Mango, Orange & Avocado Spring Salad


Mango, Orange & Avocado Spring Salad is refreshing, satisfying, and so simple to make!


It’s days like this that make me wish I owned a convertible – sunny, 78, and not a cloud in the sky!

Perhaps a different kind of “convertible” than I drove in high school though…

I’m pretty sure they don’t even make the tiny bumper cars otherwise known as Geo Trackers anymore. It was the car I inherited from my older brother when I turned 16, drove all through high school, and cleverly (…) named The Track Attack. I know.


Even though it weighed approximately 100lbs, and I felt as though I’d fly off the side of the road and into the sunset if I went faster than 40 miles per hour in her, I still have very fond memories of my first whip.

Whenever the weather got nice, my friends and I would fling back the top and remove the detachable back, then cruise around town with the wind whipping through our hair blasting everything from Tiffany to Dr. Dre and singing along at the top of our lungs. Then we’d fill up the tank for $.98/gallon. Gosh, those were the days!


I turned the keys over to my little brother when I went away to college so that he and others could continue the fun. And by others I mean the men that once stole our beloved Tracker out of my parent’s driveway and were found sleeping in it two blocks away later that day.

Just say no, people!

Anyway, the moral of the story is, a convertible would have been nice to cruise around in during this unbelievably unbelievable day, but a functioning sun roof and jog under the sun will have to suffice – until I get my Mini Cooper Convertible, that is. ;)


After said run I whipped up a super satisfying, no-cook springy supper – Mango, Orange & Avocado Salad.

Ok, I know I say this a lot – but seeeeeeeriously, if you’ve got to make one thing right away, it is this salad. Refreshing, energizing and you don’t have to cook a thing!


Start by segmenting 1 orange. Cut the top and bottom off, slice the peel and pith off by following the curve of the orange, then slice between the segment membranes to pop them out.

DSC_0692 DSC_0693

Next, peel and chop 1 mango. Here is one way to cut a mango, otherwise you can cut the bottom off, peel the skin with a sharp knife or vegetable peeler, then cut the two “cheeks” off the pit and chop into bite-sized pieces.

DSC_0695 DSC_0696

Turn your attention to 1 avocado next. Slice the avocado in half by cutting around the seed and twisting the two halves apart. Then use a spoon to pop out the seed, or gently tap a knife blade into the seed and twist it out. Scoop out the avocado flesh, or do what I do and peel the skin off, then chop.

DSC_0700 DSC_0702 DSC_0704

Toss the orange segment, chopped mango and avocado with a zippy homemade vinaigrette.


Just combine the juice of 1 lemon, 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar,

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, and 1 teaspoon agave nectar (or honey.)

Add in salt, pepper and 1 shallot that’s been microplaned or minced and shake, shake, shake!

Add the chopped fruits onto a bed of baby lettuces, top with cashews, more pepper, and a drizzle of that dressing.


Mango, Orange & Avocado Spring Salad

Serves 2


Mango, Orange & Avocado Spring Salad is refreshing, satisfying, and so simple to make!


  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon agave nectar (could use honey)
  • 1 shallot, microplaned or finely minced
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 orange, segmented
  • 1 mango, chopped
  • 1 avocado, chopped
  • 6oz baby lettuce blend
  • 1/4 cup cashews


  1. Combine lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, agave nectar, shallot and salt & pepper in a jar or bowl. Shake or whisk to combine. Toss orange segments, chopped mango and chopped avocado with the dressing. Divide lettuce between two plates, then top each plate with half the fruit mixture and half the cashews. Finish with a sprinkle of pepper, if desired.


Inspired by Healthy, Happy Life

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,



What kind of car did you drive in high school? What was his/her name?

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  1. That looks soooo yummy!!

