Hello, everyone!

It was a b-e-a-utiful week here in central Iowa, and today’s supposed to be the nicest day yet with temps climbing up into the mid 50s – yeehaw! I’ve made sure to get out and soak up some vitamin D each afternoon with a quick walk around the neighborhood since we all know this won’t last very long. I believe I saw a high of, um, ELEVEN early next week? BLARG!


At any rate, if you need me today, I’ll be twirling around in the sunshine. ;) Hope you’re able to do some of the same, and in the meantime, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites! 

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Favorite treat: Easy Homemade Funfetti CupcakesNormally I’m a 4:1 ratio of cupcake to icing kind of gal, but holy buckets I would totally reverse the rule for these babies. Mouthwatering, and adorable!


Favorite spring: Michael Kors Persia Sandal. Say it with me now, SPRING! What beautiful, fun embellishments on these casual wedges, right?


Favorite bite: French Toasted Sausage & Pear “Hot Dogs”. I recently blogged about these sausage and pear stuffed French toasted sandwiches for BHG’s Delish Dish blog. They are TO DIE FOR. Ben and I could not stop stuffing our faces with ’em. A must-try for any French toast lover!


Favorite space. This is the mail center I’ve been dreaming of! A must-have in our next home so I can finally get rid of the piles of stuff that always seem to accumulate on the kitchen counter.


Favorite dunk: Pretzel Rolls with Beer-Cheese Sauce. Ohhhh myyy gaawwwwsshh. I’d like to dip my entire arm in that cheese sauce…


Favorite sip: Citrus Margarita. Don’t these drinks look perfectly thirst-quenching? Loving the orange-salt rimmed glass, too.


Favorite fashion: Marc Jacobs Classic Q – Percy. Obsessed with the coral and gold color combo on this bag. It’d be perfect for my spring break trip!


Favorite wake-up: Vegan Blueberry Muffin Pancakes. Complete with streusel topping!!


Favorite furball. Temptation…


Favorite slurp: Beefy Nacho Soup. Warm and filling, this soup would be great for the arctic blast coming our way next week.


Favorite accent: Finnia Curtains. Call me crazy, but I think these curtains are absolutely adorable (plus they’re on sale!) I think they’d be cute for a kids room, or to provide a fun burst of color in the living room.


Favorite sweet: Italian Lemon & Olive Oil Pound Cake. Mmmm, luscious and full of bright, lemon flavor.


Favorite fitness: Brazilian Butt Workout. Yep, still obsessed with butt workouts! I did one earlier this week and can barely walk (in a good way!) Here’s to big booties!


Favorite DIY: Shutter Mail Center. I found a TON of old shutters when Ben and I were out antiquing a couple weeks ago, thinking they’d make an awesome mail sorter/picture holder. Inspired to actually pick one up next time and put it to good use!


Favorite combo: Whiskey Walnut Blondies. Ahhh, I can practically taste that vanilla-y hint of whiskey in these dense and gooey blondies. So yum!


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Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!