You Gonna Eat Your Tots?


What a great Sunday this has been. :) My Mom and I had a very successful shopping trip and I am all stocked up with fun outfits for New Orleans. It’s supposed to be in the low 70s the whole time we are there – SO STOKED!  I came home…

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Riveting Breakfast Conversations


Hello! Well, I totally bailed on dinner plans last night because we ended up staying at Ben’s parent’s house to watch UNI completely upset the top ranked team in the country, Kansas – BOOOOOYAH!!!!! Think of how many brackets this messed up… UNI = ballers. Love ’em. So proud! We…

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Ah, To Be Young!


Goooood afternoon, friends! I’ve been a busy bee today! I woke up early and hit the gym. I’ve had gym anxiety ever since I started running outside a couple weeks ago – not wanting to go back and have to use the treadmill, etc. – but, sometimes you gotta do…

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Sweet Potato Punishment


I think this pretty much sums up how it would feel to be exercising outside right now: uncomfortable.   In case you didn’t figure it out, it’s snowing. Again. Really hard, too – sigh! :? Yep, stiiiiill out there. ;) 10 minutes later… And it just keeps coming down harder…

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Are You a Repeat Dish Offender?


T-G-I-F! :mrgreen: Did you catch the UNI vs UNLV game last night? How ’bout them Panthers?! UNI’s my alma mater and I was a very proud alumna after a wicked 3-pointer won the game with mere seconds left on the clock! Do you get into the NCAA tournament? I don’t really,…

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