A Taste of Japan: How to Make Gyoza


I’ll never forget the summer I spent in Japan. I was 19, working as a day camp counselor on an American military base and had the entire beautiful, mysterious and eccentric country at my fingertips. Everything about Japan, from the culture, to the food and history struck a chord with…

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What R Kelly and I Have In Common


"It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby I’m about to have me some fun!" While I may not love, or even like, R Kelly, he sure said it right – happy freakin’ weekend! :mrgreen: I kicked things off with an outside trail run – the first in five.long.months! Here’s my happy face:…

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Cover Girl


Guess who was staring back at me when I opened the paper yesterday? Me! HA! The Datebook is a weekly, local publication, that includes entertainment information, movie times and special features, among other things. Yesterday’s edition was all about movie theater reviews in the area (an homage to the Oscar’s)…

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Vegetarian Enchiladas


Shhh! Look, look, look! After 5 long, cold and dreary months, two pasty white Iowans have come out of hibernation – emerging from their homes to face the outside world! Have you ever seen such a creature?! ;) HA! It was too.perfect. to stay inside today, so Ben and I…

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Challenge Update!


Mornin’! Loved you guys’ reference to Forrest Gump in my post last night! I didn’t even make the connection as I was writing it, which is too funny, because I actually watched Forrest Gump on Saturday night! (I know, CRAZY times in the IGE household! Whatever, I was in a…

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