  2. Trisha 03.13.2012

    Yummy looking salad, might have to make that for lunch tomorrow! Hilarious pics of the Tracker. I actually lucked out & got to drive a pretty sweet car when I turned 16 because my mom conveniently set her sights on a new one as I was getting my license. It was a 1996 Oldsmobile ’98 (confusing?), shiny & black with chrome. Kind of an old lady car but it was super fancy with leather interior, sunroof, & tons of bells and whistles. Ohhh, to be 16 again. ;)

  3. Lauren 03.13.2012

    Oh boy, my first car was a 90 Pontiac Grandam. It was actually my grandfather’s old car that I sort of inherited. Ugh, it was a clunker! I then thought a Honda Civic in college that I LOVED! I just got rid of it a few years ago but still think about her. :)

  4. oh man, your first car is classic! I loved the old pictures.

    My first car was a 98 Ford Explorer named “The Hummer”.

    The salad looks great, as always!

  5. Jennie M 03.13.2012

    I had a 87′ Pontiac Safari Station Wagon, complete with fake wood paneling. I loved the heck out of my tank, who I found named Bessie after her non-existent accelerating properties. I think there’s an unconscious reason why I have a Mazda sports wagon now!

    • heather 03.13.2012

      i never see these anymore and it makes me so sad–they always reminded me of the first National Lampoon’s Vacation movie<3

  6. Kim 03.13.2012

    My first car was borrowing my parents Chevy Impala. I finally got a car my sophomore year in college. That would be considered child abuse by today’s standards.

  7. Jeri 03.13.2012

    I lived 2 blocks away from school, so I did not have a car in high school. I didn’t get my own car (Geo Metro..GO GEO) until the summer after my freshman year of college.

  8. Lindsey 03.13.2012

    I drove a Z24 Cavalier named Sputnik and loved it :) I had it for 10 years until I bought my own adult vehicle :)
    Your salad looks delicious!

  9. I love that salad! This is the time of year I crave, make and can not get enough salads.

  10. Debbie 03.13.2012

    I remember a local radio station gave a Tracker away…news of Trackers having tipping issues came out and the DJ suggested changing the call letters of the station to “WKOL”(we kill our listeners). That has always stayed in my memory for some dumb reason! I’m showing my age here, but my first car was a 1971 red Chevy Vega I called the Vegematic!

  11. This salad looks so great for these warm spring/summer nights!

    Love your old car memories :-) If only gas were .98/gallon now! I’d be planning a road trip!

  12. I’m trying to make more salads lately (I’m really bad it, if you can even imagine that!), so dressing recipes are much needed!

  13. yum! That salad does look super refreshening!

    And while I’d love a convertible, I’d be happy just with a sunroof…. ;)

  14. Brittney 03.13.2012

    My Pontiac Sunfire was occasionally referred to as Sunny. (It reminds me of that Raygun shirt “Iowa City: All our creativity went into the name.”)

  15. Hannah Taylor 03.13.2012

    Love this salad! Just planted my spinach yesterday, so I can’t wait to get to make this fresh from my own garden! My first car was a ’93 Volvo named “Elvira”. I loved that car… therefore, my second car was a ’99 volvo named “Elmira”. LOL.

  16. Wow that looks GOOD! I’m banging my head against the wall for not buying the (ON SALE!) mangoes at the grocery store the other day!

  17. jodi 03.13.2012

    This salad looks delish. I have subscribed to your blog just recently and have really enjoyed all the great food recipes!

    Cute little tracker! My husband had a red one just like your white one, now he has a 2000 Chevy tracker that he drives, he loves it; more for the mpg! :)


  18. Dee 03.13.2012

    I drove a plymouth Horizon in high school, I remember getting it and the first time I drove it, I went to someone elses car in the parking lot and tried to get into their car because it was the exact replica of mine, but it wasn’t a horizon. Oy!

    I’m such an old lady now, I used to have a sunroof in my Toyota which I loved, but if I was passing a truck or something higher than me I always shut it, because I’m the girl who imagines a loose rock breaking away and bouncing into the roof and killing me. Yup. That’s me.

  19. Lo 03.13.2012

    Yum that looks delish! I looove mango!

    My friends and I would always stare in confusion at the high school characters in American movies that had their own cars. We figured it must be sort of a rite of passage in the States to get a car when you were 16/17, (??) because in high school I only knew of one girl who had her own car, and she came from out of town.

