Loaded Crock Pot Baked Potatoes


Loaded Crock Pot Baked Potatoes are versatile and fun! Make them your own by loading ’em with your favorite toppings!

Well Mother Nature did not disappoint last night, as she hand-delivered a foot of snow in just about 12 hours. This morning, a snow-day was declared across nearly the entire city!

Iiiii’m dreaming going to have a whiiiiite Christ-MAS!  Oh wait, that’s not true!

Ben and I leave for DC in three days, where it’s so warm that a huge batch of purple pansies are actually currently blooming in my Mother-in-Law’s garden. She messaged me a picture the other day and I almost spit out my almond milk at the sight. I could hardly believe it!

Anyway, Ben and I were actually woken up by wind gusts shaking the house around 5am (after being kept awake by thunder and LIGHTENING late last night!) so we tossed our hands in the air, got up and clacked away on our perspective laptops for a couple hours before he went out and braved the cold. An hour later, the driveway was clear. Go Ben! It was heavy, wet snow, too. Yuck.

Well he scooped, I scrubbed and organized inside. After a couple hours of solid effort, you can now take more than two steps into our home office (I won’t even show you pictures – it was too shameful!) the house is vacuumed and dusted, and my spice cupboard has gone from mass chaos, to, um, organized chaos?!

How I managed to curate a collection of 4 Pumpkin Pie Spice jars (which even spans re-branding efforts,) I will never know. I think I get SO EXCITED for pumpkin season every fall that I just buy a completely new jar, which would explain why I have 4. One for each season we’ve lived in our house! (Hangs head…)

Anywho, at about 2pm the timer on my crock pot went off. Loaded Crock Pot Baked Potatoes were up!

Loaded Crock Pot Baked Potatoes are incredibly creamy, customizable, and easy as 1, 2, 3. That’s right.

1. Wash and dry as many Russet potatoes as you want, then pierce each one a few times with a knife or fork. 2. Roll potatoes in foil then place in a crock pot and cook on low for 8 hours. 3. Fluff, then top with your favorite toppings. That’s it!

Whether you’re looking for a hearty dinner base to add tons of toppings to, or an easy side to have with dinner, these Loaded Crock Pot Baked Potatoes will totally satisfy. Ben and I crowned ours with lots of yummy things including organic butter, low-fat shredded cheddar cheese, center-cut bacon, and chopped tomatoes and green onions, but you could top them with everything from leftover chili, to beans, or even stew!

Serve with a side salad, or cup of soup for a complete meal.

Loaded Crock Pot Baked Potatoes


Loaded Crock Pot Baked Potatoes are versatile and fun! Make them your own, by loading them with your favorite toppings!


  • Russet potatoes (1 per person)
  • Toppings:
    • Butter
    • Shredded cheese
    • Cooked bacon
    • Chopped tomatoes
    • Green onions
    • Sour cream/Greek yogurt
    • Chili
    • Beans
    • Stew


  1. Wash and dry potatoes (to avoid rust forming on inside of foil) then pierce several times with a knife or fork. Wrap in a sheet of foil then place inside crock pot. Cook on low for 7-8 hours, or until very tender.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats, http://iowagirleats.com.


Loaded Crock Pot Baked Potatoes taste super potatoey – kind of like stewed potatoes – since they bake inside their own juices all day. I can’t get over how velvety their texture was, too!

I always forget about baked potatoes for some reason, but I really need to make them more often – especially since they’re this easy to make. My Mom used to serve baked potatoes with dinner all the time, and I can still remember scraping every last bit of potato, dripping with butter, natch, off the peel. Ahh, memories!

Well, with the wind howling and temperatures so low, Ben and I aren’t going anywhere tonight. Think we’ll strike up a warm fire, and call it a day! Have a great night!

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  1. I’m not a fan of snow, but at least it looks pretty! We’ve had nothing but rain here all day – doesn’t exactly feel too Christmas-y!

  2. Lisa 12.20.2012

    Oh, thank you so much for sharing the snow photos. I lived in snow for over 40 years, but now, it’s all about Florida. I miss the snow hanging on the trees, the cool crispness of the air when it’s snowing, and the crunch under my feet.

    However, I don’t miss the shoveling. :)

  3. I love a good baked potato, but hate waiting for them to cook! This is an awesome idea and would allow me to come home from work with potatoes ready to eat! I would also love to try this using sweet potatoes. Yum! :)

  4. Mary Johnson 12.20.2012

    The storm is just hitting us now in WI! Can’t wait to be cozy with the hubs tonight. Question for you: I’m planning on doing a “baked potato bar” for Christmas dinner, and I need to make 12 potatoes. Do you think I could pile the potatoes on top of each other in the crockpot and have them turn out okay? I’d love to free up some space in the oven! Thanks!

    • jessica 12.23.2012

      you can. Fill it up to the max…it will work fine as long as they are wrapped in foil

  5. Lauren 12.20.2012

    I realized yesterday that I have 3 jars of curry powder but no black pepper. Hmmm, something is wrong with that. :)
    PS- the potatoes look great! never would think to use the crock but I love the idea!

