Better slightly late than never with July favorite finds!

After the fun and festivities of the 4th, the rest of July seemed to sail right on by. We celebrated Gwen’s 3rd birthday, Lincoln’s 8th birthday (how + hold me) and enjoyed a bunch of fun evenings with friends in between, which really filled my bucket!

Lastly, we have been consuming all things Olympics over the past week – WOO!! I adore the summer Olympics and start to get wistful about them ending shortly after opening ceremony. The athletes are so inspiring, and it’s been fun watching with Lincoln, especially. I think we may have a future track and field enthusiast on our hands, which excites me to no end. I’d love to have a running buddy some day!

Speaking of, big guy will be starting school in just a few weeks (!!) and the little kids will be returning to pre-school shortly too. All kinds of emotions about this, as we kept the little kids home and Lincoln attended virtual school this past school year. They’re all ready and excited to go in person but, doggone it, we assumed they’d be heading back under better circumstances. That said, we will be masking up and praying for the best. It’s crazy that summer is winding down so quickly.

That said, let’s get to July’s Favorites before it’s September. ;) From fashion to food and everything in between, I hope you find something new to love in this month’s Favorite Finds!

Past Favorite Finds

AE Dream Denim Shorts

Bringing these babies straight to the top because they are just. so. good. American Eagle’s Dream Denim Shorts live up to their name – they fit like a DREAM. I went on a shorts shopping spree last month because none of mine fit and these (plus these) were the only ones that made it home. I wear them every single day. High rise, not too short (the model has super long legs so they look a little short on her), stretchy but don’t lose their shape – again, they’re an absolute dream. Run, don’t walk, to get a pair before sizes run out!


The Wine Tote

If you’re a long time IGE reader, you may remember me sharing this gorgeous Vintage Tote Bag from WP Standard years ago. It’s still my go to tote bag all these years later because again, it’s totally gorgeous, and big enough to hold my laptop, chargers, and a notebook with room to spare. The leather has only gotten more beautiful, too. Well WP Standard just came out with this Wine Tote that is speaking to my wine and leather-loving soul. I recently sent one to a friend who had a big business win (just typed wine), and I know she’ll love it. It’s the perfect mix of simple and elegant. #chefskiss This would be a fabulous holiday gift for the wine lover in your life (ahem, even it its you!)

Instant Pot Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen

We recently had a moment thinking our stove/oven was broken. Long story short — it wasn’t — but it caused me to get out the Instant Pot that’d been sitting sealed in its box for the past two years in my pantry! I bought it during the initial IP craze of 2019 but the pressure release valve scared me and so it stayed in the box. ANYWAY, I read and re-read (and re-read) the instructions and it turns out this thing is not only super easy to use, but makes the best food with hardly any fuss – big fan!

So far I’ve made Instant Chicken and Rice, Instant Pot Ribs (kinda winged them but used Erin’s recipe as a starting point and they turned out super tender,) and Instant Pot Goulash. (Plus Jambalaya but we won’t discuss how that turned out.) My favorite IP recipe so far has been Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen. INCREDIBLE! Personally I recommend cooking the noodles in water separately then adding to the broth, as the gluten free ramen noodles I use take longer to cook than instant ramen noodles. So, so good though – still thinking about it days afterwards.

What’s your favorite instant pot recipe?

Rothy’s The Sneaker

I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need Rothy’s The Sneaker in green camo, but they’re so darn cute. I’ve never owned a pair before but I know Rothy’s has a super loyal following based on how comfortable their shoes are, the fact that they can be machine washed, and that they’re made from recycled plastic. I can totally see these as my school drop off / running a million errands this fall-shoes!

The Secret

Ben and Lincoln had an overnight camp out for scouts a few weeks ago so I got the little kids in bed and was fully prepared to have a Mom’s night in with a glass(es) of wine and Outer Banks on Netflix. Seven minutes later my wine and new show were forgotten, and I found myself taking notes in my iPhone, glued to the screen watching The Secret instead. Have you seen this documentary? The “acting” outside of the interviews is a little hoky, but the message has really changed my life in just a few short weeks. Learning about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation has been really, really cool and I felt the effects of putting these practices into place almost immediately. A bigger conversation for another time, but check it out if you are interested in these topics! (I also bought the book but am tragically behind in my reading and am working my way towards it.)

Still haven’t seen Outer Banks yet!

Sleeveless Dress

I impulse purchased this Universal Thread Sleeveless Dress as a swimsuit coverup during my last Target run, and it is SO cute on. So much more than a coverup (which I don’t even think it’s supposed to be – it was just hanging with the swim suits, so I assumed?!) super comfortable, and not too long. It’d also be great for those first few months of pregnancy when you’re not quite big enough for maternity waistbands and/or don’t like the feeling. It’s versatile is what I’m trying to say. ;)

ZipZicle Popsicles

If you have ANY MORE room in your life for popsicles yet this summer, these ZipZicles are so fun!! I originally bought them to make cocktail-based popsicles but my children saw them and their destiny was forever changed. That is to say, we’ve been filling them with leftover juice, smoothies, etc., and they’re a hit. AND recyclable!

Underwood Rosé Bubbles

I ended June’s Favorite Finds post with a Rosé, and am closing July’s with one too. You’re welcome. ;) I have been looooving Underwood Rosé Bubbles this month. Love the fact that they come in cans so you don’t have to open an entire bottle if you don’t want to, love that it’s not too sweet, LOVE THE BUBBLES!! I find these at Costco and Super Target – so refreshing for this super hot time of the year.

What are some of your recent favorite finds?