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I couldn’t be happier today. It’s Friday, Ben and I leave for Charleston on Sunday morning (epic Easter planning fail – I had no idea it was so early when I booked the trip,) and it’s been a beautiful week here in the Midwest!

Yesterday we reached 56 degrees so I took the Bump out on a walk. I feel like I haven’t really been showing very much, then week 23 happened and – BAM.  Bump! ; ) It’s supposed to get up to 63 degrees today, so I’m heading out for a run as soon as I hit publish on this post!


It should be a crazy, but fun weekend. Between my niece Evie’s first birthday party tomorrow (my how time flies!) my little brother flying in from Denver for the occasion, plus trying to get ready to leave, there won’t be a minute to spare. Looking forward to every crazy minute though.

I’ll be gone all next week, but have a couple of awesome (seriously don’t miss ’em) guest post recipes planned for ya’. Plus I’ll be popping in to show you what Ben and I are up to in Charleston (stuffing our faces, most likely,) here on the blog, as well as on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter all week!

Until we meet again, have a great weekend everyone, and if you celebrate, a happy and blessed Easter!

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Favorite treat: Chocolate Chip Cookie Popcorn. I’m kind of on the fence about crazy popcorn creations. Give me some butter and salt, and I’m good. That said, I flipped when I saw this sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Popcorn. I would definitely inhale this!


Favorite place: The Oasis – Lake Travis, Austin, TX. What a view! The Oasis is a popular restaurant perched on a bluff 450 feet above Lake Travis in Austin, TX, Would you dare?


Favorite combo: Lime & Coconut Chicken. This flavor combo reminds me of the Caribbean. What a mouthwatering grilling recipe.


Favorite furball. This is one bunny I wouldn’t mind seeing hopping through my yard! ;)


Favorite sip: Citrus-Strawberry Green Tea. In the spirit of fruit + tea combos, I thought the combo of citrus, strawberry, and green tea in this drink sounded super refreshing!


Favorite find: My Catch All Bag. ADORABLE. This Noonday bag is on back order, but it’s the perfect size for traveling as it can hold a laptop, a few magazines, and a compact or two. Love the classic striped design.


Favorite sweet: Peanut Butter Toffee Dip. Ohh come to Mama! You could put toffee in pretty much anything and I’d be sold, but peanut butter too? Must try.


Favorite fashion. So cute for spring, right?


Favorite slurp: Szechuan Noodles. I’ve been really into slurpy noodle dishes lately, case in point, I should probably buy stock in Noodles & Company’s Udon Pan Noodles at the rate I’ve been devouring them over the past several months. Love the looks of these garlicky, slightly-spicy Szechuan Noodles.


Favorite decor. My brother and sister-in-law have their main living room decorated in similar colors and I love how cozy, yet smart it always feels.


Favorite pop: Cinnamon Bun Bites. Thinking these would be really yummy for Easter morning. Basically poppable cinnamon buns!


Favorite funny: Hutzler 571 anana Slicer Reviews. Ok this link has been flying around Facebook for the past several weeks, and I’ve resisted looking until last night. The user reviews on this simple banana slicer are HILARIOUS. Click to view all the reviews, then sort by “most helpful” and get a tissue handy. You’ll be crying from laughter!

I would rate this product as just okay. It’s kind of cheaply made. But it works better than the hammer I’ve been using to slice my bananas.


Favorite fitness: Run, Burpee, Run Workout. I tackled this workout earlier this week and it flew by. (Note: I subbed plie squats in for the burpees.)


Favorite indulge: Brie & Bacon Grilled Cheese with Fig Jam. Salty bacon or deli meats, cheese and sweet jam is, well, my jam. The ultimate savory/sweet combo!


Favorite tip: How to Pack ClothesThis is such a brilliant idea. Had to make note for a future house move!


Favorite fresh: Lemon Blueberry Muffins. I have been lusting after these bright, cheery, and sweet muffins all week. Aren’t they just a breath of fresh air?!


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Have a great weekend, everyone!