Well it looks like I didn’t need to dash out for those mango strips after all (actually, I’m kind of glad I did as I got the very last bag!) The snow didn’t start falling ’til late in the evening then kind of petered out after 2 inches. Talk about anticlimactic! The remaining 4 finally fell overnight though, so it should be a fun, snowman-filled day for the kiddos. ;)

I’m not sure what’s on tap for this weekend – maybe a snow walk. I’ve decided to adopt a Minnesotan mentality and not let the cold weather stop me from getting outdoors. I was always amazed when I lived in Minneapolis after college that no matter how cold it got (and OMG IT GETS SO COLD) nor how many inches of snow were on the ground, Minnesotans were always out and about walking, running, and being active. Blew my mind. Anyways, I figure my down jacket, warm boots and gloves exist for a reason – time for me to stop being the reason I’m stuck indoors!

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, I hope you have a GREAT weekend, and please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web in this week’s Friday Favorites!

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Favorite healthy: Soft Batch Dark Brown Sugar Coconut Oil Cookies. No butter nor white sugar, yet dense and gooey as all get out? I’ll take 6 dozen, stat. Eek!


Favorite furball. Hey dog, pour me a cup, too! ;)

Favorite sip: Blood Orange Margarita. This babies look so, so refreshing. They’d be fun for a bridal shower or something, on account of them being so gosh darn PINK!


Favorite find: Circulation Chest. I am 1000% obsessed with this chest, with it’s varying sizes of drawers and antique-y look. Plus there’s a look-alike dresser in the guys’ apartment on the Big Bang Theory, which makes me love it even more. Cough, #NERD


Favorite fake-out: Chinese Orange Chicken. WOW!! This takeout fake-out meal looks so much better than the restaurant version. Super light and fresh.


Favorite view: Seeing the World Out an Airplane Window. You guys have to see these views from the window seat of an airplane on flights from around the world. They’re good photos, too, not like my crappy iPhone shots…


Favorite bite: Lemon Yogurt Sugar Muffins. Mmm, bright, light, and zippy! Love anything rolled/dunked/dipped in sugar, too.


Favorite makeover: Ceiling Space –> Play Space. While I love a stunning, open, and airy entryway as much as the next gal, this is SUCH a better use of otherwise space.


Favorite twirl: Lemony Pasta with Goat Cheese and Spinach. I could eat this ENTIRE recipe myself. Pasta, pasta, pasta!


Favorite outfit. RIGHT?! The top’s from J Crew, I believe. Cute and classy.


Favorite treat: Key Lime Pound Cake. In case you can’t tell I’m all about the citrus right now, especially a dense and buttery cake spiked with puckery key limes. :)


Favorite photo. I think as part of my garden overhaul this summer I’m going to plant some dahlias – except, does anyone know if these grow from bulbs/I would have needed to plant them last Fall?


Favorite quick: Chicken with Honey-Beer Sauce. I think Ben and I would love this dish equally. He’d go for the beer-laced sauce, while I’m excited about the squeeze of sweet honey and shallots.


Favorite DIY: Cheerful Flower Topiary. Oooo, a few of these would look nice and cheery on my mantel.


Favorite sweet: Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes. Yes!! These! So cute and yummy!


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Have a great weekend, all!