Happy Friday, everyone – welcome to the weekend!

This week I started noticing a change in the air. My Mom, who works in the school system, went back to work after having the summer off, and that coupled with less kids floating around the playgrounds and pools makes it feel like summer is really coming to a close. Do you feel it too? Cue eyes shut tight, fingers in my ears, and intense singing of LA LA LA!

Luckily we still have one quintessential summer event coming our way – the Iowa State Fair! As if I wasn’t excited enough, this year they’re offering a gluten-free corn dog aka my prayers have been answered! My yearly fresh fried, foot long corn dog was one of the foods I mourned the most after going gluten-free so I was over the moon after learning I’d be able to get my hands on one this year. Still holding out for the gluten-free deep-fried butter on a stick…NOT! I will never be able to unsee the image of a guy biting into one end and an arc of melted butter shooting out the other. Only at the state fair. ;)

Anyway, we’re heading down this weekend as a family but I’ll also be there August 18th and 20th from 12-1pm in the southeast corner of the Varied Industries Building handing out FREE Iowa Food and Family cookbooks. Please stop by and say hi, and get your free cookbook (which will be available for download later this year if you don’t live here!) if you can!

In the meantime wherever you are and whatever you do have a wonderful weekend, and please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite fresh: Quilted Salad. Did a more summery dish ever exist?? So beautiful!


Favorite twist: Cordon Bleu Hot Dog. Summer is when I indulge in hot dogs and brats (and now corndogs!) to my heart’s content, and this spin on the plain ol’ dog looks absolutely Heavenly. Damn I miss squishy buns though!


Favorite fashion. I adore this whole fall-inspired outfit. The shirt is too cool with the fringe, and I love that bell bottoms are making a comeback…just when I got into skinny jeans. #storyofmylife ;)


Favorite grill: Grilled Corn with Spicy Buffalo Butter. I’ve seen 101 different grilled corn + compound butter combos floating around the web, but never this one – wow! The corn around here right now is candy-sweet and I can only imagine how delectable it’d taste with spicy buffalo butter.


Favorite help: 45 Wall Art Arrangements. This PDF is helpful not only because it shows over 45 different wall art arrangement combos, but because it comes with exact measurements to do them too. Awesome!


Favorite sneak: Double Chocolate Banana Bread. This decadent looking bread reminds me of my Healthier Chocolate Zucchini Bread Muffins. Healthier baked goods + chocolate = total win in my book!


Favorite must have: Cheese-Stuffed Tater Tots. OMG. So easy – I cannot wait to make these crunchy cheese bombs for Ben.


Favorite help: 10 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots. I bought my first pair of ankle boots last fall and have worn them exactly once because I have no idea how…until now! This is so helpful for the style challenged (aka me!)


Favorite bite: Sweet Chicken Bacon Bites. Sweet, sweet chicken bacon bites – come to Mama! Would it be ok to eat a giant plate of these for dinner?


Favorite treat: Big Soft M&M Cookies. Delicious cookie pillows would have also been a good name for these babies, I think. YUM.


Favorite DIY: DIY Shelving. I love the industrial, “I didn’t try too hard” look of these shelves, and especially how they’re styled. Awesome find!


Favorite tip: Easy Way to Freeze Bacon. I have been waiting my whole life for this tip! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve only needed a slice or two of frozen bacon but had to thaw the whole half pack (or whatever’s left) because I obviously can’t peel off a single frozen slice. Game changer.


Favorite craving: Asian Salmon and Noodles. There isn’t anything on this plate that doesn’t speak directly to my soul – especially the saucy noodles and especially the crispy salmon. I cannot WAIT to try this recipe!


Favorite woah: Toasted Marshmallow No Bake Cheesecake. Like I said…woah!! Who needs a campfire or plain square krispie treat when you’ve got this crazy-cool combo?


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