yummy.


Favorite geek need: Cable Clips. This sounds ridiculous, but nothing annoys me more than when I unplug a cord from my laptop and it falls off the table and onto the floor. Just one of those things!


Favorite place: Alesund, Norway. Perfectly picturesque!


Favorite look: Floral Dress from Express. Perfect for a warm weather Spring Break vacation?! ;)


Favorite easy treat: Cheesecake Crackers. Stir softened cream cheese with fruity jam, and spread on graham crackers. The longer you let it sit, the more the cracker will soften, mimicking real cheesecake.


Favorite DIY: Chevron Prints. I’ve been loving chevron lately, and think these would be a great accent for the guest bedroom.


Favorite funny. Pretty much what I want to do to every printer I’ve ever met.


Favorite idea. Make a heart cake for Valentine’s Day with 1 circle cake cut in half, and a regular square cake. Genius!


Favorite wow: Thorn Crown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. You have to checkout these pictures. What an amazing place!


Favorite hell yes: Peanut Butter Cereal Treats. Use Peanut Butter Captain Crunch instead of Rice Krispie treats – awwwww yeah.


Favorite kitchen. This is PERFECT to go inside my dream home, as the only room I didn’t really like in that house was the kitchen. :)


Favorite find: Essie “Meet Me at Sunset”. I bought this at Target last weekend and adore the shade. Bright, bright orange!


Favorite escape: Cafe Escapes Chai Latte. I cannot express to you how insanely delicious, sweet and spicy these babies are. I am OBSESSED! PS Get 15% off your order, plus free shipping, until February 29th with code AM0016-3592 at checkout.


Favorite picture: 6-Layer Rich Chocolate Malted & Toasted-Marshmallow Cake. Per-fec-tion!


Favorite pooch. CAN I HAVE HIM?!


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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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  1. Dee 01.27.2012

    Ahhh yes Jacques Torres famous Chocolate Chip cookies. They are phenomenal, I actually purchased his discs from the website and made these two weeks ago. The dark rich quality of the chocolate contrast with the sea salt, ummm to die for and eating one really satisfies. 2 weeks ago and I still have some, nevermind I gave a bunch away as well.

  2. lovecooking 01.27.2012

    How did you find Thorn Crown Chapel? That place is AMAZING. My aunt and uncle live down there and every time we visit them, I visit this chapel. I think I have been there no less than 10 times and I always look forward to seeing it again. Beautiful.

  3. omg that puppy. And I love the NYT cookies as well, best ever :)

  4. Trisha 01.27.2012

    I think our brains are on the same track today…
    1. I have chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge right now. Not THIS dough though. :(
    2. I LOVE that outfit and the green/orangey combo. Obsessed with orange right now.
    3. I tried on that dress at Express yesterday. Since I already had my tropical vacation, I decided to wait until it goes on sale to purchase since I won’t have anywhere to wear it for awhile.
    4. Working on a hot cocoa cupcake recipe right now.
    5. That nail polish!! I repeat, obsessed with orange right now.
    6. And boy, oh boy, that puppy!
    Thanks for putting all of my thoughts into such a great post today! :) Enjoy your weekend, IGE!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.28.2012

      You will love it then – it is SO orange. But not obnoxious neon orange – just nice, orange-orange. :)

  5. Sara 01.27.2012

    Oh, I came across that puppy yesterday on Pinterest and repinned it! He’s just TOO cute!

  6. Mallory 01.27.2012

    I’ve also been trying to go sweets-free on weekdays and this week was much harder than last for me as well. Last night I baked a huge batch of cookie dough brownies and stuffed them in the back of the fridge so that they would be READY when I can finally have them!

  7. Cari 01.27.2012

    Favorite truth: so true for me as a substitute teacher!! If I worked in different schools all 5 days, I would sometimes only use two outfits in a week!! And that puppy…he looks like a fluffier version of my snugglepup. So cute!

  8. Anita 01.27.2012

    UM that puppy is ADORABLE. Like, ridiculous, makes me want to go get a puppy right this moment, kind of adorable.

    Also, I have the cable clips and I love them! I’m totally with you about being annoyed when they drop on the floor. :)

  9. Your friday favorite posts are my favorite! I hope you keep doing them because I look forward to them every week. BTW, totally love the green flowy blouse. I’ve been seeing versions of that shirt everywhere.

  10. Kara 01.27.2012

    I was on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe and I found that NY times one as well! Refrigerating the dough definitely does a little something extra. And WOW love that kitchen too!