  6. We got about 4 inches here in Southern MN. So happy that we will have a white Christmas! What a good idea – potatoes in the slow cooker! Thanks. :)

  7. Trisha 12.20.2012

    Ughhhh, isn’t this snow the worst?! I was unlucky in the “snow day” department and got soooo stuck on my way home. Right smack dab in the middle of an intersection in my 4-wheel drive vehicle. A crock pot full of these baked potatoes would have been such a treat to come home to! A nice, malty, Scotch ale wasn’t such a bad greeting though. ;)

  8. shandy (@webgals) 12.20.2012

    I did the same to my spices today. I found 4 cumins! And LOTS of expired spices. Ugh. But wow…lots of space in there now. I like our pretty snow today, but I dislike the power outage. And my getting my car stuck in the snow twice in 10 minutes.

  9. Erin 12.20.2012

    You needed to send all that snow toward WI! Webarely got 3 inches. And I was looking so forward to it :( oh well!
    I ade your red velvet cake balls on Monday and just posted my results on my blog tonight. Advice would be much appreciated ;)


    • Iowa Girl Eats 12.20.2012

      Hey there! Were the white chocolate sprinkles different than the white chocolate I used? If so, I’m sure that’s why it seized up. The only white chocolate I’ve ever successfully melted has been the kind I showed in the post!

      • Erin 12.20.2012

        They were because I had it in the house already. Good to know for next time…thanks for the tip!

  10. Greg Hankins 12.20.2012

    re: Mary Johnson’s question – my wife and I’ve often filled our large crockpot with foil wrapped potatoes. It does take 8-9 hours on high, but they turn out great.

  11. Vickie Miller 12.20.2012

    I live 2 hours south of Atlanta. Never seen snow like that before. Would so love to have some here. Enjoy. Merry Chrismas!

  12. Love this idea! I would have never thought of putting baked potatoes in the crock-pot. Every time I have a baked potato I always say that I should make them more often ;-) They’re soooo good!

  13. Your snow photos are gorgeous! I am NOT looking forward to driving through it on the way to Chicago tomorrow though :( Baked potatoes in a crockpot? I never would have thought! What a great way to stay warm in a blizzard. Stay safe!

  14. Corinne 12.20.2012

    That snow is gorgeous! I live in California and I can’t imagine the inconvenience of shoveling it all, but it sure looks nice. :)

  15. Those pictures are gorgeous! But I am sure I would be loving them a lot less if I had to actually shovel the snow. I would have never thought to bake potatoes in the crock pot! I will be eating these this weekend for sure, thanks!

  16. Michelle 12.21.2012

    I’ve tried making baked potatoes in the crock pot a couple times and they’ve never turned out right – they always get kind of yellow/brownish and mushy and almost metallic tasting. Any thoughts? I Soooooo wish it would work!

  17. Ah what a bummer you wont be there for Christmas. That snow is gorgeous!

  18. Kelly 12.21.2012

    I’m from the DC area and while we may not have snow right now it’s pretty darn chilly! :) Definitely feels like Christmas time here, plus they’re calling for snow on the 26th!

  19. Courtney F 12.21.2012

    Oh my the snow is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  20. Lisa in Fort Worth 12.21.2012

    How beautiful! I miss the silence of a fresh snow. It’s so quiet. I’m surprised I haven’t heard from my Dad! You Iowan’s and your weather reports! Love it!

  21. Who knew you could make baked potatoes in the crockpot?! Crazy! Sounds like an awesome snow day :)

  22. […] we STILL had a lot of meat! For sides, I just did a salad, and potatoes. Iowa Girl Eats featured these the other day, but I’d been wanting to try Crock-pot Baked Potatoes for awhile now. I like […]

  23. Ann Cobb 12.22.2012

    It’s 5am and I’m wide awake. Last week it was 6am. I love to sleep in, this stinks. Matt, my boyfriend is the one who get’s up at 5am. Needless to say he’s sound asleep.
    Anway, with my Christmas music on, pretty tree lit, coffee and doggies at hand, a blogging I will go. Not sure where I found your blog but have enjoyed it. I think I have taken a couple recipes. I love the place mat that you have for the potato and wondering where you got them?
    I’m in Minneapolis, we had our storm a couple weeks ago. It was so beautiful. Always hoping for a big snow storm.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy DC.

  24. […] Do you have a restaurant habit you'd like to break? Any suggestions for quick/healthy/inexpensive meals? I think we're going to do another soup and maybe stuffed baked potatoes. Did you know you can make baked potatoes in a crock pot?! […]

  25. Patty 02.03.2013

    I’ve done this before, but my potatoes (the flesh) comes out kinda tannish/yellow. Any suggestions?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 02.04.2013

      Mine did too, and as I mentioned, tasted more like a potato that’s been in a pot roast!

  26. […] Following Kristen’s technique, wash and dry the potatoes.  Poke each potato several times with a fork.  Wrap the potatoes in […]

  27. […] Following Kristen’s technique, wash and dry the potatoes.  Poke each potato several times with a fork.  Wrap the potatoes in […]

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