It’s the Most Important Meal of the Day!


Good morning! I woke up with a fierce hunger today, but luckily I had a master breakfast waiting for me to whip up – Cheese & Veggie Egg Skillet! You can’t have a skillet without eggs, natch, and I used these Eggland’s Best eggs in mine. Foodbuzz sent me a…

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All You Need is Love…and Pizza


Commuters: I give you mad props! My normally 15 minute commute took me 45 tonight, and I was ready to pull my hair out! 8O Plus, I was so thirsty since I accidently gulped down all my water not knowing that it would take me so long to get home….

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From My Soapbox


Ohhh, bachelor, bachelor, bachelor… Let me break it down for you – would you quit your job in San Francisco if you had a 25% chance of getting “picked” by a guy you’ve “known” for six weeks, gone on 3 dates with and who’s also dating 3 other women?! Um,…

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Vacation in a Bottle


I’m fairly convinced that there will never be a day where it doesn’t snow in Iowa. Yep, I’m sure of it – winter is going to last forever. I know it’s the same story around the country so you all feel my pain – but a predicted 8-9 inches on top…

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IGE Video Hits the Web!


Mornin’! How ’bout those Saints? Good for them, I say. Did anyone else see Kim Kardashian and her Mom getting jostled around in the crowd on the field after the game? You know they were trying to get it in on that camera action! ;) I joke because I love….

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