  11. eatingRD 01.27.2012

    Oh my goodness such good stuff! Love it. Happy Friday!

  12. Michelle 01.27.2012

    I love your Friday Favorites posts! One of my good friends actually go married in that chapel in Arkansas…in the fall. It was SO beautiful. Your chocolate craving definitely is showing in your picks this week :)

  13. Katy 01.27.2012

    Did you ever show us your new guest room? I thought I remembered you saying that you would. I love a good makeover!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.28.2012

      I haven’t yet – still trying to figure out artwork. Thinking I’m going to make those chevron pieces, or another little project I’m working on… ;)

  14. Chelsea 01.27.2012

    bahahah I so re-wear clothes as well if I don’t see anyone and am just inside all day. NBD :)

  15. That little pooch is ADORABLE! I bet he/she would give our Malti-Poo Josie a run for her money. What a cutie!

  16. Emily 01.27.2012

    Hi! I’m from Omaha, NE and there is a chapel very similiar (if not identical) to the Thorn Crown Chapel between Omaha and Lincoln right on I-80. A lot closer than Arkansas! If you ever want to check something like that in person, it’s not too far of a trip!

  17. Bekah 01.27.2012

    My boyfriend took me to that chapel last fall on our way to Fayetteville. It is absolutely amazing in person.

  18. sara 01.27.2012

    saw this on Pinterest and immediately thought of you! haha

    • sara 01.27.2012

      considering that you’re the only Iowan that I know. thought it was a cute shirt.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 01.28.2012

      YES. Raygun has the best shirts! I still haven’t been to their store yet – need to get down there.

  19. jad18 01.27.2012

    I want that puppy! I think it is a good sign that I wanted him more than I want the cookies at the top of the list.

  20. And you have done it again! I just repinned a few of these for myself :) That puppy…aww and the kitchen is stunning

  21. Gayle 01.27.2012

    I have been to Thorncrown Chapel, and it is even more beautiful in person! :) I was excited it made your list!

  22. Angela 01.27.2012

    Nice finds! The puppy is so cute:)
    I’ve found an awesome way to curb chocolate cravings (AND have chocolate for breakfast..while still feeling healthy/sugar-free..inspired by
    Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal!
    1/3 cup of oats
    1 banana, cut up
    1 tbsp chia seeds
    1 tbsp cocoa
    1 packet of stevia (could omit, the banana keeps it pretty sweet)
    and then a half mix of almond milk/water (I just eye it since I’ve been making oatmeal for a while now). Microwave 2-3 minutes, stirring once. Then top with a spoonful of peanut butter (OR chocolate peanut butter!).. definitely feels indulgent but doesn’t make me feel guilty!
    Have a good weekend!

  23. Meghan 01.27.2012

    This is so weird, I just had a client of mine at the salon I work at get married at that chapel in Arkansas. She and her now hubby had rented out the entire place just for themselves, no guests at the wedding! They did the same with a nearby conservatory, a romantic dinner for just the two of them. She’ll be back soon so I can wait to tell her I saw it here on IGE!

  24. Life's a Bowl 01.27.2012

    Tasty treats, cute outfits, beautiful escapes… All dreamy!

    P.S. That outfit rule of not seeing anyone important one day and re-wearing the outfit totes works ;P As long as you’re a girl, not a sweaty boy…

  25. Jordan 01.27.2012

    I live in Northwest Arkansas and I visited that chapel for the first time last summer! In fact, this very afternoon I was scrolling through my cell phone photos and came across the pics I took of it! I deemed it my future wedding location. It’s amazingly beautiful. Look at that surrounding forest! Arkansas is the Natural State for good reason. [Can you tell I’m fond of my homeland?]

    • Sarah 01.28.2012

      i completely relate. i live in central AR, butlove this state; and agree that those who have never been here and ay think the worst don’t know what they are missing. We have every season here and have lakes, rivers, mtns, and trails…

  26. Alyssa 01.27.2012

    I just got an email today for the solution to your cable problem! And it’s probably something you already have on hand! I was thinking about implementing this on my desk!!

  27. I LOVE Reese’s! Especially when they have the special seasonal shapes (more peanut butter! :)

  28. Oh wow two kinds of rocking cookies and an adorable puppy! Who could ask for more?

  29. Jessica F 01.27.2012

    I found my cravings for chocolate huge when I did a 4 week challenge of no processed/added sugar (I included juice and dried fruit in this). Not sure if you find this acceptable, but I definitely did: bar of unsweetened bakers chocolate + mash banana in oatmeal. The banana provides a ton of sweetness and this gives you a dessert without breaking your rules. Just throwing it out there, in case you get desperate! (It’s chocolate…we’ve all been there.)