    I’m still using my first car which I got thanks to help from my dad when I was 20… a 2008 suzuki swift. At 22, I’d say I’m one of the only ones in my group of friends that has a car. I imagine having a car at a young age is even less common in places like Europe where public transportation is so awesome!

  20. Man, I miss $.98 gas! Those were the days :) I drove a 93 turquoise Altima in high school that I gave to my brother my freshman year of college when he got his license. He blew the transmission within 2 weeks. I was so mad at him for ruining “my” car! haha

  21. Jane 03.13.2012

    I so got this!! I drove an old 1987 chevy impala cop car, that…….drum roll please………ran on propane gas! My dad bought 2 from an auction and my brother got the other one :) He thought it would stop us from going very far, because you can’t just go to the gas station to fill it up! But you can however take it by the Co-op and fill ‘er up!! haha that thing was crazy fast, (I can’t say how I know that!) :D

  22. Gina 03.13.2012

    I also drove a Geo Tracker! It was a 1990 and got passed down through our family. It lived til 2007. Go Geo, built to last!

  23. lisa 03.13.2012

    Was the salad filling enough for dinner without much protein? I am thinking we would need to add some chicken or serve as a side. Looks beautiful and delicious though!

    • Iowa Girl Eats 03.14.2012

      The avocados and cashews made it hearty enough for me, but grilled chicken or fish would be divine on top!

  24. Allison 03.14.2012

    The first car I had was a tank – literally almost a tank – 79 Thunderbird. I have always been short and couldn’t see over the steering wheel so I had to sit on a pillow to see! It was nicknamed the Thunder Toad since it was green. I did so many curb checks in that car because it was so big!!

    That car was borrowed from my dad until I bought my first car – 90 Geo Metro. I paid $700 for it. It was a four door red with a hatch back and a dent in the front passenger wheel well. The guys always teased me asking if it rained to hard that day! There were two other girls I went to school with that had Geo’s so we called ourselves the Geo Trio!

  25. Emilia 03.14.2012

    Love the story about the car. That looks like kind of car I thought was so cool when I was a kid. Remember the jeep from Clueless? Yeah, that was my dream car, oh gosh.

    This salad looks amazing and fresh. I can’t wait until it gets a little warmer around me to enjoy something so spring-y!

  26. katie@newmamamac 03.14.2012

    oh my god this looks divine!!!

  27. Melissa 03.14.2012

    I cannot believe you had a Geo Tracker. I totally envy you. Awesome. And the gas at $0.98? Those were the days! I had a ’91 Escort and I called it the Power ‘Scort. Equal parts terrible and amazing. :)

    That salad looks incredible. I made a spinach salad last night with grapefruit and scallops and it was pretty much amazing. Thinking cashews would have taken it right over the top!

  28. Linda 03.14.2012

    I was the last in line for the car that got passed down through the family and it was a 1976 malibu classic with bench seats in the front and back. We could pack 11 girls in that car. It was a tan color like skin so it was called the fleshmobile!!!

  29. Ris 03.14.2012

    In 2000 when I started driving I got a 1992 Suzuki Esteem, which was about the size of a clown car, and called it Suzi. I looooved that car, and drove it until the wheels just about fell off. I was actually sad to see it go when I got a new-to-me Mazda in 2005. What was I thinking?!

  30. erin 03.14.2012

    in highschool my sisters and i drove a white ford escort. and it was a stick shift! imagine trying to learn how to drive on that thing! and the license plate last 3 numbers were 666! it’s amazing that thing lasted through 3 of us newbie drivers (and it was already like 6 years old when we first got it!) but my first car on my own was a isuzu amigo blue – i named her angel – i was a wee bit obsessed with buffy. and she was a soft top too!

  31. It’s going to be 75 and sunny here in MN today and now you got me debating between making this mango salad or the Spinach and Chicken Stir Fry with raspberries you posted yesterday!

