Warm, Crispy, Crunchy Dinner!


Gosh I hate coming up with post titles sometimes! ;) Glad you guys are pumped about the giveaway(s)! I am pumped about my daffodils – do you even recognize them as the same ones from last night?! They spent all day basking in the sun 8) on the bump out…

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Open Letter to Rain + Giveaways!


Dear Rain: Can you please stop gently falling from the hours of 5-6am every day? It makes getting out of bed really hard when you make staying in it so cozy. Thanks. Love, IGE Seriously, I cannot get out of bed these days! Darn rain makes me want to burrow…

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Best Day Ever + 3-Minute Chocolate Mousse!


This has been the best day ever! 8) In honor of the Spring-like weather we’ve been having, today I donned a light jacket that I hadn’t worn since the Fall. I put it on, reached my hand into the pocket and pulled out $3! I LOVE finding money in clothes…

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Random Acts of Kindness


Mornin’! It’s gray and drizzly outside, but I got to wake up to the sound of the rain which was so nice! It certainly made it hard to get up and get going though and I¬†actually contemplated going back to bed for 15 minutes after brushing my teeth! I fought…

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A Jamaican Dinner, Mon!


Hello! Monday’s ovah! It was too gorgeous of a day to be stuck inside a gym, so after work I took it outdoors! I followed the same 1.5 mile loop as I did last night, which contains steep hills to really challenge myself and nice dips to recover. I ran…

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