  30. Jessica F 01.27.2012

    Ha my brain decided it’s the weekend and to not connect thoughts… I also wanted to say I’ve been in Alesund (I lived in Bergen for 6 mo. while I studied abroad and traveled around the country some). It was a gorgeous city. That picture looks like it’s taken from the top of this little ‘mountain’ which you can easily hike up. To the sides of the city are fjords (relatively short mountains but they stretch soo far). It was beautiful. If you ever visit (which I would recommend), try and take the bus from Alesund south towards Bergen. You will get the MOST INCREDIBLE bus ride. Seriously, that ride was 9 hours of the most stunning views of my life. The mountains toward above, water below, and little houses, farms, etc in between. I didn’t even try photographing it because I knew I would only be frustrated at my inability to capture it.

  31. Lindsey 01.27.2012

    Where can I get that puppy!!!! I can’t stop looking at him and talking in a “puppy voice” to him… on the computer screen!! :)

  32. Michelle 01.27.2012

    I’ve made the peanut butter cap n’ crunch squares all the time. They’re so delicious.

  33. I NEED those cable clips! When the cord (i’ve actually taped my phone charger to the back of my night stand) falls off the table it is just one of those things that drives you crazy, that if you could think of a super simple solution it would just make your life -that- much easier! It’s the little things!

    AND… the Cheesecake Graham cracker thingy brings me back to my high school dance team days, when we would legit buy tubs of Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting, and a box of graham crackers, and dip, dunk, and spread our hearts out. Sometimes if we were feeling fat we would mash up raspberries and mix into the frosting, for a serving a fruit! I miss the days when my metabolism was lightening fast….

  34. I love the NYT Choco Chip cookies! I actually made them a while back and they were a HUGE hit!

  35. i <3 essie polish. i wonder if that would be a pretty pedi color :)

  36. Julie 01.28.2012

    Eureka Springs is such a pretty little artsy town! I’ve only been once, but would like to go back. And I had to resist buying the Express dress in blue. It would be the perfect vacation dress!

  37. I still can’t believe you’re going dessert free…even during the week! You are crazy. ;-)

    I like your organizing finds this week…the lazy susan and the clip for the cords–genius. I too hate having the cords fall to the floor..but where the heck do you put em? In the handy-dandy cable clips!! Love.

  38. That puppy is ridiculously adorable!! And both of those cookies look seriously good, massive craving now. I’m quite a big fan of flowy blouses too, that green is a beautiful colour :-) And the photo of the chapel is amazing, imagine getting to worship there! I love your Friday Favourites :-) Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  39. Deanna 01.29.2012

    Those cookies look divine. Since you’ve actually made them before (I’m assuming) do you actually make them that big? I much prefer a large cookie (about twice the size of a typical toll house cookie) but not 5 inches! Just curious.

  40. So many awesome things in your favorites! I have been meaning to try those NY Times cookies, as well as that cake, and now I’ve added the hot chocolate cookies to the list as well :)

  41. Maggie 01.29.2012

    OMG – the heart cake!! It brought me straight back to my childhood – my mom made every year on Valentine’s Day :). Also, the NY Times chocolate chip cookies are by far the best ever!

  42. […] spent the past couple of days getting re-acquainted with chocolate (uggghhhh yes…) shopping with my Mom, hanging out with Ben, and loving down a new Sephora […]

  43. Whitney W 01.30.2012

    I live not too far from a chapel very similar and we visit it around Christmas each year. It is always so beautiful. It is in Bella Vista, Arkansas. Haha, Arkansas doesn’t get too many shout-outs so I appreciate you mentioning it.

  44. kayleigh 01.30.2012

    just so ya know, every time i open your website my computer crashes. do you know why?

  45. Tessa 02.01.2012

    On that rice krispie treat note. Try them with the Reese’s cereal = delicious!

  46. Jennifer 02.28.2012

    I love the Thorncrown Chapel! It is a definite must see in Eureka Springs! We used to live in Southwest Missouri and it was just a few short hours south. Such a neat town! : )

  47. Bridal Hallmark 01.03.2013

    We couldn’t agree more about electrical cords everywhere. Thank you for the possible solution and all of the great recipes. So many cool things. Love the dog as well. BH.

  48. April 01.28.2013

    I love your idea for favorite things Friday. Maybe that is something I can eventually do on my blog. The puppy is adorable. It reminds me of mine when he was little, but I don’t live anywhere near snow here in Florida!

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