The Dwindling Stash


Good morning! Bachelor reunion? Thoughts? Rosalyn – holy cow – talk about delusional! Why on earth would you go on national television and expose yourself as a complete liar (and a terrible one at that!)? She made me want to throw things at the television… Oh also, I really like…

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Who’s Team Are You On?


Hey, hey! What a great Monday! Nothing particularly exciting happened (well I did have a mini brownie bite. You know, the ones from Costco that are sogoodyouwanttoheatamillionbutyouknowyoushouldstopat234. Yeah, those!) but work was plentiful which made it go by quickly, and I had not one, but two super sweat sessions! During…

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Tuna Salad Recipe – Mayo Free!


You guys, we totally caved! It was just too cold in our house last night, so we bit the bullet and turned the thermostat back up to 71. We are wimps, I know, but decided that it was worth the extra $20-$30/month to be cozy and be able to feel…

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And it was GOOD!


Gooood evening! IME (Iowa Mom Eats) once again did not disappoint today. :) The table was all set when we arrived for lunch (still rocking the Valentine’s Day tablecloth – totally adds a festive, cheery touch!) Since it’s been so cold and nasty out, my Mom had a big pot…

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Is That Even Legal?


Good morning! Well, no SNL last night due to the Olympics, but the good news is that I finally got into the Olympics! Up until now I’ve been kind of meh about the whole thing, but Ben and I had ourselves an old fashioned viewing party with a couple of…

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