Crock Pot BBQ Chicken with Homemade BBQ Sauce


Crock Pot BBQ Chicken with Homemade BBQ Sauce is easy and luscious – use for sandwiches, nachos, wraps, and more! It’s amazing how quickly spring has sprung around here! Buds have turned into full blooms in a matter of days and Ben and I have been working our butts off pulling…

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Blueberry Almond Crisp


Blueberry Almond Crisp is a sweet-tart celebration of blueberries with an irresistible crisp topping! Who’s ready for blueberry season?! Me, memememememe. Me! Although, that said, every season is blueberry season in this household thanks to Mr. Lincoln who is a huge fan. Oh my gosh that reminds me – whoever commented telling…

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35 Recipes for Cinco de Mayo


35 festive appetizer, entree, dessert and cocktail recipes for Cinco de Mayo!    Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful week of spring and sunshine! It’s been gorgeous around here so Lincoln and I have been talking daily walks with kleenex box in tow. Little man picked up…

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Caprese Sausage Breakfast Bake


Caprese Sausage Breakfast Bake is an incredibly easy and satisfying gluten-free brunch recipe. Fresh, cheesy, and delicious! After 20 months of 5 minute showers, being constantly “on”, working around someone else’s schedule, and having my wallet be the only personal item taking up space in my purse (diapers, wipes, books, snacks, and…

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My Favorite Gluten-Free Products


My favorite gluten-free products including snacks, pantry staples, and meats!  Howdy everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Today I’m excited to share with you my favorite gluten-free products! Of all the emails I receive about Celiac Disease and gluten-free living, the most popular question is – WHAT DO…

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