    Anyway, my first car was an ’84 Chevette that I bought for $675. It was read so I called it my “Little Red Chevette” (adapted from and sung to tune of the Prince song…”

  32. Caitlin 03.14.2012

    I drove a lovely little teal Oldsmobile Cutlas Supreme whose name was Baby (nobody puts Baby in a corner….!)

  33. Those really WERE the days when gas was that cheap! I (still!) drive a 98 Honda Civic…she’s been good to me :)

  34. Danielle 03.14.2012

    I love the Tracker story! So cute. I drove a Chevy Cavalier named The Smooth Beast. HA!

  35. Elyse 03.14.2012

    My friend had a Jeep all through high school and it reminds me of our summer days when we would take the windows off and enjoy it! Sucked being in it when it rained though because of all the places water would leak in! My first car was a 93 Honda Civic Ex (standard that I taught myself to drive… yikes) and was named POS, or Piece for short ;-) I have to say, I don’t miss that car!

    The car I have now is a sporty Chevy Cobalt that I named Antonio Banderas. Really just because it’s fun to say things like, “See you later, Antonio Banderas and I are off!” Haha

  36. It’s definitely salad weather here in Barcelona, and this looks PERFECT! Thanks! By the way, your car looks really cool, even for 2012..

  37. AC 03.14.2012

    I had a first car called the punkin’ (Bright orange, and a front fender that stuck out about 6″ from the car!) But my high school memories were made in the “airplane car”… Subaru turbo were the only names on it, so to this day, i have no idea what model it was… but a digital dashboard, a sunroof you had to manually remove & stow in the trunk… and the oldest of my friends made me the coolest kid on the block!!

    To those of you saying you had a cavalier… my husband is STILL (!!!!) driving his high school z24… and he refuses to part with it! UGH!!!

  38. This salad just screams spring time! And I love how flavorful the combination is – mangoes, avocado and oranges? What a great tasting way to boost your nutrient intake!

  39. Rachel 03.14.2012

    Looks good! I would have given up everything in my life to own a tracker :) Before I could drive, I wanted a teal one with pink writing so very bad. Good thing times have changed :) Giving up my life for a tracker now, seems silly. Keep cooking away girl, you’re so good!!

  40. Nancy 03.14.2012

    Sounds like a great salad. My quandary is how do you pick an avocado at the grocery store? And if it’s green, how long do you wait for it to ripen?

  41. Kristina 03.14.2012

    A silver Oldsmobile Celebrity. Name: The Celebrity Deathtrap Extraordinaire.

  42. Allison 03.14.2012

    My first car was a 1994 Nissan Altima. I drove that in high school, but when I went to college, my parents decided it would be better for me NOT to have a car, so I had no car my freshman year, like one of the earlier commenters. My first car that really felt like “mine,” because I paid for it, is a 2009 Toyota Rav that I still drive.

    That salad looks good. Pinned it!

  43. Victoria 03.14.2012

    I had a Geo Tracker too! And, after me it went to my brother and then to my next brother.

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and I’m loving it! Thanks for the great recipes!

  44. I graduated high school in 1998 and gas was $.99 a gallon, took less than 10 bucks to fill my little car…I miss those days!!!

    In other news, I can’t wait to make this dang salad, especially that dressing!

  45. Jennifer L 03.14.2012

    That sounds perfect for the beautiful weather we’re having in my area today.. I always crave fruit, salad, and sushi when the warm weather arrives. Thanks!

  46. Deborah 03.14.2012

    My first car was a rusted out 1988 Toyota Corolla that leaked a quart of oil every 3 days! I saved up $800 for that car and loved it – tape player and all!

  47. Aww, what a cute photo of you! My first car is a goner nowadays–one of my classmates rear-ended me back in high school. :(

    What a wonderful salad for spring!

  48. Elissa 03.14.2012

    Man, first cars as the best. It will forever be my favorite I think (’91 Volve 940).

    The weather everywhere has been ridiculous lately! Maybe the world really will come to an end this year…haha

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  50. Spring Fever 03.15.2012

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