Des Moines, Iowa


Bravo Cucina

Café Su, 2

Cool Basil2

Flying Mango

Gateway Market, 2, 3, 4, 5

Granite City, 2

Gusto Pizza

Hickory Park (Ames)

Jason’s Deli

Jethro’s, 2

Miyabi 9, 2





Samurai Sushi

Smokey D’s

Star Bar

Tumea & Sons

Wok in Motion, 23


Chicago, Illinois

Bongo Room



Sweet Mandy B’s


Dallas, Texas

Bread Winners Bakery & Bistro

Mi Cocina

Rock ‘n’ Taco


Denver, Colorado

Cherry Cricket



Ft. Collins, Colorado

LuLu Asian Bistro


Las Vegas, Nevada

Battista’s Italian Restaurant

BLT Burger

Chin Chin

Max Brenner’s Chocolate Shop



Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cossetta’s (St. Paul)

French Meadow Bakery

Ike’s Food & Cocktails


Stella’s Fish Café & Oyster Bar

Uptown Diner, 2


New Orleans, Louisiana

Café du Monde

Emeril’s NOLA


Napolean House


Omaha, Nebraska

Upstream Brewery


San Diego, California

Pipes (Cardiff by the Sea)

Tin Fish


Washington, D.C.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm

Georgetown Cupcake

Old Ebbitt Grill


Tortilla Cafe


  1. Darcy 05.21.2010

    Have you been to Kansas City? Any good recommendations for eats down there? Thanks!

  2. Angie 06.23.2010

    Kansas City has some amazing restaurants

    1. Blanc Burger
    2. Ponak’s Mexican
    3. Spin Pizza

  3. Nikki 07.03.2010

    Kansas City has the BEST restaurants – boy, where would I start to recommend? What are you looking for? I lived there and recently moved back to Iowa, but some of my faves were…

    Blue Koi (Dim sum, noodles…)
    Lidia’s (get the pasta sampler!)
    North (Johnson County – modern Italian)
    La Bodega (tapas)
    Bronx (pizza, casual)
    1924 Main (prix fix)
    Bluestem (outstanding)
    Harry Starkers (can never go srong – killer wine list)
    Aixius (French!)
    The Bluebird (vegeatrian, good breakfast)

    And I am SURE there are so many more that have opened recently…enjoy your stay in KC!

    • Rachel Greenlee 10.01.2010

      Just saw this blog and I know it’s a little late for the KC response, but thought I would regardless. Born and raised there, until just recenty; now I’m in HOTlanta. Yes, you gotta do BBQ when you’re there. Jack Stack is fantastic! RA Sushi is another good one, fairly new. Other good BBQ is Famous Dave’s.

  4. Woooot for the restaurants in CO cuz that’s where my husband is from!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  5. Rick Watson 07.06.2010

    I’ve been to all of the Des Moines restaurants that you list and love them all but none compare to the good old style cooking of “The Ville”

  6. Eva McCane 04.21.2011

    I’m headed to Austin, TX the end of May…suggestions??

  7. Ashley Jorgensen 05.28.2011

    With all these wonderful resturants you’ve visited – you surely need to hit The Cafe in Ames. It’s one of my faves…of all the places we’ve lived. Lots of local food…great atmosphere…awesome drinks….interesting/changing menu!

  8. Julia 08.07.2011

    Strongly recommend trying Haiku, ‘just’ opened in DSM Feb. 2011 — some of the best Japanese food we’ve found yet in Iowa in our 2 yrs since moving here from East Coast.

  9. Jeri 10.10.2011

    You need to check out The Cafe in Ames. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. In the winter they have a wonderful Mac & Cheese that I get constantly teased about by my husband. “Why are we going to a restaurant to get Mac & Cheese???” And the salad with the candied walnuts! YUMMERS!

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  12. Brandi 07.14.2013

    Awesome! This is great:) Makes me want to go to Des Moines & try out some food!

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