Bet You Can’t Eat Just 1…or 10


Dried apricots are nature’s candy, but they’re also nature’s kryptonite. What is it about them that makes me powerless to stop at just 1 3 5 7 9?? What’s your kryptonite? My list also contains sugary cereal, granola and/or chips of any kind. We don’t keep them in the house because…

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Good mooooorning! It must have snowed last night because you know who was up and at ’em bright dark and early this a.m.! It least there was no chance of my sleeping through my alarm. Whew! ;) For breakfast this morning, I busted out some of my goodies to…

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The Coveted Rice Pocket


Evenin’! After brunch I spent a couple quality hours in the kitchen, cooking away and getting dinners ready for the week. It’s afternoons like this one that reminds me how much I really love to cook! So often it’s rush, rush, rush during the weekdays, and I forget how much…

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2 Words: Waffle. Bar.


Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥ Our celebration last night was purrrfect! We decided to forego the movie for cocktail hour at Blue Moon Piano Bar! Blue Moon is a dueling piano bar that has been around for a couple years now, but we’d never been. There wasn’t a show going on…

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Whoopie for so many things today – and it’s not even 1:00 yet! Whoopie for arriving at the gym by 7:30am to get in a kick butt workout! Time   Activity 0:00-30:00   Elliptical @ level 4 0:00-30:00   Free weight arm exercises with 2 mins of jump roping between…

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