Iowa Girl Eats Favorite Finds February 2021 Photo collage

Thought I’d start a fun new series on the blog – Favorite Monthly Finds! 

Alright, I sort of realized half way through writing this post that it’s essentially a reboot of Friday Favorites, but here in 2021 we call it Favorite Finds because we’ve grown and evolved or something like that.

Anyway! Each month I’d love to share with you some products, fashion, foods, and more that I’ve purchased with my own money. They’ll be tried, tested, worn, loved, approved, and highly recommend from one friend to another.

So let’s get to it – here are my favorite finds from February 2021!

Beautycounter Radiant All Over Bronzer

I tacked a Beautycounter Radiant All Over Bronzer in shade “Dune” onto my last Beautycounter order and am OBSESSED. It’s such a natural looking bronzer, there’s no shimmer, and a little goes a long way. I’ve had mine since June and have barely made a dent it in. I use the powder brush from this brush set to apply. Let me know if you want to order the bronzer and I’ll give ya’ my gal’s link.

Athleta Brooklyn Jogger

The hunt for the perfect jogger ends with Athleta’s Brooklyn Jogger. They’re trim but comfortable and I love the flat front panel. I have a few joggers from Athleta that are tie front and the tie can look bulky under shirts. These joggers also have a lined version which are insanely warm. I am always cold but the lined version makes me sweat!

Goli Vitamins

Have you seen Goli Vitamins floating around social media? After seeing them for the 100th time I was finally influenced to buy a bottle and truly love them. They have all the benefits of apple cider vinegar – improved digestion, lower blood sugar levels, and immune system support – but they don’t damage tooth enamel like shots of ACV can do. Plus they contain B vitamins which this tired Mama desperately needs. PLUS they’re slightly sweet so I take them at night after dinner and it kind of feels like I’m eating dessert.

I became an ambassador so we can all get 20% off our orders – use code: IOWAGIRLEATS at checkout!

Godfather’s Frozen Gluten Free Pizza

Ben came home with a Godfathers Frozen Pizza last week and I about cried after my first bite – INCREDIBLE!!! It’s the same Godfather’s sauce and cheese blend they use on their regular pizzas, but on a gluten free crust. It’s the best gluten free frozen pizza we’ve ever had (Ben loved it too) and honestly it blows the gluten free pizza we order from a local pizza joint out of the water. We have four in the freezer if that tells you how serious I am about not running out!

Adidas Superlite Hat

Fellow small headed folks rejoice – I found us an athletic cap that doesn’t look ridiculous on our tiny noggins! This Adidas Superlite Hat is slim and trim, lightweight, and perfect for petite heads. I have been looking for a small cap for years and years – so thrilled to finally find this. I went for a run several weeks ago on a random 50 degree day and my melasma almost instantly flared so I know I’ll be living in this hat this summer.

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher

Have you seen hop water in stores yet? It is so refreshing! Ben bought this Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher during dry January and we just loved it, and continue to buy it and keep it on hand. Fizzy and refreshing, gluten free, alcohol free, and slightly sweet although there’s no sweetener. It is approximitely ONE THOUSAND times better than La Croix.

Gluten Free Oreos

OMG GLUTEN FREE OREOS!!!!! Have you tried these yet? The deliciousness of these babies cannot be overstated – they taste exactly like the real thing. I don’t eat a ton of sweets but have to hold myself back from opening the package and eating one slash 17 any time I pass them in the pantry.

Papinelle So Soft Fleece Jogger Pajamas

Ben and the kids got me a set of Papinelle Pajamas for Valentine’s Day and they’re so cozy that I could extend this whole not dressing in real clothes thing for another few months. An investment for sure but man oh man – they’re worth every. single. penny.

Adidas Fluidflow 2.0 Shoes

I’d been wearing the same pair of running shoes for four years and was overdue for a new pair to tackle the trails this spring and summer. Apparently the chunky white shoe trend has extended itself into running sneakers (#whywhywhywhywhywhywhy) so I was pumped to find these slim, lightweight Adidas Fluidflow 2.2 Shoes. They’re super sleek and comfortable. Cannot wait to break them in!

Rainbow Inauguration Mug

What’s the saying? One day you’re young and fun and the next day you’re collecting coffee mugs? Well color me ancient because I’m happily adding to my mug collection with these illustrated beauties by Jennifer Vallez. I have this mug, and bought her Rainbow Inauguration Mug after inauguration day. GIRL POWER! Currently trying to tell myself I don’t need this mug, but it’s only a matter of time. Pro tip: get the 15oz mug size!

Fill me in on one of your recent Favorite Finds!