Travel along with me on the places I’ve visited since starting the blog in 2009!


Charleston, South Carolina

That Sweet, Southern Style

Our Favorite Charleston Restaurants

Final Thoughts on Charleston + Where We Stayed


Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Girl’s Weekend 2009

Chicago Spring 2010 Weekend

Chicago 2013 Memorial Day Girl’s Weekend


Dallas, Texas

Dallas Girls Weekend, Part 1

Dallas Girls Weekend, Part 2


Denver, Colorado

December 2009:

Denver Vacation Day 1: Tap the Rockies!

Denver Vacation Day 2: Snoozefest!

Denver Vacation Day 3, Part 1: Views & Brews

Denver Vacation Day 3, Part 2: Into the Mountains

November 2010:

From Midwest to Mile High

July 2012:

From Takeoff to Tap Room

To Boulder, and Beyond!

Our Boulder Dodging, Altitude Climbing, Waterfall Spotting HIKE

Breckenridge: Dining with a View

November 2013: 

48 Hours in Denver


Kansas City, Missouri

July 2013

Eating Through Kansas City!

July 2014

Parent’s Getaway Weekend to Kansas City! 


Las Vegas, Nevada

July 2009

Viva Las Vegas: Day 1

Viva Las Vegas: Day 2

Viva Las Vegas: Day 3

April 2011

Vegas 2011: Casino Crawl

Vegas 2011: The Best View

Vegas 2011: Cash Out!

April 2014: 

Girls Weekend in Vegas!


Monterey, California

A Quick Getaway to Monterey!


Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Best of Minnesota

Minneapolis Shopping Trip

Minneapolis Foodie Weeknd

Weekend in Minneapolis


Napa Valley, California

May 2012 (Livermore, CA)

A Day at Concannon Vineyards

July 2012

3 Unique Wineries to Visit in Napa Valley

Napa Valley River Tour + Dinner at Oenotri

Sunrise Balloon Ride over Napa Valley

August 2012

Cakebread Cellars Tour

Girlfriend Getaway in Napa Valley

A Unique Dive Winery + Meeting Iron Chef Morimoto


Negril, Jamaica

Island In the Sun

Jamaica’s Hidden Gem

The Jerk Chicken Shack + The Best Rice, Ever.

Where We Stayed + 3 Things You Should Know Before You Go


New York, New York

A Model’s Life, New York Day 1

A Model’s Life, New York Day 2


New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Day 1: Muffulettas, Beignets & Bourbon Street

New Orleans Day 2: Home Envy

New Orleans Day 3: Plantation Tour & Bourbon St. Balconies!

New Orleans Day 4: Emeril’s NOLA & Final Recap


Ohio, Pennsylvania & West Virgina

Tri-state road trip!


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sun, Sand, and Surf in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!


Rome and Praiano Italy

Italy: Vlogs, updates and posts from Italy

Italy: Eat, Drink & Have Gelato!

Italy: Life On the Mediterranean Coast!

Italy: The Unique City of Rome

Italy: Rome’s 3 Must-See Sites

Italy: Rome at Night


San Diego, CA

Cruisin’ the California Coast

Happiness Is…


Savannah, GA

Sipping and Savoring Savannah, GA!


San Francisco, CA

San Fran Takeover!

Top 10 Things to Do in San Francisco


Seattle, WA

Girlfriend’s Getaway Guide to Seattle!


Washington, DC

May 2011

IGE in Washington DC

Sips in the City

Sweets in the City

Steps Outside the City

The Best Dining in DC

Sights in the City

December 2011/January 2012

Chili Bowls & Chocolate-Filled Cupcakes

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

My Must-See Restaurant in Washington DC

The Best Views of Washington DC – for Free!

December 2012

Trip to Ford’s Theater

April 2014

Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial

December 2014

Our Week in the Cabin at Wintergreen




My Wanderlist

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Indianola, IA

How to Plan a Trip Overseas


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  2. Crystal 10.25.2011

    Just read your blog about San Fran, which I can’t wait to visit one day, in which you stated someone asked about it, and you had travelled there preblog. So now I’m in hope that you also travelled to St. Louis preblog and you want to blog on it now. Any luck here?

  3. Caroline 04.09.2012

    I would have to say St. Thomas! It was so beautiful! Have a lovely time on your trip :)

  4. Kevie 06.21.2012

    Hi Kristin!
    I’m traveling to Italy in a few weeks. Everything is booked, planned, scheduled, but I need help preparing to pack. I have read all your Italy posts and watched your vlogs :) I hear your shoulders and knees must be covered to view some churches and cathedrals, but in July, it’s suppose to be HOT. I see that you did not travel during the hottest months, but how did you balance dress that was appropriate, yet cute and fashionable, and still easy and cool to travel/tour in? Any tips recommendations? Packing is always my downfall. Thanks!

    • Gina 06.25.2012

      Kevie- I was in Italy in July 2009, and you’re right, that most churches require you to have your shoulders covered. I brought a lightweight summer scarf/pashmina with me to drape over my shoulders when I went into a church… and just stuffed it in my bag when I was walking the streets. Some churches require that men have their knees covered, but I only saw that enforced at St. Peter’s Basilica- if you are travelling with any men, just suggest that they wear pants that day. Hope it helps! Italy is beautiful!

  5. Kristi Richardt 05.30.2013

    We are going to Iowa in July. We were thinking Dubuque or DesMoines. Is there a anything you could suggest doing or seeing?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 05.31.2013

      Des Moines is beautiful in the summertime! The Saturday downtown Des Moines Farmers’ Market is a huge draw, otherwise I’d check out the CVB’s website for upcoming festivals and events, which there are a lot of in the summertime >>

  6. Michelle 07.11.2013

    I just like to say that I accidently stumbled onto your website an it was a GREAT mistake! I love all your recipes and also the place of travel! I am going to be doing a road trip this Aug. coming from FL all the way up to NY (to visit family) along the way I wanted to stop by a few places and you have given me excellent ideas and stops! Are there any other places you would suggest that we should stop see or even eat at any good restaurants? We love food :) thanks again!!

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  8. Stacy Weiland 09.16.2013

    Hi Kristin! I have just recently discovered your blog (from Instagram of all places!) and I just wanted to say that I love your blog space! I also have been bitten by the Wanderlust bug. I love your motto of eat well, run often, and travel far. Good things to live by! I have lived in California of almost 30 years but am originally from Knoxville, Iowa. Anywhoo…I can’t wait to explore your page some more! :)-Stacy

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  11. MJ 02.10.2015

    Although you don’t travel to Des Moines, would love to see your favorite restaurants added to this list!:)

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