And it was GOOD!


Gooood evening! IME (Iowa Mom Eats) once again did not disappoint today. :) The table was all set when we arrived for lunch (still rocking the Valentine’s Day tablecloth – totally adds a festive, cheery touch!) Since it’s been so cold and nasty out, my Mom had a big pot…

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Is That Even Legal?


Good morning! Well, no SNL last night due to the Olympics, but the good news is that I finally got into the Olympics! Up until now I’ve been kind of meh about the whole thing, but Ben and I had ourselves an old fashioned viewing party with a couple of…

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The One Side I Can’t Resist


Howdy! O.M.G. dinner was incredible! But more on that in a sec. ;) This afternoon after some cleaning, laundry and general chore-doing, I munched on a couple of my favorite things… Almond butter & carrots (you know I just licked the almond butter right off and ate the carrots by themselves,…

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BBQ or Mexican?


HOLY SNOW! 8O The white stuff came down from dawn ’til dusk yesterday and if it wasn’t such a catastrophe, I could have really appreciated it. These were big, fat, beautiful flakes that made the whole city look like one big snow globe. :) However, it totally messed things up….

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Born in 1919


TGIF! :mrgreen: It’s a cozy warm freezing cold 62 degrees in the crib this morning! You guys are so smart. :) We totally have a programmable thermostat and I completely forgot to use it all winter long! Oh well, better late than never, eh? I’ve now got my house completely…

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